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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type clifejob

chid household identification number
cpno person number
cljesfn employment status spell number
cljsemp ft, pt or s/employed-lifetime
cljbgm month job spell began-lifetime
cljbgy year job spell began-lifetime
cljsoc occupation (soc)-lifetime
cljsic industry (sic) of employer-lifetime
cljmngr supervised other employees - lifetime
cljterm perm. or temp. contract - lifetime
cljlftm month left employer - lifetime
cljlfty year left employer - lifetime
cljylft reason for leaving job - lifetime
cljothj had further paid jobs - lifetime
cljseq job spell number
cljseg socio economic group - lifetime
cljgold goldthorpe social class - lifetime
cljrgsc rg social class - lifetime
cljisco internatonal soc: previous job
cljcssm cambridge scale males - lifetime
cljcssf cambridge scales females - lifetime
cljhgs hope-goldthorpe scale - lifetime
cljsec socio-economic class: lifetime
cljlen length (months) of job history spell
cljenst end status of job history spell
cljbgy4 year job spell began-lifetime: 4 digit
cljlfty4 year left employer - lifetime: 4 digit
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
cljiscon international soc (num): previous job
cljsoc_cc occupation (soc): lifetime job - condensed classification
cljiscon_cc international soc (num): lifetime job - condensed classification
cljisco_cc international soc : lifetime job - condensed classification