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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type CLIFEJOB

CHID Household Identification number
CPNO Person number
CLJESFN Employment status spell number
CLJSEMP FT, PT or s/employed-lifetime
CLJBGM Month job spell began-lifetime
CLJBGY Year job spell began-lifetime
CLJSOC Occupation (SOC)-lifetime
CLJSIC Industry (SIC) of employer-lifetime
CLJMNGR Supervised other employees - lifetime
CLJTERM Perm. or temp. contract - lifetime
CLJLFTM Month left employer - lifetime
CLJLFTY Year left employer - lifetime
CLJYLFT Reason for leaving job - lifetime
CLJOTHJ Had further paid jobs - lifetime
CLJSEQ Job spell number
CLJSEG Socio economic group - lifetime
CLJGOLD Goldthorpe social class - lifetime
CLJRGSC RG social class - lifetime
CLJISCO Internatonal SOC: previous job
CLJCSSM Cambridge Scale males - lifetime
CLJCSSF Cambridge Scales females - lifetime
CLJHGS Hope-Goldthorpe scale - lifetime
CLJSEC Socio-Economic Class: lifetime
CLJLEN Length (months) of job history spell
CLJENST End status of job history spell
CLJBGY4 Year job spell began-lifetime: 4 digit
CLJLFTY4 Year left employer - lifetime: 4 digit
PID Cross-wave person identifier
CLJISCON International SOC (num): previous job