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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type bindresp

bhid Household identification number
bpno Person number
bdoid Date of interview: day
bdoim Date of interview: month
bdoiy Date of interview: year
bivsoih Hour interview began
bivsoim Minute interview began
bivlyr IC: Interviewed last year
blknbrd Likes present neighbourhood
blkmove Prefers to move house
blkmovy Prefers to move: main reason
bplnew Resident at present address last year
bplnowm Month moved to present address
bplnowy Year moved to present address
bmovjb Moved for employment reasons
bmovjba Moved - employer relocated workplace
bmovjbb Moved - new job, same employer
bmovjbc Moved - new job, new employer
bmovjbd Moved - closer to same job
bmovjbe Moved - start own business
bmovjbf Moved - relocate own business
bmovjbg Moved - salary increase - new home
bmovjbh Moved - to seek work
bmovjbi Moved - other employment reason
bmovy1 Moved - 1st non employment reason
bmovy2 Moved - 2nd non employment reason
bdobm Month of birth
bdoby Year of birth
bsex Sex
bjbstat Current economic activity
bedlyr Attended any educ inst. f/t since 1.9.91
bedendm Month left education institution
bedendy Year left education institution
bedtype Type of education attended/attending
bqfx Has listed qualifications since 1.9.91
bqfxa New qualif's: youth training cert
bqfxb New qualif's: trade apprenticeship
bqfxc New qualif's: clerical or commercial
bqfxd New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt I
bqfxe New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt II
bqfxf New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt III
bqfxg New qualif's: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
bqfxh New qualif's: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
bqfxi New qualif's: nursing SEN SRN SCM
bqfxj New qualif's: teaching
bqfxk New qualif's: university diploma
bqfxl New qualif's: Univ/CNAA first degree
bqfxm New qualif's: Univ/CNAA higher degree
bqfxn New post school qualifications: other
bqfedx Has listed school qualif's since 1.9.91
bqfedxa New qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
bnqfexa New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
bqfedxb New qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
bnqfexb New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
bqfedxc New qualifications: any A levels
bnqfexc New qualifications: No. A levels
bqfedxd New qualifications: CPVE
bqfedxe New qualif's: any SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
bnqfexe New qualif's: No. SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
bqfedxf New qualif's: any O grades A-C or 1-3
bnqfexf New qualif's: No. O grades A-C or 1-3
bqfedxg New qualif's: any Standard grades 4-7
bnqfexg New qualif's: No. Standard grades 4-7
bqfedxh New qualif's: any Standard grades 1-3
bnqfexh New qualif's: No. Standard grades 1-3
bqfedxi New qualif's: any Higher grades
bnqfexi New qualifications: No. Higher grades
bqfedxj New qualif's: any 6th year certs
bnqfexj New qualifications: No. 6th year certs
bqfedxk New qualifications: any others
bnqfexk New qualifications: No. of others
bplbornd District of birth
bplbornc Country of birth
byr2uk Year came to Britain
brace Ethnic group membership
bschool Never went to /still at school
bscend School leaving age
bsctype Type of school attended
bscnow Still at school
bfetype Type of further education attended
bfenow Still in further education
bfeend Further education leaving age
bqfhas Has listed post school qualification
bqfa Qualifications: youth training cert
bqfb Qualifications: trade apprenticeship
bqfc Qualifications: clerical or commercial
bqfd Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt I
bqfe Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt II
bqff Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt III
bqfg Qualifications: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
bqfh Qualifications: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
bqfi Qualifications: nursing SEN SRN SCM
bqfj Qualifications: teaching
bqfk Qualifications: university diploma
bqfl Qualifications: Univ/CNAA first degree
bqfm Qualifications: Univ/CNAA higher degree
bqfn Post school qualifications: other
bqfed Has listed school qualification
bqfeda Qualifications: any school cert/ matric
bnqfeda Qualifications: No. school cert/ matric
bqfedb Qualifications: any CSEs grade 2-5
bnqfedb Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 2-5
bqfedc Qualifications: any CSEs grade 1
bnqfedc Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 1
bqfedd Qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
bnqfedd Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
