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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type dyouth

dpno person number
dypdobm date of birth: month
dypdoby date of birth: year
dypsex gender of youth
dypntv how many tv sets do your family have ?
dytvhrs hours spent watching tv on a school day
dytvlmt parents set limits on amount of tv ?
dytvstp parents stop you watching a programme ?
dypcomp do you ever use a computer at home ?
dyppals times had friends round to your house ?
dyputel do you tell parents where going ?
dyptell tell you where they are going ?
dyplate past month: times out after 9.00 pm ?
dypargm how often quarrel with your mother ?
dypargf how often quarrel with your father ?
dyptlkm talk to mum: things that matter to you ?
dyptlkf talk to dad: things that matter to you ?
dypnpal how many close friends do you have ?
dypfght how often past month:fight with someone
dypasmk how old when were last hit or smacked ?
dypeatn past week: times evening meal w family ?
dypmenu who chooses what you eat at home ?
dypthhc time you spend doing household chores ?
dypshhc parents strict about household chores ?
dyppkml pounds: money last week for yourself ?
dyppkmp pence: money last week for yourself ?
dypstm stealing money, how serious is that ?
dypswr what if young people swear, how serious
dypsmok what if young people smoke ?
dyplie what about telling lies to your parents
dypdrug taking drugs ?
dypbunk playing truant, how serious is that ?
dypser which is the most serious of all ?
dypsmev have you ever tried a cigarette ?
dypsmag how old when smoked a whole cigarette ?
dypsmof how often do you smoke ?
dypsmlw how many cigarettes in the last 7 days ?
dypsmyr will you start/continue smoke next year
dypsmop how dangerous is smoking few cigarettes
dypdgsc taught at school dangers of drug use ?
dypdgpa parents/other adult talked about drugs ?
dypdgfr do your friends ever use illegal drugs ?
dypdgyr in the next years you might be tempted ?
dypopha generally health is a matter of luck
dypophb young people don't worry their health
dypophc people your age care more being happy
dypopfj living together no marriage is wrong
dypopfl better for children if parents divorce
dypopfm the man should be head of the household
dypopfn the bible is god's word ...
dypsad how many days have you felt unhappy ?
dypwor past week nights lost sleep worrying ?
dypesta i feel i have a number good qualities
dypestb i certainly feel useless at times
dypestc i am a likeable person
dypestd i enjoy taking exercise to keep fit
dypeste i am inclined to feel i am a failure
dypestf at times i feel i am no good at all
dypestg on the whole, my health is very good
dyphsw your school work ?
dyphap your appearance ?
dyphfm your family ?
dyphfr your friends ?
dyphlf describes how you feel about your life ?
dypcoma word closest to: beast
dypcomb word closest to: edible
dypcomc word closest to: animosity
dypcomd word closest to: accustom
dypcome word closest to: space
dypcomf word closest to: broaden
dypcomg word closest to: reconcile
dypnbks past month how many books read ?
dypvte6 how interested are you in politics ?
dypvte3 vote for a political party: which ?
dyplvsc leave school when you are 16 ?
dyplvhm age you think when you leave home ?
dypamar at what age want to get married ?
dypapar what age would like to start a family ?
dypwhrs last week, hours spent working for pay ?
dyppay how much money did you earn last week ?
dypfjob what job (step)father does ?
dypfsoc office code: job (step)father does ?
dypsoc office code: job like when left school ?
dypjbqa the job is secure
dypjbqb work hours short, with free time
dypjbqc the work involves using your brain
dypjbqd the job is well-paid
dypjbqe is important and feels worthwhile
dypjbqt which is the most important thing of all
dypevnt1 1st mentioned important event of year
dypevnt2 2nd mentioned important event of year
dypevnt3 3rd mentioned important event of year
dypevnt4 4th mentioned important event of year
dypwght young person weight
dhid household identification number
dypdoby4 date of birth: year: 4 digit
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
dfnspno person number of father (nat/step)
dfnspid x-wave pid of father (nat/step)
dmnspno person number of mother (nat/step)
dmnspid cross-wave pid of mother (nat/step)
dypfsoc_cc office code: job (step)father does ? - condensed classification
dypsoc_cc office code: job like when left school ? - condensed classification