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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type rindresp

rhid Household identification number
rpno Person number
rdoid Date of interview: day
rdoim Date of interview: month
rdoiy4 Date of interview: year
rivlyr IC: Interviewed last year
rivstat2 Interview status
rivsoih Hour interview began
rivsoim Minute interview began
rlknbrd Likes present neighbourhood
rlkmove Prefers to move house
rlkmovy Prefers to move: main reason
rxpmove Expect to move in next year
rplnew Resident at present address last year
rplnowm Month moved to present address
rplnowy4 Year moved to present address
rmovjb Moved for employment reasons
rmovjba Moved - employer relocated workplace
rmovjbb Moved - new job, same employer
rmovjbc Moved - new job, new employer
rmovjbd Moved - closer to same job
rmovjbe Moved - start own business
rmovjbf Moved - relocate own business
rmovjbg Moved - salary increase - new home
rmovjbh Moved - to seek work
rmovjbi Moved - other employment reason
rmovy1 Moved - 1st non employment reason
rmovy2 Moved - 2nd non employment reason
rdobm Month of birth
rdoby Year of birth
rsex Sex
rmlstat Present legal marital status
rmlchng Marital status changed since 1.9.2007
rmlchm Marital status changed, month
rmlchy4 Marital status change, year
rjbstat Current economic activity
redlyr Attend any educ inst. f/t since 1.9.2007
redtype1 Type of educ. instit. attended
redblyr1 Period of f/t ed. began after last Sept
redbgm1 Education spell start month
redbgy1 Education spell start year
redenm1 Education spell end month
redeny1 Education spell end year
redenne1 Education spell not ended
redfeea1 Fees paid by: No fees
redfeeb1 Fees paid by: Self/family
redfeec1 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
redfeed1 Fees paid by: Student grant
redfeee1 Fees paid by: New Deal scheme
redfeef1 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
redfeeg1 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
redmore1 Any other ft educ. since ref. date
redtype2 Type of educ. instit. attended
redblyr2 Period of f/t ed. began after last Sept
redbgm2 Education spell start month
redbgy2 Education spell start year
redenm2 Education spell end month
redeny2 Education spell end year
redenne2 Education spell not ended
redfeea2 Fees paid by: No fees
redfeeb2 Fees paid by: Self/family
redfeec2 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
redfeed2 Fees paid by: Student grant
redfeee2 Fees paid by: New Deal scheme
redfeef2 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
redfeeg2 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
redmore2 Any other ft educ. since ref. date
redtype3 Type of educ. instit. attended
redblyr3 Period of f/t ed. began after last Sept
redbgm3 Education spell start month
redbgy3 Education spell start year
redenm3 Education spell end month
redeny3 Education spell end year
redenne3 Education spell not ended
redfeea3 Fees paid by: No fees
redfeeb3 Fees paid by: Self/family
redfeec3 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
redfeed3 Fees paid by: Student grant
redfeee3 Fees paid by: New Deal scheme
redfeef3 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
redfeeg3 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
rplbornd District of birth
rplbornc Country of birth
ryr2uk4 Year came to Britain
rcitzn1 3 digit Citizenship: 1st mention
rcitzn2 3 digit Citizenship: 2nd mention
rnatidb National identity - English
rnatidf National identity - Scottish
rnatidg National identity - Welsh
rnatide National identity - Irish
rnatida National identity - British
rnatidh National identity - Other
rracel Ethnic group membership (long version)
rpaju Father not working when resp. aged 14
rpasoc Father's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14
rpasoc00 Father's occupation (SOC2000) R. age 14
rpasemp Father self employed, resp. aged 14
rpaboss Father had employees, resp. aged 14
rpamngr Father was manager, resp. aged 14
rmaju Mother not working when resp. aged 14
rmasoc Mother's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14
rmasoc00 Mother's occupation (SOC2000) R. age 14
rmasemp Mother self employed, resp. aged 14
rmaboss Mother had employees, resp. aged 14
rmamngr Mother was manager, resp. aged 14
rj1none Still in f-t education/ never had job
