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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type eindresp

ehid Household identification number
epno Person number
edoid Date of interview: day
edoim Date of interview: month
edoiy Date of interview: year
eivsoih Hour interview began
eivsoim Minute interview began
eivlyr IC: Interviewed last year
eivievr Ever interviewed
elknbrd Likes present neighbourhood
elkmove Prefers to move house
elkmovy Prefers to move: main reason
eplnew Resident at present address last year
eplnowm Month moved to present address
eplnowy Year moved to present address
emovjb Moved for employment reasons
emovjba Moved - employer relocated workplace
emovjbb Moved - new job, same employer
emovjbc Moved - new job, new employer
emovjbd Moved - closer to same job
emovjbe Moved - start own business
emovjbf Moved - relocate own business
emovjbg Moved - salary increase - new home
emovjbh Moved - to seek work
emovjbi Moved - other employment reason
emovy1 Moved - 1st non employment reason
emovy2 Moved - 2nd non employment reason
edobm Month of birth
edoby Year of birth
esex Sex
ejbstat Current economic activity
eedlyr Attended any educ inst. f/t since 1.9.94
eedendm Month left education institution
eedendy Year left education institution
eedtype Type of education attended/attending
eqfx Has listed qualifications since 1.9.94
eqfxa New qualif's: youth training cert
eqfxb New qualif's: trade apprenticeship
eqfxc New qualif's: clerical or commercial
eqfxd New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt I
eqfxe New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt II
eqfxf New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt III
eqfxg New qualif's: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
eqfxh New qualif's: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
eqfxi New qualif's: nursing SEN SRN SCM
eqfxj New qualif's: teaching
eqfxk New qualif's: university diploma
eqfxl New qualif's: Univ/CNAA first degree
eqfxm New qualif's: Univ/CNAA higher degree
eqfxn New post school qualifications: other
eqfedx Has listed school qualif's since 1.9.94
eqfedxa New qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
enqfexa New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
eqfedxb New qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
enqfexb New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
eqfedxc New qualifications: any A levels
enqfexc New qualifications: No. A levels
eqfedxd New qualifications: CPVE
eqfedxe New qualif's: any SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
enqfexe New qualif's: No. SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
eqfedxf New qualif's: any O grades A-C or 1-3
enqfexf New qualif's: No. O grades A-C or 1-3
eqfedxg New qualif's: any Standard grades 4-7
enqfexg New qualif's: No. Standard grades 4-7
eqfedxh New qualif's: any Standard grades 1-3
enqfexh New qualif's: No. Standard grades 1-3
eqfedxi New qualif's: any Higher grades
enqfexi New qualifications: No. Higher grades
eqfedxj New qualif's: any 6th year certs
enqfexj New qualifications: No. 6th year certs
eqfedxk New qualifications: any others
enqfexk New qualifications: No. of others
emlstat Present legal marital status
emlchng Marital status changed since 1.9.94
emlchm Marital status changed, month
emlchy Marital status change, year
eplbornd District of birth
eplbornc Country of birth
eyr2uk Year came to Britain
erace Ethnic group membership
eschool Never went to /still at school
escend School leaving age
esctype Type of school attended
escnow Still at school
efetype Type of further education attended
efenow Still in further education
efeend Further education leaving age
eqfhas Has listed post school qualification
eqfa Qualifications: youth training cert
eqfb Qualifications: trade apprenticeship
eqfc Qualifications: clerical or commercial
eqfd Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt I
eqfe Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt II
eqff Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt III
eqfg Qualifications: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
eqfh Qualifications: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
eqfi Qualifications: nursing SEN SRN SCM
eqfj Qualifications: teaching
eqfk Qualifications: university diploma
eqfl Qualifications: Univ/CNAA first degree
eqfm Qualifications: Univ/CNAA higher degree
eqfn Post school qualifications: other
eqfed Has listed school qualification
eqfeda Qualifications: any school cert/ matric
enqfeda Qualifications: No. school cert/ matric
eqfedb Qualifications: any CSEs grade 2-5
enqfedb Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 2-5
eqfedc Qualifications: any CSEs grade 1
enqfedc Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 1
eqfedd Qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
enqfedd Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
eqfede Qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
enqfede Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
eqfedf Qualifications: any O levels pre-1975
enqfedf Qualifications: No. O levels pre-1975
eqfedg Qualifications: any OLs A-C post-1975
enqfedg Qualifications: No. OLs A-C post-1975
eqfedh Qualifications: any OLs D-E post-1975
enqfedh Qualifications: No. OLs D-E post-1975