bqfede Qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
bnqfede Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
bqfedf Qualifications: any O levels pre-1975
bnqfedf Qualifications: No. O levels pre-1975
bqfedg Qualifications: any OLs A-C post-1975
bnqfedg Qualifications: No. OLs A-C post-1975
bqfedh Qualifications: any OLs D-E post-1975
bnqfedh Qualifications: No. OLs D-E post-1975
bqfedi Qualifications: any Higher school certs
bnqfedi Qualifications: No. Higher school certs
bqfedj Qualifications: any A levels
bnqfedj Qualifications: No. A level passes
bqfedk Qualifications:any SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
bnqfedk Qualifications:No. SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
bqfedl Qualifications: any O grades A-C or 1-3
bnqfedl Qualifications: No. O grades A-C or 1-3
bqfedm Qualifications: any standard grades 4-7
bnqfedm Qualifications: No. standard grades 4-7
bqfedn Qualifications: any standard grades 1-3
bnqfedn Qualifications: No. standard grades 1-3
bqfedo Qualifications: any higher grades
bnqfedo Qualifications: No. higher grade passes
bqfedp Qualifications: any 6th year certs
bnqfedp Qualifications: No. 6th year certs
bqfedq Qualifications: any SLCs lower grade
bnqfedq Qualifications: No. SLC lower grades
bqfedr Qualifications: any SLCs higher grade
bnqfedr Qualifications: No. SLCs higher grade
bqfeds Qualifications: any others
bnqfeds Qualifications: No. of others
bpaperr Newspapers: normally reads a daily
bpaper1 Newspapers: 1st one mentioned
bpaper2 Newspapers: 2nd one mentioned
bpaperm Newspaper most frequently read
bpaperp Own newspapers politics
bopsocg Wealthy get best education for children
bopsoch Business profits benefit all
bopsoci Unjust that rich get better healthcare
bopsocj Equal opportunities for all in Britain
bivda IC: demog section respondent alone
bivdb IC: demog section partner present
bivdc IC: demog section other adults present
bivdd IC: demog section children present
bhlstat Health over last 12 months
bhlzest Energy compared with people of same age
bhldsbl Registered disabled
bhlprb Health problems: none
bhlprba Health problems: Arms, legs, hands, etc
bhlprbb Health problems: Sight
bhlprbc Health problems: Hearing
bhlprbd Health problems: Skin conditions/allergy
bhlprbe Health problems: Chest/breathing
bhlprbf Health problems: Heart/blood pressure
bhlprbg Health problems: Stomach or digestion
bhlprbh Health problems: Diabetes
bhlprbi Health problems: Anxiety, depression, etc
bhlprbj Health problems: Alcohol or drugs
bhlprbk Health problems: Epilepsy
bhlprbl Health problems: Migraine
bhlprbm Health problems: Other
bhllt Health limits daily activities
bhllta Health hinders doing the housework
bhlltb Health hinders climbing the stairs
bhlltc Health hinders getting dressed
bhlltd Health hinders walking more than 10 mins
bhllte Health no hindrance to listed activities
bhlltw Health limits type or amount of work
bhlendw Health prohibits some types of work
bhlltwa How far health limits amount of work
bhl2gp Number of visits to GP since 1.9.91
bxdts Whether accident since 1.9.91
bnxdts No. of serious accidents since 1.9.91
bxdt1m Month of first accident
bxdt2m Month of second accident
bxdt3m Month of third accident
bxdt1y Year of first accident
bxdt2y Year of second accident
bxdt3y Year of third accident
bxdt1pl Location of first accident
bxdt2pl Location of second accident
bxdt3pl Location of third accident
bhosp Hospital in-patient since 1.9.91
bhospd Hospital in-patient: days since 1.9.91
bhospch Hospital stays were for childbirth
bhospnhs Hospital stays NHS or private
bhlsv Health service: used any since 1.9.91
bhlsva Health service: used health visitor
bhlsvan Health service: health visitor NHS/priv
bhlsvaf Health service: health visitor free/paid
bhlsvb Welfare service: used home help
bhlsvbn Welfare service: home help NHS/private
bhlsvbf Welfare service: home help free/paid
bhlsvc Welfare service: used meals on wheels
bhlsvcn Welfare service:meals on wheels NHS/priv
bhlsvcf Welfare service:meals on wheels free/pd
bhlsvd Welfare service: used social worker
bhlsvdn Welfare service: social worker NHS/priv
bhlsvdf Welfare service: social worker free/paid
bhlsve Health service: used chiropodist
bhlsven Health service: chiropodist NHS/private
bhlsvef Health service: chiropodist free/paid
bhlsvf Health service:used alternative medicine
bhlsvfn Health service:alt. medicine NHS/private
bhlsvff Health service: alt. medicine free/paid
bhlsvg Welfare service: used psychotherapist
bhlsvgn Welfare service: psychotherapy NHS/priv
bhlsvgf Welafre service: psychotherapy free/paid
bhlsvh Welfare service: used speech therapist
bhlsvhn Welfare service: speech therapy NHS/priv
