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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type bindall

bhid Household identification number
bpno Person number
pid Cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
biviow1 Interview outcome Wave 1
bhhmem Household membership
bnelyr New entrants - in HH last year?
bnewhy New entrants - why living in HH
bnemnjn New entrants - month joined HH
bneyrjn New entrants - year joined HH
bivfio Individual interview outcome
bivrref Reason for interview refusal
bivcoop Extent of cooperation
biodc Document check
bhgr2r Relationship to reference person
bhgsex Sex - HH grid
bhgbm Month of birth - HH grid
bhgby Year of birth - HH grid
bmastat Marital status
bhgspn PNO of spouse/partner
bhgemp Employment status - HH Grid
bhgfno PNO of father
bhgmno PNO of mother
bhgra Responsible adult
bage Age at Date of Interview
bage12 Age at 1.12.1992
bbutype Benefit Unit Type
bbuno Benefit Unit Number
bnchild Number of own children in household
bdepchl Whether dependent child: DSS definition
bhoh Conventional Head of Household Indicator
brach16 Whether responsible adult for child
bagei Imputation flag - BAGE and BAGE12
blrwght Longitudinal respondent weight
blewght Longitudinal enumerated individual weight
bxrwght X-sectional respondent weight
bxewght X-sectional enumerated individual weight
bmovest Individual mover status
bsampst Sample membership status
bneyrjn4 New entrants - year joined HH: 4 digit
bsppid Cross-wave person identifier of spouse
bfpid Cross-wave person identifier of father
bmpid Cross-wave person identifier of mother
brapid X-wave person identifier of resp. adult
bdistmov Distance of residential move
bbuid BU identifier
becstat1 Econ.Status BU (HBAI defn), i
becstat2 Econ.Status BU (HBAI defn), ii
bfamtype1 BU type (HBAI defn)
bfamtype2 Family type - new HBAI definition
bbutype_mod benefit unit type