eqfedi Qualifications: any Higher school certs
enqfedi Qualifications: No. Higher school certs
eqfedj Qualifications: any A levels
enqfedj Qualifications: No. A level passes
eqfedk Qualifications:any SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
enqfedk Qualifications:No. SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
eqfedl Qualifications: any O grades A-C or 1-3
enqfedl Qualifications: No. O grades A-C or 1-3
eqfedm Qualifications: any standard grades 4-7
enqfedm Qualifications: No. standard grades 4-7
eqfedn Qualifications: any standard grades 1-3
enqfedn Qualifications: No. standard grades 1-3
eqfedo Qualifications: any higher grades
enqfedo Qualifications: No. higher grade passes
eqfedp Qualifications: any 6th year certs
enqfedp Qualifications: No. 6th year certs
eqfedq Qualifications: any SLCs lower grade
enqfedq Qualifications: No. SLC lower grades
eqfedr Qualifications: any SLCs higher grade
enqfedr Qualifications: No. SLCs higher grade
eqfeds Qualifications: any others
enqfeds Qualifications: No. of others
ehlstat Health over last 12 months
ehlzest Energy compared with people of same age
ehldsbl Registered disabled
ehlprb Health problems: none
ehlprba Health problems: Arms, legs, hands, etc
ehlprbb Health problems: Sight
ehlprbc Health problems: Hearing
ehlprbd Health problems: Skin conditions/allergy
ehlprbe Health problems: Chest/breathing
ehlprbf Health problems: Heart/blood pressure
ehlprbg Health problems: Stomach or digestion
ehlprbh Health problems: Diabetes
ehlprbi Health problems: Anxiety, depression, etc
ehlprbj Health problems: Alcohol or drugs
ehlprbk Health problems: Epilepsy
ehlprbl Health problems: Migraine
ehlprbm Health problems: Other
ehllt Health limits daily activities
ehllta Health hinders doing the housework
ehlltb Health hinders climbing the stairs
ehlltc Health hinders getting dressed
ehlltd Health hinders walking more than 10 mins
ehllte Health no hindrance to listed activities
ehlltw Health limits type or amount of work
ehlendw Health prohibits some types of work
ehlltwa How far health limits amount of work
ehl2gp Number of visits to GP since 1.9.94
exdts Whether accident since 1.9.94
enxdts No. of serious accidents since 1.9.94
exdt1m Month of first accident
exdt2m Month of second accident
exdt3m Month of third accident
exdt1y Year of first accident
exdt2y Year of second accident
exdt3y Year of third accident
exdt1pl Location of first accident
exdt2pl Location of second accident
exdt3pl Location of third accident
ehosp Hospital in-patient since 1.9.94
ehospd Hospital in-patient: days since 1.9.94
ehospch Hospital stays were for childbirth
ehospnhs Hospital stays NHS or private
ehlsv Health service: used any since 1.9.94
ehlsva Health service: used health visitor
ehlsvan Health service: health visitor NHS/priv
ehlsvaf Health service: health visitor free/paid
ehlsvb Welfare service: used home help
ehlsvbn Welfare service: home help NHS/private
ehlsvbf Welfare service: home help free/paid
ehlsvc Welfare service: used meals on wheels
ehlsvcn Welfare service:meals on wheels NHS/priv
ehlsvcf Welfare service:meals on wheels free/pd
ehlsvd Welfare service: used social worker
ehlsvdn Welfare service: social worker NHS/priv
ehlsvdf Welfare service: social worker free/paid
ehlsve Health service: used chiropodist
ehlsven Health service: chiropodist NHS/private
ehlsvef Health service: chiropodist free/paid
ehlsvf Health service:used alternative medicine
ehlsvfn Health service:alt. medicine NHS/private
ehlsvff Health service: alt. medicine free/paid
ehlsvg Welfare service: used psychotherapist
ehlsvgn Welfare service: psychotherapy NHS/priv
ehlsvgf Welfare service: psychotherapy free/paid
ehlsvh Welfare service: used speech therapist
ehlsvhn Welfare service: speech therapy NHS/priv
ehlsvhf Welfare service:speech therapy free/paid
ehlsvi Health service: used physiotherapist
ehlsvin Health service: physiotherapy NHS/priv
ehlsvif Health service: physiotherapy free/paid
ehlsvj Welfare service: used other service (i)
ehlsvjn Welfare service: other serv (i) NHS/priv
ehlsvjf Welfare service:other serv (i) free/paid
ehlsvk Welfare service: used other service (ii)
ehlsvkn Welfare service:other serv (ii) NHS/priv
ehlsvkf Welfare service:other serv(ii) free/paid
ehlsvl Health service: saw consultant/o'patient
ehlsvln Health service:consult/outpatnt NHS/priv
ehlsvlf Health service: consult/outpatnt free/pd
ehlsvm Health service: family planning
ehlsvmn Health service: family planning NHS/priv
ehlsvmf Health service:family planning free/paid
ehlck Has had listed health check
ehlcka Health check-up: dental
ehlckan Health check-up: dental NHS/private
ehlckb Health check-up: eyetest
ehlckbn Health check-up: eyetest NHS/private
ehlckc Health check-up: chest or other x-ray
ehlckcn Health check-up: chest x-ray NHS/private
ehlckd Health check-up: blood pressure
ehlckdn Health check-up: blood pressure NHS/priv
ehlcke Health check-up: cholesterol test
ehlcken Health check-up: cholesterol NHS/private
ehlckf Health check-up: other checks
ehlckfn Health check-up:other checks NHS/private
ehlckg Health check-up: cervical smear
ehlckgn Health check-up: cervical smear NHS/priv
ehlckh Health check-up: breast screen
ehlckhn Health check-up: breast screen NHS/priv
ehlcki Health check-up: blood test
ehlckin Health check-up: blood test NHS/priv