bhlsvhf Welfare service:speech therapy free/paid
bhlsvi Health service: used physiotherapist
bhlsvin Health service: physiotherapy NHS/priv
bhlsvif Health service: physiotherapy free/paid
bhlsvj Welfare service: used other service (i)
bhlsvjn Welfare service: other serv (i) NHS/priv
bhlsvjf Welfare service:other serv (i) free/paid
bhlsvk Welfare service: used other service (ii)
bhlsvkn Welfare service:other serv (ii) NHS/priv
bhlsvkf Welfare service:other serv(ii) free/paid
bhlck Has had listed health check
bhlcka Health check-up: dental
bhlckan Health check-up: dental NHS/private
bhlckb Health check-up: eyetest
bhlckbn Health check-up: eyetest NHS/private
bhlckc Health check-up: chest or other x-ray
bhlckcn Health check-up: chest x-ray NHS/private
bhlckd Health check-up: blood pressure
bhlckdn Health check-up: blood pressure NHS/priv
bhlcke Health check-up: cholesterol test
bhlcken Health check-up: cholesterol NHS/private
bhlckf Health check-up: other checks
bhlckfn Health check-up:other checks NHS/private
bhlckg Health check-up: cervical smear
bhlckgn Health check-up: cervical smear NHS/priv
bhlckh Health check-up: breast screen
bhlckhn Health check-up: breast screen NHS/priv
bsmoker Smoker
bncigs Number of cigarettes smoked
baidhh Cares for handicapped/other in household
baidhua PNO of 1st cared for person
baidhub PNO of 2nd cared for person
baidhuc PNO of 3rd cared for person
baidxhh Provides care for non-resident person
bnaidxhh Number of non-residents cared for
baidhu1 Caring:relation to 1st non-res dependant
baidhu2 Caring:relation to 2nd non-res dependant
baidpl1 1st non-res dependant in institution
baidpl2 2nd non-res dependant in institution
baidhrs Hours per week spent caring
bivma Health section: respondent alone
bivmb Health section: partner present
bivmc Health section: other adults present
bivmd Health section: child/ren present
bmlstat Present legal marital status
bnmar No. of times resp. married
blcoh Ever cohabited without marrying
blncoh No. of partners cohabited with
bladopt Ever adopted children
blnadpt No. of children adopted
blprnt Natural parent of children
blnprnt No. of children resp. natural parent to
bcbage IC: Whether of childbearing age
blchmor Likely resp. will have more children
blchmorn No. more children resp. likely to have
bivla Marit/fertil section respondent alone
bivlb Marit/fertil section partner present
bivlc Marit/fertil section other adults present
bivld IC: marit/fertil section children present
bledendm Month resp. 1st left f/t education
bledendy Year resp. 1st left f/t education
blednow Resp still in f/t education
bjbhas Did paid work last week
bjboff No work last week but has job
bjboffy Reason off work last week
bjbterm Current job: permanent or temporary
bjbsoc Occupation (SOC): current main job
bjbsic Industry (SIC) of employer: current job
bjbsemp Employee or self-employed: current job
bjbmngr Managerial duties: current job
bjbsize No. employed at workplace: current job
bjbhrs No. of hours normally worked per week
bjbot No. of overtime hours in normal week
bjbotpd No. of hours worked as paid overtime
bjbhrlk Preference over hours worked
bjbpl Work location
bjbttwt Minutes spent travelling to work
bjbttwm Main means of travel to work
bjbsat1 Job satisfaction: promotion prospects
bjbsat2 Job satisfaction: total pay
bjbsat3 Job satisfaction: relations with boss
bjbsat4 Job satisfaction: security
bjbsat5 Job satisfaction: use of initiative
bjbsat6 Job satisfaction: work itself
bjbsat7 Job satisfaction: hours worked
bjbsat Job satisfaction: overall
bpaygl Gross pay at last payment
bpaygw Pay period (weeks): last gross pay
bpaynl Take-home pay at last payment
bpaynw Pay period (weeks): last take-home pay
bpayslp Pay slip seen by interviewer
bpayusl Was last gross pay the usual amount
bpayu Usual pay
bpayuw Usual pay: pay period (weeks)
bpayug Usual pay: gross/net of deductions
bpaydf1 Last pay unusual: included back pay
bpaydf2 Last pay unusual: included holiday pay
bpaydf3 Last pay unusual: included tax refund
bpaydf4 Last pay unusual: included sick pay
bpaydf5 Last pay unusual: sick without pay
bpaydf6 Last pay unusual: included maternity pay
bpaydf7 Last pay unusual through overtime
bpaydf8 Last pay unusual for other reason
bjbbgd Day started current job
bjbbgm Month started current job
bjbbgy Year started current job
bjbbgly Started job after 1.9.91
bjbsect Employing organisation: current job
bjbonus Pay includes bonuses or profit share
bjbrise Pay includes annual increments
btujbpl Union or staff association at workplace
btuin1 Member of workplace union
btuin2 Member of any trade union or similar
bjbopps Promotion opportunities in current job
bjbtime Times of day usually work