rj1soc First job (SOC) after leaving school
rj1soc00 First job (SOC2000) after leaving school
rj1semp Employee or self-employed: first job
rj1boss Hired employees: first job
rj1mngr Managerial duties: first job
rlcoh Ever cohabited without marrying
rcoh1bm Month first began cohabitating
rcoh1by Year first began cohabitating
rcoh1mr Went on to marry first cohabitee
rcoh1em Month first cohabitation ended
rcoh1ey Year first cohabitation ended
rnmar No. of times resp. married
rlmar1m Month of first marriage
rlmar1y Year of first marriage
rlprnt Natural parent of children
rlnprnt No. of children resp. natural parent to
rch1bm Month first child born
rch1by Year first child born
rschool Never went to /still at school
rscend School leaving age
rsctype Type of school attended
rscnow Still at school
rfetype Type of further education attended
rfenow Still in further education
rfeend Further education leaving age
rqfhas Has listed post school qualification
rqfa Qualifications: youth training cert
rqfb Qualifications: trade apprenticeship
rqfc Qualifications: clerical or commercial
rqfd Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt I
rqfe Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt II
rqff Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt III
rqfg Qualifications: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
rqfh Qualifications: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
rqfi Qualifications: nursing SEN SRN SCM
rqfj Qualifications: teaching
rqfk Qualifications: university diploma
rqfl Qualifications: Univ/CNAA first degree
rqfm Qualifications: Univ/CNAA higher degree
rqfn Post school qualifications: other
rqfed Has listed school qualification
rqfeda Qualifications: any school cert/ matric
rnqfeda Qualifications: No. school cert/ matric
rqfedb Qualifications: any CSEs grade 2-5
rnqfedb Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 2-5
rqfedc Qualifications: any CSEs grade 1
rnqfedc Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 1
rqfedd Qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
rnqfedd Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
rqfede Qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
rnqfede Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
rqfedf Qualifications: any O levels pre-1975
rnqfedf Qualifications: No. O levels pre-1975
rqfedg Qualifications: any OLs A-C post-1975
rnqfedg Qualifications: No. OLs A-C post-1975
rqfedh Qualifications: any OLs D-E post-1975
rnqfedh Qualifications: No. OLs D-E post-1975
rqfedi Qualifications: any Higher school certs
rnqfedi Qualifications: No. Higher school certs
rqfedj Qualifications: any A levels
rnqfedj Qualifications: No. A level passes
rqfedt Qualifications: any GNVQ's
rnqfedt Qualifications: No. GNVQ's
rqfedu Qualifications: any AS levels
rnqfedu Qualifications: No. AS levels
rqfedk Qualifications:any SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
rnqfedk Qualifications:No. SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
rqfedl Qualifications: any O grades A-C or 1-3
rnqfedl Qualifications: No. O grades A-C or 1-3
rqfedm Qualifications: any standard grades 4-7
rnqfedm Qualifications: No. standard grades 4-7
rqfedn Qualifications: any standard grades 1-3
rnqfedn Qualifications: No. standard grades 1-3
rqfedo Qualifications: any higher grades
rnqfedo Qualifications: No. higher grade passes
rqfedp Qualifications: any 6th year certs
rnqfedp Qualifications: No. 6th year certs
rqfedq Qualifications: any SLCs lower grade
rnqfedq Qualifications: No. SLC lower grades
rqfedr Qualifications: any SLCs higher grade
rnqfedr Qualifications: No. SLCs higher grade
rqfeds Qualifications: any others
rnqfeds Qualifications: No. of others
rtrain Taken any part-time courses
rntrain Number of part-time courses
rtrplce1 Where did educ/training take place
rtrwhya1 Why course: Help start current job
rtrwhyb1 Why course: Incr skills in current job
rtrwhyc1 Why course: Improve skills current job
rtrwhyd1 Why course: Prepare for future job(s)
rtrwhye1 Why course: Develop skills generally
rtrq1 Time on training since ref date: Amount
rtru1 Time on training since ref date: Unit
rtrfeea1 Fees paid by: No fees
rtrfeeb1 Fees paid by: Self/family
rtrfeec1 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
rtrfeee1 Fees paid by: New deal scheme
