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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type chhresp

chid Household identification number
chhdoi Day of interview
chhmoi Month of interview
chhyoi Year of interview
chstype Type of accommodation
chsrins Institutional accommodation rented
chsroom Number of rooms in accommodation
chsownd House owned or rented
chsowr1 PNO of 1st person owning accommodation
chsowr2 PNO of 2nd person owning accommodation
cmghave Home mortgaged or owned outright
chsowrp Outright homeowner before 1.9.92
cmgynot How home came to be owned outright
chscost Original purchase price of property
cmgly Mortgage on home before 1.9.92
chsivw2 HH interview this address last year
cmgxtra Taken out additional mortgage on home
cmgnew Amount of additional mortgage on home
cmgxty1 Extra loan for home extension
cmgxty2 Extra loan for home improvements
cmgxty3 Extra loan for car purchase
cmgxty4 Extra loan for other consumer goods
cmgxty5 Extra loan for other specified reason
cmgold Amount borrowed at purchase: mortgagee
cmglife Years left to pay: mortgagee
cmgtype Type of mortgage
cxpmg Last total monthly mortgage payment
cxpmg1 Mortgage includes protection policy
cxpmg2 Mortgage includes structure insurance
cxpmg3 Mortgage includes contents insurance
cxpmg4 Mortgage includes extra payments
cmgyr0 Year mortgage began
chsyr0 Year became owner: home bought outright
chsval Value of property: home owners
chsjb Accommodation with present job: renter
crentp1 Who rents accommodation: 1st mention
crentp2 Who rents accommodation: 2nd mention
crentll Landlord of rented accommodation
crentf Accommodation rented furnished or other
crent Net amount of last rent payment
crentw Weeks covered by last rent payment
crent1 Rent includes water charges
crent2 Rent includes land or business premises
crent3 Rent includes garage
crent4 Rent includes heating lighting or water
crent5 Rent includes meals
crent6 Rent includes other services
crenthb Receives rent rebate or rent allowance
crentg Gross rent including Housing Benefit
crentgw Weeks covered by gross rent
cxphsdf Problems paying for housing over year
cxphsd1 Housing payments required borrowing
cxphsd2 Housing payments required cutbacks
cxphsdb Been 2+ months late with housing payment
chs2ownd Household member owns other property
chs2val Value of 2nd property
cmgtot Total mortgage on all property
ccdhave Has one of listed items in accommodation
ccdbght Bought any consumer durable since 1.9.92
ccd1use Colour TV in accommodation
ccd1new Colour TV bought in last year
ccd2use VCR in accommodation
ccd2new VCR bought in last year
ccd3use Freezer in accommodation
ccd3new Freezer bought in last year
ccd4use Washing machine in accommodation
ccd4new Washing machine bought in last year
ccd5use Tumble dryer in accommodation
ccd5new Tumble dryer bought in last year
ccd6use Dish washer in accommodation
ccd6new Dish washer bought in last year
ccd7use Microwave oven in accommodation
ccd7new Microwave oven bought in last year
ccd8use Home computer in accommodation
ccd8new Home computer bought in last year
ccd9use CD player in accommodation
ccd9new CD player bought in last year
ccdnuxp Amount spent on items in past year
chsip Paid for home improvements in past year
chsipxp Amount paid for home improvements
cheatch Household has central heating
cheatyp Central heating fuel type
cxpoily Expenditure on fuel oil in last year
cgasuse HH has gas supply, not gas cent htg
cgasway Method of paying for gas
cxpgasl Amount of last gas payment
cxpgasw Weeks covered by last gas payment
cxpgaslw Expenditure on gas last week
clecway Method of paying for electricity
cxplecl Amount of last electricity payment
cxplecw Weeks covered by electricity payment
cxpleclw Expenditure on electricity last week
cxpfood Total weekly food and grocery bill
cncars Car or van available for private use
ccarown Household member owns vehicle
ccarval Value vehicle(s) less amount outstanding
civh1 PNO of 1st person answering HH questions
civh2 PNO of 2nd person answering HH questions
civh3 PNO of 3rd person answering HH questions
civfho Final household interview outcome
chhdc Household level document check
cxhwght Household Weight
chhsize Number of Persons in Household
chhtype Household Type
cregion Region / Metropolitan Area