bpays Starting pay, job start after 1.9.91
bpaysw Starting pay period (weeks): current job
bpaysg Starting pay gross or net: current job
bjbpen Pension: employer runs a pension scheme
bjbpenm Pension: member of employers scheme
bpayly Usual pay at 1.9.91
bpaylyw Usual pay at 1.9.91: pay period (weeks)
bpaylyg Usual pay at 1.9.91:gross/net deductions
bpaygyr Total gross earnings in last 12 months
bpaygya Accuracy of Total gross earnings
bjsboss S/emp: hires employees
bjssize S/emp: number of employees
bjshrs S/emp: hours normally worked per week
bjshrlk S/emp: preference over hours worked
bjstime S/emp: times of day usually work
bjstype S/emp: nature of employment
bjsaccs S/emp: draws up profit/loss accounts
bjsprf S/emp: net profit in last yearly account
bjsprbm S/emp: date accounts began: month
bjsprby S/emp: date accounts began: year
bjsprem S/emp: date accounts ended: month
bjsprey S/emp: date accounts ended: year
bjspayl S/emp: last gross earnings
bjspybm S/emp: month gross pay accounts began
bjspyby S/emp: year gross pay accounts began
bjspyem S/emp: month gross pay accounts ended
bjspyey S/emp: Year gross pay accounts ended
bjspl S/emp: work location
bjsttwt S/emp: Minutes spent travelling to work
bjsttwm S/emp: Main means of travel to work
bjssat1 S/emp: job satisfaction: total pay
bjssat2 S/emp: job satisfaction: job security
bjssat3 S/emp: job satisfaction: initiative
bjssat4 S/emp: job satisfaction: work itself
bjssat5 S/emp: job satisfaction: hours worked
bjssat S/emp: job satisfaction: overall
bjsbgd S/emp: day started present job
bjsbgm S/emp: month started present job
bjsbgy S/emp: year started present job
bjbed Had work related training since 1.9.91
bjbed1 Training: induction for current job
bjbed2 Training:increase skills for current job
bjbed3 Training: improve skills for current job
bjbed4 Training: preparation for future jobs
bjbed5 Training: to develop skills generally
bjbedh Training: hours/week spent since 1.9.91
bjbedw Training: weeks spent since 1.9.91
brach12 Responsible for dependent child under 12
bjbchc1 Childcare: 1st mention
bjbchc2 Childcare: 2nd mention
bjbchc3 Childcare: 3rd mention
bxpchcf Childcare: free or paid for
bxpchc Childcare: weekly cost
bhuxpch Who pays for childcare
bhunurs Who cares for ill children
bjulk1 Looked for work in last 7 days
bjulk4 Looked for work in last 4 weeks
bjulkjb Would like a regular paid job
bjuspec Looking for /would like a particular job
bjusoc Occupation (SOC) of job sought
bjuhrsx Expected work hours: jobseeker
bjupayx Expected weekly net pay: jobseeker
bjupayl Lowest net pay considered: jobseeker
bjuhrsl Expected hours for lowest pay jobseeker
beaage Whether working age
bjbub Currently signed on at UB Office
bjbuby Reason why signed on at UB Office
bj2has Has a second paid job
bj2soc Occupation (SOC), second job
bj2semp Employee or self employed, second job
bj2hrs No. of hours worked per month, 2nd job
bj2pay Gross earnings from 2nd jobs last month
bjbhha Family commitments prevented job search
bjbhhb Family commitments prevented taking job
bjbhhc Family commitments prevented job change
bjbhhd Family commitments required job change
bjbhhe Family commitments required leaving job
bjbhhf Family commitments led to less work hrs
bivea Employment section: respondent alone
biveb Employment section: partner present
bivec Employment section: other adult present
bived Employment section: child present
bednew Any training/education since 1.9.91
bednew1 Job training: to develop general skills
bednew2 Job training: to prepare for future job
bednew3 Job training: to increase skills
bednew4 Job training: to improve skills
bednewh Job training: hours per week spent
bedneww Job training: No. of weeks spent
bnemst Current labour force status
bcjsbgd Day current labour force status began
bcjsbgm Month current labour force status began
bcjsbgy Year current labour force status began
bcjsbly IC:current l.f. spell began after 1.9.91
bnjbs Number of periods of paid employment
bjbhad Ever had paid employment
bjlend Year left last job
bjlsoc Occupation (SOC) of last job
bjlsic Industry (SIC) of last job
bjlsemp Employee or self employed, last job
bjlboss Hired employees, last job
bjlmngr Managerial duties, last job
bjlsize Number employed at workplace, last job
bivja Job hist section: respondent alone
bivjb Job hist section: partner present
bivjc Job hist section: other adults present
bivjd Job hist section: child/ren present
boppola Government reflects will of the people
boppolb Ordinary people can't influence gov't
boppolc Government ought impose earnings ceiling
boppold Government puts nation before party
bvote1 Supports a particular political party
bvote2 Closer to one political party than other