esmoker Smoker
encigs Number of cigarettes smoked
eophla All health care should be free
eophlb Compulsory private insurance if can pay
eophlc Unfair that wealth buys medical priority
eaidhh Cares for handicapped/other in household
eaidhua PNO of 1st cared for person
eaidhub PNO of 2nd cared for person
eaidhuc PNO of 3rd cared for person
eaidxhh Provides care for non-resident person
enaidxhh Number of non-residents cared for
eaidhu1 Caring:relation to 1st non-res dependant
eaidhu2 Caring:relation to 2nd non-res dependant
eaidhrs Hours per week spent caring
eivma Health section: respondent alone
eivmb Health section: partner present
eivmc Health section: other adults present
eivmd Health section: child/ren present
eivme Health section: supervisor present
ejbhas Did paid work last week
ejboff No work last week but has job
ejboffy Reason off work last week
ejbterm Current job: permanent or temporary
ejbsoc Occupation (SOC): current main job
ejbsic Industry (SIC) of employer: current job
ejbsemp Employee or self-employed: current job
ejbmngr Managerial duties: current job
ejbsize No. employed at workplace: current job
ejbhrs No. of hours normally worked per week
ejbot No. of overtime hours in normal week
ejbotpd No. of hours worked as paid overtime
ejbhrlk Preference over hours worked
ejbpl Work location
ejbttwt Minutes spent travelling to work
ejbttwm Main means of travel to work
ejbsat1 Job satisfaction: promotion prospects
ejbsat2 Job satisfaction: total pay
ejbsat3 Job satisfaction: relations with boss
ejbsat4 Job satisfaction: security
ejbsat5 Job satisfaction: use of initiative
ejbsat6 Job satisfaction: work itself
ejbsat7 Job satisfaction: hours worked
ejbsat Job satisfaction: overall
epaygl Gross pay at last payment
epaygw Pay period (weeks): last gross pay
epaynl Take-home pay at last payment
epaynw Pay period (weeks): last take-home pay
epayslp Pay slip seen by interviewer
epayusl Was last gross pay the usual amount
epayu Usual pay
epayuw Usual pay: pay period (weeks)
epayug Usual pay: gross/net of deductions
epaydf1 Last pay unusual: included back pay
epaydf2 Last pay unusual: included holiday pay
epaydf3 Last pay unusual: included tax refund
epaydf4 Last pay unusual: included sick pay
epaydf5 Last pay unusual: sick without pay
epaydf6 Last pay unusual: included maternity pay
epaydf7 Last pay unusual through overtime
epaydf8 Last pay unusual for other reason
ejbbgd Day started current job
ejbbgm Month started current job
ejbbgy Year started current job
ejbbgly Started job after 1.9.94
ejbsect Employing organisation: current job
ejbonus Pay includes bonuses or profit share
ejbrise Pay includes annual increments
etujbpl Union or staff association at workplace
etuin1 Member of workplace union
etuin2 Member of any trade union or similar
ejbopps Promotion opportunities in current job
ejbtime Times of day usually work
epays Starting pay: job start after 1.9.94
epaysw Starting pay period (weeks): current job
epaysg Starting pay gross or net: current job
ejbpen Pension: employer runs a pension scheme
ejbpenm Pension: member of employers scheme
epayly Usual pay at 1.9.94
epaylyw Usual pay at 1.9.94: pay period (weeks)
epaylyg Usual pay at 1.9.94: gross/net deduction
ejsboss S/emp: hires employees
ejssize S/emp: number of employees
ejshrs S/emp: hours normally worked per week
ejshrlk S/emp: preference over hours worked
ejstime S/emp: times of day usually work
ejstype S/emp: nature of employment
ejsaccs S/emp: draws up profit/loss accounts
ejsprf S/emp: net profit in last yearly account
ejsprbm S/emp: date accounts began: month
ejsprby S/emp: date accounts began: year
ejsprem S/emp: date accounts ended: month
ejsprey S/emp: date accounts ended: year
ejspayl S/emp: last gross earnings
ejspybm S/emp: month gross pay accounts began
ejspyby S/emp: year gross pay accounts began
ejspyem S/emp: month gross pay accounts ended
ejspyey S/emp: Year gross pay accounts ended
ejspl S/emp: work location
ejsttwt S/emp: Minutes spent travelling to work
ejsttwm S/emp: Main means of travel to work
ejssat1 S/emp: job satisfaction: total pay
ejssat2 S/emp: job satisfaction: job security
ejssat3 S/emp: job satisfaction: initiative
ejssat4 S/emp: job satisfaction: work itself
ejssat5 S/emp: job satisfaction: hours worked
ejssat S/emp: job satisfaction: overall
ejsbgd S/emp: day started present job
ejsbgm S/emp: month started present job
ejsbgy S/emp: year started present job
ejbed Had work related training since 1.9.94
ejbed1 Training: induction for current job
ejbed2 Training:increase skills for current job
ejbed3 Training: improve skills for current job
ejbed4 Training: preparation for future jobs
ejbed5 Training: to develop skills generally
ejbedq Time on employer-based training, amount
ejbedp1 Time on employer-based training, units
erach12 Responsible for dependent child under 12
ejbchc1 Childcare: 1st mention
ejbchc2 Childcare: 2nd mention
ejbchc3 Childcare: 3rd mention
expchcf Childcare: free or paid for
expchc Childcare: weekly cost
ehuxpch Who pays for childcare
ehunurs Who cares for ill children
ejulk1 Looked for work in last 7 days
ejulk4 Looked for work in last 4 weeks
ejulkjb Would like a regular paid job
ejuspec Looking for /would like a particular job
ejusoc Occupation (SOC) of job sought
ejuhrsx Expected work hours: jobseeker
