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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type DINDSAMP

DHID Household identification number
DPNO Person number
PID Cross-wave person identifier
DIVIOW3 Interview outcome Wave 3
DIVIEVR Ever interviewed
DIVELIG Whether permanent sample member
DHHMEM Household membership
DNEMNJN New entrants - month joined HH
DNEYRJN New entrants - year joined HH
DLVMN Leavers - month left
DLVYR Leavers - year left
DLVLOC Leavers - new location
DIVFIO Individual interview outcome
DIVRREF Reason for interview refusal
DIVIREIS Re-issued to field
DFINLOC Final sample location identification
DIVFHO Final household interview outcome
DSAMPST Sample membership status
DMOVEST Individual mover status
DLEWGHT Longitudinal enumerated individual weight
DLRWGHT Longitudinal respondent weight
DNEYRJN4 New entrants - year joined HH: 4 digit
DLVYR4 Leavers - year left: 4 digit
DDISTMOV Distance of residential move