bvote4 Which political party closest to
bvote5 Strength of support for stated party
bvote7 Voted in last general election
bvote8 Party voted for in last general election
bvote6 Level of interest in politics
bopiss1 Rising prices are a cause for concern
bopiss2 Ozone layer is a cause for concern
bopiss3 Unemployment is a cause for concern
bopiss4 Threat to nature is a cause for concern
bopiss5 Moral standards are a cause for concern
boppol1 Most important political issue
boppol2 Second most important political issue
borgm Member of one of listed organisations
borgma Member of political party
borgaa Active in political party
borgmb Member of trade union
borgab Active in trade union
borgmc Member of environmental group
borgac Active in environmental group
borgmd Member of parents association
borgad Active in parents association
borgme Member of tenants or residents group
borgae Active in tenants group
borgmf Member of religious group
borgaf Active in religious group
borgmg Member of voluntary service group
borgag Active in voluntary group
borgmh Member of other community group
borgah Active in other community group
borgmi Member of social group
borgai Active in social group
borgmj Member of sports club
borgaj Active in sports club
borgmk Member of womens institute
borgak Active in womens institute
borgml Member of womens group
borgal Active in womens group
borgmm Member of other organisation
borgam Active in other organisation
borga Active in any of listed organisations
bdriver Holds a full driving licence
bcaruse Has use of car or van
bivva Values section: respondent alone
bivvb Values section: partner present
bivvc Values section: other adults present
bivvd Values section: child/ren present
bf101 Income: NI retirement pension
bf102 Income: pension from previous employer
bf103 Income: pension from spouses ex-employer
bf104 Income: private pension or annuity
bf105 Income: widow or war widows pension
bf106 Income: widowed mothers allowance
bf116 Income: severe disablement allowance
bf117 Income: invalidity pension
bf118 Income: industrial injury allowance
bf119 Income: attendence allowance
bf120 Income: mobility allowance
bf121 Income: invalid care allowance
bf122 Income: war disability pension
bf123 Income: disability living allowance
bf124 Income: disability working allowance
bf131 Income: both UB and IS
bf132 Income: income support (IS)
bf133 Income: unemployment benefit (UB)
bf134 Income: NI sickness benefit
bf135 Income: child benefit
bf136 Income: one parent benefit
bf137 Income: family credit
bf138 Income: maternity allowance
bf139 Income: housing benefit
bf140 Income: community charge benefit
bf141 Income: other state benefit
bf151 Income: educational grant
bf152 Income: trade union payments
bf153 Income: maintenance or alimony
bf154 Income: payments from relations
bf155 Income: rent from lodgers
bf156 Income: rent from other property
bf157 Income: foster allowance
bf158 Income: sickness or accident insurance
bf159 Income: any other payment
bnf1 Income: total number of cited sources
bfisit Financial situation
bfisitc Change in financial position last year
bfisitx Financial expectations for year ahead
bfiyrdi Income last year from dividends/interest
bsave Saves from current income
bsaved Amount saved each month
bsavey Reason for saving
bpppen Paid into private personal pension
bpenb4 Personal pension started before 1.7.88
bpenb4yr Year pre 1.7.88 pension started
bpenb4v Amount last payment to pre 1988 pension
bpenb4w Period covered pre '88 pension pay't
bpenyr Year post 1.7.88 pension started
bpenadd Additional contrib'n to post '88 pension
bpenadv Amount last payment post 1.7.88 pension
bpenadw Period covered post '88 pension payment
bfthh Transfers money within household
bfthh1 1st recipient of internal money transfer
bfthh11 Pays rent to 1st person
bfthh12 Pays housekeeping to 1st person
bfthh13 Pays board to 1st person
bfthh14 Pays allowance to 1st person
bfthh15 Pays h/hold bills or food to 1st person
bfthh16 Makes other transfer to 1st person
bfthh1v Amount transferred to 1st person
bfthh1w Weeks covered by transfer to 1st person
bfthh2 2nd recipient of internal money transfer
bfthh21 Pays rent to 2nd person
bfthh22 Pays housekeeping to 2nd person
bfthh23 Pays board to 2nd person
bfthh24 Pays allowance to 2nd person
bfthh25 Pays h/hold bills or food to 2nd person
bfthh26 Makes other transfer to 2nd person
bfthh2v Amount transferred to 2nd person
bfthh2w Weeks covered by transfer to 2nd person
bfthh3 3rd recipient of internal money transfer
bfthh31 Pays rent to 3rd person
bfthh32 Pays housekeeping to 3rd person
bfthh33 Pays board to 3rd person
bfthh34 Pays allowance to 3rd person
bfthh35 Pays h/hold bills or food to 3rd person