ejupayx Expected weekly net pay: jobseeker
ejupayl Lowest net pay considered: jobseeker
ejuhrsl Expected hours for lowest pay jobseeker
eeaage Whether working age
ejbub Currently signed on at UB Office
ejbuby Reason why signed on at UB Office
ej2has Has a second paid job
ej2soc Occupation (SOC), second job
ej2semp Employee or self employed, second job
ej2hrs No. of hours worked per month, 2nd job
ej2pay Gross earnings from 2nd jobs last month
ejbhha Family commitments prevented job search
ejbhhb Family commitments prevented taking job
ejbhhc Family commitments prevented job change
ejbhhd Family commitments required job change
ejbhhe Family commitments required leaving job
ejbhhf Family commitments led to less work hrs
eivea Employment section: respondent alone
eiveb Employment section: partner present
eivec Employment section: other adult present
eived Employment section: child present
eivee Employment section: supervisor present
eednew Any training/education since 1.9.94
eednew1 Job training: to develop general skills
eednew2 Job training: to prepare for future job
eednew3 Job training: to increase skills
eednew4 Job training: to improve skills
eednewq Time on non-employer training, amount
eednewp1 Time on non-employer training, units
enemst Current labour force status
ecjsbgd Day current labour force status began
ecjsbgm Month current labour force status began
ecjsbgy Year current labour force status began
ecjsbly IC:current l.f. spell began after 1.9.94
enjbs Number of periods of paid employment
ejbhad Ever had paid employment
ejlend Year left last job
ejlsoc Occupation (SOC) of last job
ejlsic Industry (SIC) of last job
ejlsemp Employee or self employed, last job
ejlboss Hired employees, last job
ejlmngr Managerial duties, last job
ejlsize Number employed at workplace, last job
eivja Job hist section: respondent alone
eivjb Job hist section: partner present
eivjc Job hist section: other adults present
eivjd Job hist section: child/ren present
eivje Job hist section: supervisor present
eopsoca Ordinary people share nations wealth
eopsocb One law for rich and one for poor
eopsocc Private enterprise solves economic probs
eopsocd Public services ought to be state owned
eopsoce Govt. has obligation to provide jobs
eopsocf Strong trade unions protect employees
evote1 Supports a particular political party
evote2 Closer to one political party than other
evote3 Party which would vote for tomorrow
evote4 Which political party closest to
evote5 Strength of support for stated party
evote7 Voted in last general election
evote8 Party voted for in last general election
evote6 Level of interest in politics
eoppol1 Most important political issue
eoppol2 Second most important political issue
eoppol3 Priority: low inflation/low unemployment
eoppol4 Priority: living standards/environment
eopchd1 Quality best prepares child for life, 1st
eopchd2 Quality best prepares child for life, 2nd
eopchd3 Quality best prepares child for life, 3rd
eopchd4 Quality prepares child for life, least
eorgm Member of one of listed organisations
eorgma Member of political party
eorgaa Active in political party
eorgmb Member of trade union
eorgab Active in trade union
eorgmc Member of environmental group
eorgac Active in environmental group
eorgmd Member of parents association
eorgad Active in parents association
eorgme Member of tenants or residents group
eorgae Active in tenants group
eorgmf Member of religious group
eorgaf Active in religious group
eorgmg Member of voluntary service group
eorgag Active in voluntary group
eorgmh Member of other community group
eorgah Active in other community group
eorgmi Member of social group
eorgai Active in social group
eorgmj Member of sports club
eorgaj Active in sports club
eorgmk Member of womens institute
eorgak Active in womens institute
eorgml Member of womens group
eorgal Active in womens group
eorgmm Member of other organisation
eorgam Active in other organisation
eorgmo Member of professional organisation
eorgao Active in professional organisation
eorgmp Member of pensioners organisation
eorgap Active in pensioners organisation
eorgmq Member of Scout/Guides organisation
eorgaq Active in Scout/Guides organisations
eorga Active in any listed organisations
eoprlg2 Attendance at religious services
ecaruse Has use of car or van
eyppar Whether parent of young person
epyhlth Whose responsibility are health matters
epyhwrk Monitoring of homework
epysxed Responsibility for sex education
epysxag Age to learn about sexual matters
epynyp How many eligible for youth interview
epypno1 First youth person number
epyage1 Age of first youth
epypno2 Second youth person number
epyage2 Age of second youth
epypno3 Third youth person number
epyage3 Age of third youth
epywhr1 1st youth: tells where is going
epyman1 1st youth: how easy/difficult to manage
epyarg1 1st youth: how often you quarrel
epytlk1 1st youth: how often you talk
epysmk1 1st youth: smokes regularly
epysad1 1st youth: days unhappy in past month
epywor1 1st youth: nights lost sleep past week
epyhsw1 1st youth happy with: school work
epyhap1 1st youth happy with: appearance
epyhfm1 1st youth happy with: family
epyhfr1 1st youth happy with: friends
epyhlf1 1st youth happy with: life as whole
epyhlt1 1st youth: general health
epywhr2 2nd youth: tells where is going