cnch02 Number children in household aged 0-2
cnch34 Number children in household aged 3-4
cnch511 Number children in household aged 5-11
cnch1215 Number children in household aged 12-15
cnch1618 Number dependent children in HH 16+
cnkids Number of children in household
cnwed Number of married persons in household
cnpens Number over pensionable age in household
cna75pl Number aged 75 and over in household
cagechy Age of youngest child in household
cncouple Number of Couples in household
cnonepar Number of Single Parents in household
cnemp Number in Employment in household
cnwage Number in household of working age
ctenure Housing tenure
cxphsn Net monthly housing costs
cxphsg Gross monthly housing costs
cxpoil Monthly expenditure on oil
cxpgas Monthly expenditure on gas
cxplec Monthly expenditure on electricity
cxpfuel Monthly expenditure on oil/gas/electric
cfieqfcb HH Equivalence scale before hsing costs
cfieqfca HH Equivalence scale after hsing costs
cfihhyr annual household income (1.9.92-1.9.93)
cfihhmn Household income: month before interview
cfihhyl annual household labour income
cfihhynl Annual household non-labour income
cfihhyp Annual household pension income
cfihhyb Annual household benefit income
cfihhyt Annual household transfer income
cfihhyi Annual household investment income
cfihhml HH labour income month before intv
cfihhmnl HH non-labour income month before intv
cfihhmp HH pension income month before intv
cfihhmb HH benefit income month before intv
cfihhmt HH transfer income month before intv
cfihhmi HH investment income month before intv
chhmove Mover household indicator
cmgnewi Imputation flag - CMGNEW (base)
cxpmgi Imputation flag - CXPMG (base)
chsvali Imputation flag - CHSVAL (base)
crenti Imputation flag - CRENT (base)
crentgi Imputation flag - CRENTG (base)
cxphsni Imputation flag - CXPHSN (derived)
cxphsgi Imputation flag - CXPHSG (derived)
cfihhmni Imputation flag - CFIHHMN (derived)
cfihhmli Imputation flag - CFIHHML (derived)
cfihmnli Imputation flag - CFIHHMNL (derived)
cfihhmpi Imputation flag - CFIHHMP (derived)
cfihhmbi Imputation flag - CFIHHMB (derived)
cfihhmti Imputation flag - CFIHHMT (derived)
cfihhmii Imputation flag - CFIHHMI (derived)
cfihhyri Imputation flag - CFIHHYR (derived)
cfihhyli Imputation flag - CFIHHYL (derived)
cfihhyni Imputation flag - CFIHHYNL (derived)
cfihhypi Imputation flag - CFIHHYP (derived)
cfihhybi Imputation flag - CFIHHYB (derived)
cfihhyti Imputation flag - CFIHHYT (derived)
cfihhyii Imputation flag - CFIHHYI (derived)
chhyoi4 Year of interview: 4 digit
cmgyr04 Year mortgage began: 4 digit
chsyr04 Year became owner: 4 digit
cregion2 Government Office Region
cloctax local taxes
chdemp hd empl earn
cspemp sp empl earn
chdse hd se earn
cspse sp se earn
cothlab oth hh lab income
cdeduc total hh deductions
cnetlab total lab income
cni national ins. contributions
ccontr occup. pension contr.
ctaxnet income tax net of credits
ctaxgr income tax before credits
ctaxcr credits on income tax
cgrpay hh gross labour earnings
chcost gross housing costs
chhi hh inv income
chhb hh ben income
chhp hh pension income
chht hh transfer income
chhneti hh net income
chhnetde hh current net inc equ(McClements)/defl
chmaint hh maint paid
cbhcind BHC index: Jan 1987=100
cmonum Year and month of interview: YYYYMM
chhnetde2 hh current net inc equ(mod-oecd)/defl
ceq_moecd (mean) eq_moecd
chhyrln hh ann. net labour income
cyrni hh ann. nat. ins. contrib.
cyrcontr hh ann. occup. pens. contrib.
chhyrlg hh ann. gross labour income
cyrtaxnt hh ann. inc. tax after credits
cyrtaxgr hh ann. inc. tax before credits
cyrtaxcr hh ann. credits on income tax
cyrdeduc hh ann. total deductions
chhyri hh ann. invest. income
chhyrb hh ann. ben income
chhyrp hh ann. pension income
chhyrt hh ann. transfer income
chhyneti hh. ann. net income
chhnyrde real equivalised hh ann. income
cbhcinda average inflation over reference period: 1.9. - 31.8.
cbasepi inflation index in reference month: 201001
chhyrpi imputation flag - cfihhyp (derived)
chhyrbi imputation flag - cfihhyb (derived)
chhyrti imputation flag - cfihhyt (derived)
chhyrii imputation flag - cfihhyi (derived)
chhyrlni imputation flag - whhyrln (based on cfihhyli)
chhnyrde2 real equivalised hh ann. Income, using mod OCED scale