bfthh36 Makes other transfer to 3rd person
bfthh3v Amount transferred to 3rd person
bfthh3w Weeks covered by transfer to 3rd person
bftexhh Transfers money to non-resident person
bftexa Relationship to 1st non-res recipient
bftexa1 Maintenance payment to 1st non-resident
bftexa2 HH bills payment to 1st non-resident
bftexa3 Education payment to 1st non-resident
bftexa4 Allowance/Spending Money to 1st non-res
bftexa5 Loan repayment to 1st non-resident
bftexa6 Other payment to 1st non-resident
bftexav Amount maintenance paid to 1st non-resid
bftexaw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 1st non-res
bftexb Relationship to 2nd non-res recipient
bftexb1 Maintenance payment to 2nd non-resident
bftexb2 HH bills payment to 2nd non-resident
bftexb3 Education payment to 2nd non-resident
bftexb4 Allowance/Spending Money to 2nd non-res
bftexb5 Loan repayment to 2nd non-resident
bftexb6 Other payment to 2nd non-resident
bftexbv Amount maintenance paid to 2nd non-resid
bftexbw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 2nd non-res
bftexc Relationship to 3rd non-res recipient
bftexc1 Maintenance payment to 3rd non-resident
bftexc2 HH bills payment to 3rd non-resident
bftexc3 Education payment to 3rd non-resident
bftexc4 Allowance/Spending Money to 3rd non-res
bftexc5 Loan repayment to 3rd non-resident
bftexc6 Other payment to 3rd non-resident
bftexcv Amount maintenance paid to 3rd non-resid
bftexcw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 3rd non-res
bspinhh Whether living with spouse or partner
bhuruns How household finances are organised
bhuboss Who has last say in financial decisions
bhudoes Who does housework (couples)
bfair1 Is allocation of housework fair
bhhch12 Child/ren under 12 in household
bhusits Who is responsible for childcare
bfair2 Are childcare arrangements fair
bhowlng Hours per week on housework
bivfa H/hold finance section: respondent alone
bivfb H/hold finance section: partner alone
bivfc H/hold finance section: adult present
bivfd H/hold finance section: child present
bivfoih Hour interview finished
bivfoim Minute interview finished
bivsc IC: self completion document
biv1 Others present during interview
biv2 Did others influence interview
biv4 Cooperation of respondent
biv5 Completion of tracking schedule
biv6a Problems affecting interview: eyesight
biv6b Problems affecting interview: hearing
biv6c Problems affecting interview: reading
biv6d Problems affecting interview: english
biv6e Problems affecting interview: language
biv6f Problems affecting interview: interprete
biv7 PNO of interpreter
bghqa GHQ: concentration
bghqb GHQ: loss of sleep
bghqc GHQ: playing a useful role
bghqd GHQ: capable of making decisions
bghqe GHQ: constantly under strain
bghqf GHQ: problem overcoming difficulties
bghqg GHQ: enjoy day-to-day activities
bghqh GHQ: ability to face problems
bghqi GHQ: unhappy or depressed
bghqj GHQ: losing confidence
bghqk GHQ: believe in self-worth
bghql GHQ: general happiness
bopfamj Cohabiting is wrong
bopfamk Adult children should care for parents
bopfaml Divorce better than unhappy marriage
bopfamm Man should be head of household
bopfamn Bible Gods word and true
bnetsx1 Sex of 1st closest friend
bnetsx2 Sex of 2nd closest friend
bnetsx3 Sex of 3rd closest friend
bnet1wr Whether 1st closest friend is relation
bnet2wr Whether 2nd closest friend is relation
bnet3wr Whether 3rd closest friend is relation
bnet1rl Relationship to 1st closest friend
bnet2rl Relationship to 2nd closest friend
bnet3rl Relationship to 3rd closest friend
bnet1ag Age of 1st closest friend
bnet2ag Age of 2nd closest friend
bnet3ag Age of 3rd closest friend
bnet1kn Time known 1st closest friend
bnet2kn Time known 2nd closest friend
bnet3kn Time known 3rd closest friend
bnet1ph How often see 1st closest friend
bnet2ph How often see 2nd closest friend
bnet3ph How often see 3rd closest friend
bnet1lv How far away 1st closest friend lives
bnet2lv How far away 2nd closest friend lives
bnet3lv How far away 3rd closest friend lives
bnet1jb Employment of 1st closest friend
bnet2jb Employment of 2nd closest friend
bnet3jb Employment of 3rd closest friend
bnetsoc Best friends occupation
bprrs2i Relationship of Proxy to Informant
bpripn Person number of informant
bprwhy Reason for Proxy
bpplevr Proxy Lived at this address all life
bprfehq Proxy's Highest FE qualification
bprsehq Proxy's Highest school qualification
bprfitb Proxy's personal income, banded
bpim1 Person present at proxy int. mention 1st
bpim2 Person present at proxy int. mention 2nd
bprjbft Proxy's Job full time / part time
pid Cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
biviow1 Interview outcome Wave 1
bhhmem Household membership
bnelyr New entrants - in HH last year?