epyman2 2nd youth: how easy/difficult to manage
epyarg2 2nd youth: how often you quarrel
epytlk2 2nd youth: how often you talk
epysmk2 2nd youth: smokes regularly
epysad2 2nd youth: days unhappy in past month
epywor2 2nd youth: nights lost sleep past week
epyhsw2 2nd youth happy with: school work
epyhap2 2nd youth happy with: appearance
epyhfm2 2nd youth happy with: family
epyhfr2 2nd youth happy with: friends
epyhlf2 2nd youth happy with: life as whole
epyhlt2 2nd youth: general health
epywhr3 3rd youth: tells where is going
epyman3 3rd youth: how easy/difficult to manage
epyarg3 3rd youth: how often you quarrel
epytlk3 3rd youth: how often you talk
epysmk3 3rd youth: smokes regularly
epysad3 3rd youth: days unhappy in past month
epywor3 3rd youth: nights lost sleep past week
epyhsw3 3rd youth happy with: school work
epyhap3 3rd youth happy with: appearance
epyhfm3 3rd youth happy with: family
epyhfr3 3rd youth happy with: friends
epyhlf3 3rd youth happy with: life as whole
epyhlt3 3rd youth: general health
epyra IC: respondent the responsible adult
epysat1 1st youth: did national school tests
epysat2 2nd youth: did national school tests
epysat3 3rd youth: did national school tests
epyspn1 1st SAT: Person number
epysty1 1st SAT: Type of Test done
epytae1 1st SAT Teacher Assessed Level: English
epytam1 1st SAT Teacher Assessed Level: Maths
epytas1 1st SAT Teacher Assessed Level: Science
epyste1 1st SAT Test level: English
epystm1 1st SAT Test level: Maths
epysts1 1st SAT Test level: Science
epyspn2 2nd SAT: Person number
epysty2 2nd SAT: Type of Test done
epytae2 2nd SAT Teacher Assessed Level: English
epytam2 2nd SAT Teacher Assessed Level: Maths
epytas2 2nd SAT Teacher Assessed Level: Science
epyste2 2nd SAT Test level: English
epystm2 2nd SAT Test level: Maths
epysts2 2nd SAT Test level: Science
epyspn3 3rd SAT: Person number
epysty3 3rd SAT: Type of Test done
epytae3 3rd SAT Teacher Assessed Level: English
epytam3 3rd SAT Teacher Assessed Level: Maths
epytas3 3rd SAT Teacher Assessed Level: Science
epyste3 3rd SAT Test level: English
epystm3 3rd SAT Test level: Maths
epysts3 3rd SAT Test level: Science
ef101 Income: NI retirement pension
ef102 Income: pension from previous employer
ef103 Income: pension from spouses ex-employer
ef104 Income: private pension or annuity
ef105 Income: widow or war widows pension
ef106 Income: widowed mothers allowance
ef116 Income: severe disablement allowance
ef117 Income: invalidity pension
ef118 Income: industrial injury allowance
ef119 Income: attendence allowance
ef120 Income: mobility allowance
ef121 Income: invalid care allowance
ef122 Income: war disability pension
ef123 Income: disability living allowance
ef124 Income: disability working allowance
ef125 Income: incapacity benefit
ef131 Income: both UB and IS
ef132 Income: income support (IS)
ef133 Income: unemployment benefit (UB)
ef134 Income: NI sickness benefit
ef135 Income: child benefit
ef136 Income: one parent benefit
ef137 Income: family credit
ef138 Income: maternity allowance
ef139 Income: housing benefit
ef140 Income: community charge benefit
ef141 Income: other state benefit
ef151 Income: educational grant
ef152 Income: trade union payments
ef153 Income: maintenance or alimony
ef154 Income: payments from relations
ef155 Income: rent from lodgers
ef156 Income: rent from other property
ef157 Income: foster allowance
ef158 Income: sickness or accident insurance
ef159 Income: any other payment
enf1 Income: total number of cited sources
efisit Financial situation
efisitc Change in financial position last year
efisity Why financial situation changed
efisitx Financial expectations for year ahead
eopxpsv Right time to use savings
eopxpcr Right time to use credit
efccard Have store or credit cards
efiyrdi Income last year from dividends/interest
efiyrdiu Income last yr dividend/interest > 1000
esave Saves from current income
esaved Amount saved each month
esavey1 First reason for saving
esavey2 Second reason for saving
esavek Amount in account(s) - regular saving
esavekb1 Savings amount to 1000 or more
esavekb2 Savings amount to 5000 or more
esavekb3 Savings amount to 10,000 or more
esavekb4 Savings amount to 500 or more
esavej Name savings held in
ebank Have non-regular savings
ebankk Amount in account(s) - non-reg saving
ebankkb1 Savings amount to 1000 or more
ebankkb2 Savings amount to 5000 or more
ebankkb3 Savings amount to 10,000 or more
ebankkb4 Savings amount to 500 or more
ebankj Name savings held in
envest Have money in investments
envesta Money in national savings certificates
envestb Money in premium bonds
envestc Money in unit trusts
envestd Money in personal equity plans
enveste Money in shares (UK or foreign)
envestf Money in NS/BS insurance bonds
envestg Money in other investments / securities
envestn IC: No. investment types held
envestl Which investment is largest asset
envestk Amount held in investments
envestc1 Investments amount to 5000 or more
envestc2 Investments amount to 15,000 or more
envestc3 Investments amount to 50,000 or more
envestc4 Investments amount to 1000 or more
envestj Any investments held jointly
epppen Paid into private personal pension
epenb4 Personal pension started before 1.7.88
epenb4yr Year pre 1.7.88 pension started
epenb4v Amount last payment to pre 1988 pension
epenb4w Weeks covered pre 88 pension
