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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type bincome

bpno person number
bficode income receipt code
bnfr number of income receipts totalled here
bfrall received payment each month
bfr01 payment received in september 1991
bfr02 payment received in october 1991
bfr03 payment received in november 1991
bfr04 payment received in december 1991
bfr05 payment received in january 1992
bfr06 payment received in february 1992
bfr07 payment received in march 1992
bfr08 payment received in april 1992
bfr09 payment received in may 1992
bfr10 payment received in june 1992
bfr11 payment received in july 1992
bfr12 payment received in august 1992
bfr13 payment received in september 1992
bfr14 payment received in october 1992
bfr15 payment received in november 1992
bfr16 payment received in december 1992
bfr17 payment received in january 1993
bfrnow is still receiving payment
bfrval last amount received
bfrw weeks covered by last amount received
bfrjt last payment: sole or joint recipient
bfrjtpn pno of joint recipient
bhid household identification number
bfiseq income receipt sequence number
bfim09l estimated income in september 1991
bfim10l estimated income in october 1991
bfim11l estimated income in november 1991
bfim12l estimated income in december 1991
bfim01t estimated income in january 1992
bfim02t estimated income in february 1992
bfim03t estimated income in march 1992
bfim04t estimated income in april 1992
bfim05t estimated income in may 1992
bfim06t estimated income in june 1992
bfim07t estimated income in july 1992
bfim08t estimated income in august 1992
bfim09t estimated income in september 1992
bfim10t estimated income in october 1992
bfim11t estimated income in november 1992
bfim12t estimated income in december 1992
bfim01n estimated income in january 1993
bfrjtvf joint receipt verification flag
bfrvali imputation flag - bfrval (base)
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)