bnewhy New entrants - why living in HH
bnemnjn New entrants - month joined HH
bneyrjn New entrants - year joined HH
bivfio Individual interview outcome
bivcoop Extent of cooperation
biodc Document check
bhgr2r Relationship to reference person
bhgsex Sex - HH grid
bhgbm Month of birth - HH grid
bhgby Year of birth - HH grid
bmastat Marital status
bhgspn PNO of spouse/partner
bhgemp Employment status - HH Grid
bhgfno PNO of father
bhgmno PNO of mother
bhgra Responsible adult
bage Age at Date of Interview
bage12 Age at 1.12.1992
bbutype Benefit unit type
bbuno Benefit Unit Number
bnchild Number of own children in household
bhoh Conventional Head of Household Indicator
brach16 Whether responsible adult for child
bsampst Sample membership status
bmovest Individual mover status
bregion Region / Metropolitan Area
bhhsize Number of people in household
bhhtype Household Type
btenure Housing tenure
bqfedhi Highest educational qualification
bqfvoc Has vocational qualifications
bqfachi Highest academic qualification
bjbft Employed full time
bpayg Gross rate of pay per month:last payment
bpayn Net rate of pay per month: last payment
bpaygu Usual gross pay per month: current job
bpaynu Usual net pay per month: current job
bpaygty Usual monthly gross pay: Sept this year
bpaygly Usual monthly gross pay: Sept year ago
bpaynty Usual monthly net pay: Sept this year
bpaynly Usual monthly net pay: Sept year ago
bjsprof Monthly self employed profit
bjspayg Monthly self employed gross pay
bcjsten Length (days) of current labour market
bcjswk9 Weeks in current spell: year to 1.9.92
bjlid Identifier of latest job
bjlyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.91
bjtyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.92
bjbseg Socio economic group: present job
bjbgold Goldthorpe Social Class: present job
bjbrgsc RG Social Class: present job
bjbisco International SOC : present job
bjbcssm Cambridge Scale males : present job
bjbcssf Cambridge Scale females : present job
bjbhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : present job
bjbsec Socio-Economic Class: current job
bnjbwks Annual weeks employed: year to Sept 1
bnjuwks Annual weeks unemployed: year to Sept 1
bnjiwks Annual weeks inactive: year to Sept 1
bnjbnew No. different employers: year to Sept 1
bnjbsp No. employment spells: year to Sept 1
bnjusp No. unemployment spells: year to Sept 1
bnjisp No. inactive spells: year to Sept 1
bjbstatl Employment status on Sept 1, year ago
bjbstatt Employment status on Sept 1, this year
bjbsocly Occupation (SOC): job on Sept 1, 1991
bjlseg Socio economic group: last job
bjlgold Goldthorpe Social Class: last job
bjlrgsc RG Social Class: last job
bjlisco International SOC : last job
bjlcssm Cambridge Scale males : last job
bjlcssf Cambridge Scale females : last job
bjlhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : last job
bjlsec Socio-Economic Class: last job
bnorgm Number of organisations member of
bnorga Number of organisations active in
bfimnp Pension income: last month
bfimnb Benefit income: last month
bfimni Investment income: last month
bfimnt Transfer income: last month
bfimnl Labour income: last month
bfimnnl Non-labour income: last month
bfimn Total Income: last month
bfiyrl Annual labour income (1.9.91-1.9.92)
bfiyrnl Annual non-labour income (1.9.91-1.9.92)
bfiyrp Annual pension income (1.9.91-1.9.92)
bfiyrb Annual benefit income (1.9.91-1.9.92)
bfiyrt Annual transfer income (1.9.91-1.9.92)
bfiyri Annual investment income (1.9.91-1.9.92)
bfiyr Annual income (1.9.91-1.9.92)
bfihhmn Household income: month before interview
bhlghq1 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 1: Likert
bhlghq2 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 2: Caseness
bspjb Whether spouse/partner employed now
bspsoc Spouse/partner's Occupation
bspjbhr Spouse/partner's weekly work hours
bspjbot Spouse/partner's weekly overtime
bsppayg Spouse/partner's monthly gross pay
bspjbyr Whether spse/partner employed last year
blrwght Longitudinal respondent weight
blewght Longitudinal enumerated individual weight
bxrwght X-sectional respondent weight
bxewght X-sectional enumerated individual weight