epenyr Year post 1.7.88 pension started
epenadd Additional contrib'n to post '88 pension
epenadv Amount last payment post 1.7.88 pension
epenadw Weeks covered post 88 pension
ewindf Received lump payment
ewindfa Lump sum - life insurance policy
ewindfb Lump sum - pension payout
ewindfc Lump sum - personal accident claim
ewindfd Lump sum - redundancy payment
ewindfe Lump sum - employment bonus
ewindff Lump sum - inheritance / bequest
ewindfg Lump sum - win on pools/nat.Lottery etc
ewindfh Lump sum - anything else
ewindfy Lump sum - how much
efthh Transfers money within household
efthh1 1st recipient of internal money transfer
efthh11 Pays rent to 1st person
efthh12 Pays housekeeping to 1st person
efthh13 Pays board to 1st person
efthh14 Pays allowance to 1st person
efthh15 Pays h/hold bills or food to 1st person
efthh16 Makes other transfer to 1st person
efthh1v Amount transferred to 1st person
efthh1w Weeks covered by transfer to 1st person
efthh2 2nd recipient of internal money transfer
efthh21 Pays rent to 2nd person
efthh22 Pays housekeeping to 2nd person
efthh23 Pays board to 2nd person
efthh24 Pays allowance to 2nd person
efthh25 Pays h/hold bills or food to 2nd person
efthh26 Makes other transfer to 2nd person
efthh2v Amount transferred to 2nd person
efthh2w Weeks covered by transfer to 2nd person
efthh3 3rd recipient of internal money transfer
efthh31 Pays rent to 3rd person
efthh32 Pays housekeeping to 3rd person
efthh33 Pays board to 3rd person
efthh34 Pays allowance to 3rd person
efthh35 Pays h/hold bills or food to 3rd person
efthh36 Makes other transfer to 3rd person
efthh3v Amount transferred to 3rd person
efthh3w Weeks covered by transfer to 3rd person
eftexhh Transfers money to non-resident person
eftexa Relationship to 1st non-res recipient
eftexa1 Maintenance payment to 1st non-resident
eftexa2 HH bills payment to 1st non-resident
eftexa3 Education payment to 1st non-resident
eftexa4 Allowance/Spending Money to 1st non-res
eftexa5 Loan repayment to 1st non-resident
eftexa6 Other payment to 1st non-resident
eftexav Amount maintenance paid to 1st non-resid
eftexaw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 1st non-res
eftexb Relationship to 2nd non-res recipient
eftexb1 Maintenance payment to 2nd non-resident
eftexb2 HH bills payment to 2nd non-resident
eftexb3 Education payment to 2nd non-resident
eftexb4 Allowance/Spending Money to 2nd non-res
eftexb5 Loan repayment to 2nd non-resident
eftexb6 Other payment to 2nd non-resident
eftexbv Amount maintenance paid to 2nd non-resid
eftexbw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 2nd non-res
eftexc Relationship to 3rd non-res recipient
eftexc1 Maintenance payment to 3rd non-resident
eftexc2 HH bills payment to 3rd non-resident
eftexc3 Education payment to 3rd non-resident
eftexc4 Allowance/Spending Money to 3rd non-res
eftexc5 Loan repayment to 3rd non-resident
eftexc6 Other payment to 3rd non-resident
eftexcv Amount maintenance paid to 3rd non-resid
eftexcw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 3rd non-res
edebt Currently owe money
edebta Owe money - hire purchace
edebtb Owe money - personal loan
edebtc Owe money - credit card(s)
edebtd Owe money - mail order purchase
edebte Owe money - DSS Social Fund loan
edebtf Owe money - loans from individual
edebtg Owe money - something else
edebty Owe money - how much
edebtc1 Owe money - 500 or more
edebtc2 Owe money - 1500 or more
edebtc3 Owe money - 5000 or more
edebtc4 Owe money - 100 or more
edebtj Owe money - joint commitment
espinhh Whether living with spouse or partner
ehuruns How household finances are organised
ehuboss Who has last say in financial decisions
ehubuys Who does the grocery shopping (couples)
ehufrys Who does the cooking (couples)
ehumops Who does the cleaning (couples)
ehuiron Who does the washing/ironing (couples)
ehhch12 Child/ren under 12 in household
ehusits Who is responsible for childcare
ehowlng Hours per week on housework
eivfa H/hold finance section: respondent alone
eivfb H/hold finance section: partner alone
eivfc H/hold finance section: adult present
eivfd H/hold finance section: child present
eivfe H/hold finance sect: supervisor present
eivfoih Hour interview finished
eivfoim Minute interview finished
eivsc IC: self completion document
emrssci MRS Social Class Individual
emrssch MRS Social Class Household
eiv1 Others present during interview
eiv2 Did others influence interview
eiv4 Cooperation of respondent
eiv5 Completion of tracking schedule
eiv6a Problems affecting interview: eyesight
eiv6b Problems affecting interview: hearing
eiv6c Problems affecting interview: reading
eiv6d Problems affecting interview: english
eiv6e Problems affecting interview: language
eiv6f Problems affecting interview: interprete
eiv7 PNO of interpreter
eghqa GHQ: concentration
eghqb GHQ: loss of sleep
eghqc GHQ: playing a useful role
eghqd GHQ: capable of making decisions
eghqe GHQ: constantly under strain
eghqf GHQ: problem overcoming difficulties
eghqg GHQ: enjoy day-to-day activities
eghqh GHQ: ability to face problems
eghqi GHQ: unhappy or depressed
eghqj GHQ: losing confidence
eghqk GHQ: believe in self-worth
eghql GHQ: general happiness
eopfama Pre-school child suffers if mother works
eopfamb Family suffers if mother works full-time
