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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type bhhsamp

bhid Household identification number
bfid Fieldwork household identifier
bivnadd Household found at new address in field
bivia Interviewer area
bivid Interviewer number
bivlnc Total calls at last known address
bivtnc Total calls at interview address
biviam Area interview took place-nonlocal movers
bivfho Final household interview outcome
bivosmrh No. OSMs - whole HH refusal to intervwr
bivnsmrh No. new HH membs - whl HH ref to intvwr
bhhdc Document check - h/hold quest're comp?
bivips Inter-penetrating sample indicator
bxhwght Household Weight
bregion Region / Metropolitan area
bhhmove Mover household indicator
ahid Household identification number - Wave 1
bstrata Stratification class
bpsu Primary Sampling Unit
bregion2 Government Office Region