bj2payi Imputation flag - BJ2PAY (base)
bfiyrdii Imputation flag - BFIYRDI (base)
bprfitbi Imputation flag - BPRFITB (base)
bpaygui Imputation flag - BPAYGU (derived)
bpaynui Imputation flag - BPAYNU (derived)
bpaygti Imputation flag - BPAYGTY (derived)
bpaygli Imputation flag - BPAYGLY (derived)
bpaynti Imputation flag - BPAYNTY (derived)
bpaynli Imputation flag - BPAYNLY (derived)
bjsprofi Imputation flag - BJSPROF (derived)
bjspaygi Imputation flag - BJSPAYG (derived)
bfimnpi Imputation flag - BFIMNP (derived)
bfimnbi Imputation flag - BFIMNB (derived)
bfimnii Imputation flag - BFIMNI (derived)
bfimnti Imputation flag - BFIMNT (derived)
bfimnnli Imputation flag - BFIMNNL (derived)
bfimnli Imputation flag - BFIMNL (derived)
bfimnthi Imputation flag - BFIMN (derived)
bfiyrli Imputation flag - BFIYRL (derived)
bfiyrnli Imputation flag - BFIYRNL (derived)
bfiyrpi Imputation flag - BFIYRP (derived)
bfiyrbi Imputation flag - BFIYRB (derived)
bfiyrti Imputation flag - BFIYRT (derived)
bfiyrii Imputation flag - BFIYRI (derived)
bfiyeari Imputation flag - BFIYR (derived)
bsppaygi Imputation flag - BSPPAYG (derived)
bfihhmni Imputation flag - BFIHHMN (derived)
bevent1 1st mentioned important event of year
bevent1s Subject of 1st mentioned event of year
bevent2 2nd mentioned important event of year
bevent2s Subject of 2nd mentioned event of year
bevent3 3rd mentioned important event of year
bevent3s Subject of 3rd mentioned event of year
bevent4 4th mentioned important event of year
bevent4s Subject of 4th mentioned event of year
bmrjend Year left most recent job
bmrjsoc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job
bmrjsic Industry (SIC) of most recent job
bmrjsemp Employee or self emp., most recent job
bmrjboss Hired employees, most recent job
bmrjmngr Managerial duties, most recent job
bmrjsize Number at workplace, most recent job
bmrjseg Socio economic group: most recent job
bmrjgold Goldthorpe Class: most recent job
bmrjrgsc RG Social Class: most recent job
bmrjisco International SOC: most recent job
bmrjcssm Cambridge Scale M: most recent job
bmrjcssf Cambridge Scale F: most recent job
bmrjhgs Hope-Goldthorpe Scale: most recent job
bmrjsec Socio-Economic Class: most recent job
bdoiy4 Date of interview: 4 digit year
bplnowy4 Year moved to present address: 4 digit
bedendy4 Year left education inst.: 4 digit
byr2uk4 Year came to Britain: 4 digit
bledeny4 Year 1st left f/t education: 4 digit
bjbbgy4 Year started current job: 4 digit
bjsprby4 S/emp: date accounts began: 4 digit year
bjsprey4 S/emp: date accounts ended: 4 digit year
bjspyby4 S/emp: year gross pay began: 4 digit
bjspyey4 S/emp: Year gross pay ended: 4 digit
bjsbgy4 S/emp: year started present job: 4 digit
bcjsbgy4 Year labour force status began: 4 digit
bjlend4 Year left last job: 4 digit
bpenb4y4 Year pre 1.7.88 pension started: 4 digit
bpenyr4 Year post 1.7.88 pension started: 4 digit
bneyrjn4 New entrants - year joined HH: 4 digit
bsppid Cross-wave person identifier of spouse
bfpid Cross-wave person identifier of father
bmpid Cross-wave person identifier of mother
bdistmov Distance of residential move
bregion2 Government Office Region
bisced ISCED levels
bcasmin CASMIN levels
bjbiscon International SOC (num): present job
bjliscon International SOC (num): last job
bmrjiscn International SOC (num): most recent job
bjbsoc_cc Occupation (SOC): current main job - condensed
bjlsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of last job - condensed
bj2soc_cc Occupation (SOC), second job - condensed
bjusoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of job sought - condensed
bjbsocly_cc Occupation (SOC): job on 1.9.2005 - condensed
bspsoc_cc Spouse/partner's Occupation - condensed
bmrjsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job - condensed
bjbiscon_cc International SOC (num): present job - condensed
bjliscon_cc International SOC (num): last job - condensed
bmrjiscn_cc International SOC (num): most recent job - condensed
bjbisco_cc International SOC : present job - condensed
bjlisco_cc International SOC : last job - condensed
bmrjisco_cc International SOC: most recent job - condensed
bplbornc_cc country of birth: condensed UKHLS classification