eopfamc Woman and family happier if she works
eopfamd Husband and wife should both contribute
eopfame Full time job makes woman independent
eopfamf Husband should earn, wife stay at home
eopfamg Children need father as much as mother
eopfamh Employers should help with childcare
eopfami Single parents are as good as couples
essupa Is there someone who will listen
essupb Is there someone to help in a crisis
essupc Is there someone you can relax with
essupd Anyone who really appreciates you
essupe Anyone you can count on to offer comfort
essup1 Sex of closest friend
essupr2r Relationship of closest friend to resp
eprrs2i Relationship of Proxy to Informant
epripn Person number of informant
eprwhy Reason for Proxy
epplevr Proxy Lived at this address all life
eprfehq Proxy's Highest FE qualification
eprsehq Proxy's Highest school qualification
epresbgm Month started economic status - proxy
epresbgy Year started economic status - proxy
epresly Started status after 1.9.94 - proxy
eprf101 Income: NI retirement pension - proxy
eprf102 Income: pension from prev. empl.-pxy
eprf116 Income: invaldty/disablty allowance-pxy
eprf125 Income: incapacity benefit
eprf131 Income: UB and/or income support-proxy
eprf134 Income: NI sickness benefit-proxy
eprf135 Income: child benefit
eprf137 Income: family credit
eprf139 Income: housing ben/rent rebate-proxy
eprf141 Income: other state benefit
eprfirn Income: none of listed benefits-proxy
eprearn Proxy's total earnings, banded
eprjbbgm Month started current job-proxy
eprjbbgy Year started current job-proxy
eprjbly Job started after 1.9.94-proxy
eprfitb Proxy's personal income, banded
eivpa Proxy questionnaire: informant alone
eivpb Proxy questionnaire: partner alone
eivpc Proxy questionnaire: adult present
eivpd Proxy questionnaire: child present
eivpe Proxy questionnaire: supervisor present
etelwhy Why has a telephone interview
eprjbft Proxy's Job full time / part time
etlfiyrl Telephone questionnaire: Annual job pay
etlfiyr Telephone questionnaire: Annual income
pid Cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
eiviow4 Interview outcome Wave 4
ehhmem Household membership
enewhy New entrants - why living in HH
enemnjn New entrants - month joined HH
eneyrjn New entrants - year joined HH
eivfio Individual interview outcome
eiodc Document check
ehgr2r Relationship to reference person
ehgsex Sex - HH grid
ehgbm Month of birth - HH grid
ehgby Year of birth - HH grid
emastat Marital status
ehgspn PNO of spouse/partner
ehgemp In paid employment - HH grid
ehgfno PNO of father
ehgmno PNO of mother
ehgra Responsible adult
eage Age at Date of Interview
eage12 Age at 1.12.95
ebutype Benefit unit type
ebuno Benefit Unit Number
enchild Number of own children in household
ehoh Conventional Head of Household Indicator
erach16 Whether responsible adult for child
esampst Sample membership status
emovest Individual mover status
eregion Region / Metropolitan Area
ehhsize Number of people in household
ehhtype Household Type
etenure Housing tenure
eqfedhi Highest educational qualification
eqfvoc Has vocational qualifications
eqfachi Highest academic qualification
ejbft Employed full time
epayg Gross rate of pay per month:last payment
epayn Net rate of pay per month: last payment
epaygu Usual gross pay per month: current job
epaynu Usual net pay per month: current job
epaygty Usual monthly gross pay: Sept this year
epaygly Usual monthly gross pay: Sept year ago
epaynty Usual monthly net pay: Sept this year
epaynly Usual monthly net pay: Sept year ago
ejsprof Monthly self employed profit
ejspayg Monthly self employed gross pay
ecjsten Length (days) current labour market sp.
ecjswk9 Weeks in current spell: year to 1.9.95
ejlid Identifier of latest job
ejlyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.94
ejtyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.95
ejbseg Socio economic group: present job
ejbgold Goldthorpe Social Class: present job
ejbrgsc RG Social Class: present job
ejbisco International SOC : present job
ejbcssm Cambridge Scale males : present job
ejbcssf Cambridge Scale females : present job
ejbhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : present job
ejbsec Socio-Economic Class: current job
enjbwks Annual weeks employed: year to Sept 1
enjuwks Annual weeks unemployed: year to Sept 1
enjiwks Annual weeks inactive: year to Sept 1
enjbnew No. different employers: year to Sept 1
enjbsp No. employment spells: year to Sept 1
enjusp No. unemployment spells: year to Sept 1
enjisp No. inactive spells: year to Sept 1
ejbstatl Employment status on Sept 1, year ago
ejbstatt Employment status on Sept 1, this year
ejbsocly Occupation (SOC):job on 1.9.94
ejlseg Socio economic group: last job
ejlgold Goldthorpe Social Class: last job
ejlrgsc RG Social Class: last job
ejlisco International SOC : last job
ejlcssm Cambridge Scale males : last job
ejlcssf Cambridge Scale females : last job
ejlhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : last job
ejlsec Socio-Economic Class: last job
enorgm Number of organisations member of
enorga Number of organisations active in
evote Political party supported
efimnp Pension income: last month
efimnb Benefit income: last month
efimni Investment income: last month
efimnt Transfer income: last month
efimnl Labour income: last month
efimnnl Non-labour income: last month
