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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type CLIFEJOB

This Record contains information about jobs held in employment spells in the period since the respondent first left full-time education up to the beginning of data collection in the main panel - i.e. 1st September 1990. There is one record for each spell reported in answer to questions L5 to L13. In addition, a spell is generated from the data collected at questions L14 to L17, the start of work with the respondent's present employer, if this was before 1.9.90.

The final record of this type for each individual may be one of three different kinds: a) a generated present employer record as indicated above; b) a completed record where this was the last job the respondent has had to date, and this began 1.9.90 and has finished; c) a record containing only status and start date, where the job began after 1.9.90. In this last case, further information about this job and any subsequent jobs held by the respondent will be contained in the main panel Record Types (e.g. AINDRESP or AJOBHIST).

No attempt has been made to enforce consistency with the lifetime employment status history collected at Wave two, and contained in Record Type BLIFEMST. However this history was available to the respondent, and the variable CLJESFV on Record Type CINDRESP indicates whether the respondent believed this to be correct. In this case, the variable CLJESFN will indicate the number of the employment status spell which should correspond to this record (=BLESHNO on Record Type BLIFEMST).

A further discussion of the use of this Record Type appears in Volume A.

The results displayed in the following tables are obtained from unweighted data. A full discussion of the use of the weights contained on this Record Type appears in Volume A.