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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type bjobhist

bhid household identification number
bpno person number
bjhstat labour force status code
bjhbgd day labour force spell began
bjhbgm month labour force spell began
bjhbgy year labour force spell began
bjspno spell number of labour force status
bjhsoc occupation (soc): previous job
bjhsemp employee or self-employed: previous job
bjhboss had employees: previous job
bjhsect employing organisation: previous job
bjhmngr managerial duties: previous job
bjhpldf change of workplace: previous job
bjhsic industry (sic): previous job
bjhsize no. employed at workplace: previous job
bjhpayl pay at 1.9.91: previous job
bjhpylw pay period (weeks) 1.9.91: previous job
bjhpylg pay gross or net at 1.9.91: previous job
bjhstpy reason for stopping previous job
bjblky attraction of present job
bjhendd day labour force spell ended
bjhendm month labour force spell ended
bjhendy year labour force spell ended
bjha9ly whether job started after 1.9.91
bjhseg socio economic group: previous job
bjhgold goldthorpe social class: previous job
bjhrgsc rg social class: previous job
bjhisco international soc : previous job
bjhcssm cambridge scale males : previous job
bjhcssf cambridge scale females : previous job
bjhhgs hope - goldthorpe scale : previous job
bjhsec socio-economic class: previous job
bjhspw weeks in year to 1.9.92: prev job spell
bjhgpay monthly gross pay: previous job
bjhnpay monthly net pay: previous job
bjhgpayi imputation flag - bjhgpay (derived)
bjhnpayi imputation flag - bjhnpay (derived)
bjhbgy4 year labour force spell began: 4 digit
bjhendy4 year labour force spell ended: 4 digit
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
bjhiscon international soc (num): previous job
bjhsoc_cc occupation (soc): previous job - condensed classification
bjhiscon_cc international soc (num): previous job - condensed classification
bjhisco_cc international soc : previous job - condensed classification