efimn Total Income: last month
efiyrl Annual labour income (1.9.94-1.9.95)
efiyrnl Annual non-labour income (1.9.94-1.9.95)
efiyrp Annual pension income (1.9.94-1.9.95)
efiyrb Annual benefit income (1.9.94-1.9.95)
efiyrt Annual transfer income (1.9.94-1.9.95)
efiyri Annual investment income (1.9.94-1.9.95)
efiyr Annual income (1.9.94-1.9.95)
efihhmn Household income: month before interview
ehlghq1 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 1: Likert
ehlghq2 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 2: Caseness
espjb Whether spouse/partner employed now
espsoc Spouse/partner's Occupation
espjbhr Spouse/partner's weekly work hours
espjbot Spouse/partner's weekly overtime
esppayg Spouse/partner's monthly gross pay
espjbyr Whether spse/partner employed last year
elrwght Longitudinal respondent weight
elewght Longitudinal enumerated individual weight
exrwght X-sectional respondent weight
exewght X-sectional enumerated individual weight
ej2payi Imputation flag - EJ2PAY (base)
efiyrdii Imputation flag - EFIYRDI (base)
eprearni Imputation flag - EPREARN (base)
eprfitbi Imputation flag - EPRFITB (base)
epaygui Imputation flag - EPAYGU (derived)
epaynui Imputation flag - EPAYNU (derived)
epaygti Imputation flag - EPAYGTY (derived)
epaygli Imputation flag - EPAYGLY (derived)
epaynti Imputation flag - EPAYNTY (derived)
epaynli Imputation flag - EPAYNLY (derived)
ejsprofi Imputation flag - EJSPROF (derived)
ejspaygi Imputation flag - EJSPAYG (derived)
efimnpi Imputation flag - EFIMNP (derived)
efimnbi Imputation flag - EFIMNB (derived)
efimnii Imputation flag - EFIMNI (derived)
efimnti Imputation flag - EFIMNT (derived)
efimnnli Imputation flag - EFIMNNL (derived)
efimnli Imputation flag - EFIMNL (derived)
efimnthi Imputation flag - EFIMN (derived)
efiyrli Imputation flag - EFIYRL (derived)
efiyrnli Imputation flag - EFIYRNL (derived)
efiyrpi Imputation flag - EFIYRP (derived)
efiyrbi Imputation flag - EFIYRB (derived)
efiyrti Imputation flag - EFIYRT (derived)
efiyrii Imputation flag - EFIYRI (derived)
efiyeari Imputation flag - EFIYR (derived)
esppaygi Imputation flag - ESPPAYG (derived)
efihhmni Imputation flag - EFIHHMN (derived)
eevent1 1st mentioned important event of year
eevent1s Subject of 1st mentioned event of year
eevent2 2nd mentioned important event of year
eevent2s Subject of 2nd mentioned event of year
eevent3 3rd mentioned important event of year
eevent3s Subject of 3rd mentioned event of year
eevent4 4th mentioned important event of year
eevent4s Subject of 4th mentioned event of year
emrjend Year left most recent job
emrjsoc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job
emrjsic Industry (SIC) of most recent job
emrjsemp Employee or self emp., most recent job
emrjboss Hired employees, most recent job
emrjmngr Managerial duties, most recent job
emrjsize Number at workplace, most recent job
emrjseg Socio economic group: most recent job
emrjgold Goldthorpe Class: most recent job
emrjrgsc RG Social Class: most recent job
emrjisco International SOC: most recent job
emrjcssm Cambridge Scale M: most recent job
emrjcssf Cambridge Scale F: most recent job
emrjhgs Hope-Goldthorpe Scale: most recent job
emrjsec Socio-Economic Class: most recent job
edoiy4 Date of interview: 4 digit year
eplnowy4 Year moved to present address: 4 digit
eedendy4 Year left education inst.: 4 digit
emlchy4 Marital status change, 4 digit year
eyr2uk4 Year came to Britain: 4 digit
ejbbgy4 Year started current job: 4 digit
ejsprby4 S/emp: date accounts began: 4 digit year
ejsprey4 S/emp: date accounts ended: 4 digit year
ejspyby4 S/emp: year gross pay began: 4 digit
ejspyey4 S/emp: Year gross pay ended: 4 digit
ejsbgy4 S/emp: year started present job: 4 digit
ecjsbgy4 Year labour force status began: 4 digit
ejlend4 Year left last job: 4 digit
epenb4y4 Year pre 1.7.88 pension started: 4 digit
epenyr4 Year post 1.7.88 pension started: 4 digit
epresby4 Year started ec. status - proxy: 4 digit
eprjbby4 Year started current job-proxy: 4 digit
eneyrjn4 New entrants - year joined HH: 4 digit
esppid Cross-wave person identifier of spouse
efpid Cross-wave person identifier of father
empid Cross-wave person identifier of mother
edistmov Distance of residential move
eregion2 Government Office Region
eisced ISCED levels
ecasmin CASMIN levels
ejbiscon International SOC (num): present job
ejliscon International SOC (num): last job
emrjiscn International SOC (num): most recent job
ejbsoc_cc Occupation (SOC): current main job - condensed
ejlsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of last job - condensed
ej2soc_cc Occupation (SOC), second job - condensed
ejusoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of job sought - condensed
ejbsocly_cc Occupation (SOC): job on 1.9.2005 - condensed
espsoc_cc Spouse/partner's Occupation - condensed
emrjsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job - condensed
ejbiscon_cc International SOC (num): present job - condensed
ejliscon_cc International SOC (num): last job - condensed
emrjiscn_cc International SOC (num): most recent job - condensed
ejbisco_cc International SOC : present job - condensed
ejlisco_cc International SOC : last job - condensed
emrjisco_cc International SOC: most recent job - condensed
eplbornc_cc country of birth: condensed UKHLS classification