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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type XWAVEDAT

PID Cross-wave person identifier
DOBM Month of Birth
DOBY Year of Birth
MEMORIG Sample Origin
PLBORND District of Birth
PLBORNC Country of Birth
YR2UK4 Year came to Britain
CITZN1 3 digit Citizenship: 1st mention
CITZN2 3 digit Citizenship: 2nd mention
RACE Ethnic group membership
RACEL Ethnic group membership (long version)
PAJU Father not working when resp. aged 14
PASOC Father's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14
PASEMP Father self employed, resp. aged 14
PABOSS Father had employees, resp. aged 14
PAMNGR Father was manager, resp. aged 14
MAJU Mother not working when resp. aged 14
MASOC Mother's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14
MASEMP Mother self employed, resp. aged 14
MABOSS Mother had employees, resp. aged 14
MAMNGR Mother was manager, resp. aged 14
J1SOC First job (SOC) after leaving school
J1NONE Still in f-t education/ never had job
J1SEMP Employee or self-employed: first job
J1BOSS Hired employees: first job
J1MNGR Managerial duties: first job
LCOH Ever cohabited without marrying
COH1BM Month first began cohabitating
COH1BY Year first began cohabitating
COH1MR Went on to marry first cohabitee
NMAR No. of times resp. married
LMAR1M Month of first marriage
LMAR1Y Year of first marriage
LPRNT Natural parent of children
LNPRNT No. of children resp. natural parent to
CH1BM Month first child born
CH1BY Year first child born
SCHOOL Never went to /still at school
SCEND School leaving age
SCTYPE Type of school attended
SCNOW Still at school
FETYPE Type of further education attended
FENOW Still in further education
FEEND Further education leaving age
BWTXP Born when expected
BWTEL Born early or late
BWTWK Weeks early or late
BWTKN Birth weight known
BWTLB Birth weight: Pounds
BWTOZ Birth weight: Ounces
BWTGM Birth weight: Grammes
BWTG5 Birth weight: more than 5.5lbs
PASEG Socio economic group: father's job
PAGOLD Goldthorpe Social Class: father's job
PARGSC RG Social Class: father's job
PAISCO International SOC : father's job
PACSSM Cambridge Scale males : father's job
PACSSF Cambridge Scale females : father's job
PAHGS Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : father's job
PASEC Socio-Economic Class: father's job
MASEG Socio economic group: mother's job
MAGOLD Goldthorpe Social Class: mother's job
MARGSC RG Social Class: mother's job
MAISCO International SOC : mother's job
MACSSM Cambridge Scale males : mother's job
MACSSF Cambridge Scale females : mother's job
MAHGS Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : mother's job
MASEC Socio-Economic Class: mother's job
J1SEG Socio economic group: first job
J1GOLD Goldthorpe Social Class: first job
J1RGSC RG Social Class: first job
J1ISCO International SOC : first job
J1CSSM Cambridge Scale males : first job
J1CSSF Cambridge Scale females : first job
J1HGS Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : first job
J1SEC Socio-Economic Class: first job
J1ISCON International SOC (num): first job
MAISCON International SOC (num): mother's job
PAISCON International SOC (num): father's job