rtrfeef1 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
rtrfeeg1 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
rtrqlxp1 Course to lead to qualif/part of qualif
rtrqlac1 Any qualifications since reference date
rtrmore1 Any other course/training since ref date
rtrplce2 Where did educ/training take place
rtrwhya2 Why course: Help start current job
rtrwhyb2 Why course: Incr skills in current job
rtrwhyc2 Why course: Improve skills current job
rtrwhyd2 Why course: Prepare for future job(s)
rtrwhye2 Why course: Develop skills generally
rtrq2 Time on training since ref date: Amount
rtru2 Time on training since ref date: Unit
rtrfeea2 Fees paid by: No Fees
rtrfeeb2 Fees paid by: Self/family
rtrfeec2 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
rtrfeee2 Fees paid by: New deal scheme
rtrfeef2 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
rtrfeeg2 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
rtrqlxp2 Course to lead to qualif/part of qualif
rtrqlac2 Any qualifications since reference date
rtrmore2 Any other course/training since ref date
rtrplce3 Where did educ/training take place
rtrwhya3 Why course: Help start current job
rtrwhyb3 Why course: Incr skills in current job
rtrwhyc3 Why course: Improve skills current job
rtrwhyd3 Why course: Prepare for future job(s)
rtrwhye3 Why course: Develop skills generally
rtrq3 Time on training since ref date: Amount
rtru3 Time on training since ref date: Unit
rtrfeea3 Fees paid by: No fees
rtrfeeb3 Fees paid by: Self/family
rtrfeec3 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
rtrfeee3 Fees paid by: New Deal scheme
rtrfeef3 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
rtrfeeg3 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
rtrqlxp3 Course to lead to qualif/part of qualif
rtrqlac3 Any qualifications since reference date
rqfrec Any qualifications since reference date
rqfedx Has listed school qualif since 1.9.2007
rqfedxa New qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
rnqfexa New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
rqfedxb New qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
rnqfexb New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
rqfedxl New qualifications: any GNVQ
rnqfexl New qualifications: No. GNVQ's
rqfedxm New qualifications: any A Level grade C-E
rnqfexm New qualifications: No. A Level grade C-E
rqfedxn New qualifications: any A Level grade A-B
rnqfexn New qualifications: No. A Level grade A-B
rqfedxo New qualifications: any AS Level
rnqfexo New qualifications: No. AS Level
rqfedxg New qualif's: any Standard grades 4-7
rnqfexg New qualif's: No. Standard grades 4-7
rqfedxh New qualif's: any Standard grades 1-3
rnqfexh New qualif's: No. Standard grades 1-3
rqfedxi New qualif's: any Higher grades
rnqfexi New qualifications: No. Higher grades
rqfx Has listed qualifications since 1.9.2007
rqfxc New qualif's: clerical or commercial
rqfxd New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt I
rqfxe New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt II
rqfxf New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt III
rqfxg New qualif's: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
rqfxh New qualif's: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
rqfxo New qualifications: NVQ/SVQ level 1
rqfxp New qualifications: NVQ/SVQ level 2
rqfxq New qualifications: NVQ/SVQ level 3
rqfxr New qualifications: NVQ/SVQ level 4
rqfxk New qualif's: university diploma
rqfxl New qualif's: Univ/CNAA first degree
rqfxm New qualif's: Univ/CNAA higher degree
rqfxn New post school qualifications: other
rivlpar IC: Is respondent living with partner
rnrpart Have steady relationship
rnrptim Length of relationship
rnrpxpm1 Expectations of relationship
rnrpxpm2 Expect ever to (re)marry
rcohadv Advantages in living as couple
rcohad1 Cohab. Advantages 1st mention
rcohad2 Cohab. Advantages 2nd mention
rcohdis Disadvantages in living as couple
rcohds1 Cohab. Disadvantages 1st mention
rcohds2 Cohab. Disadvantages 2nd mention
rcohxpm1 Future of current relationship
rcohxpm2 Likelihood of future (re)marriage
rbirhh IC: Babies born since Sept 2007
rmabwly IC: Resp. Mum child post sept 2007
rmabwnly IC: Number of children since Sept 2007
rbwtpn1 Child 1 PNO
rbwtagm1 Child 1 Age - months
rbwtxp1 Child 1 Born when expected
rbwtel1 Child 1 Born early or late
rbwtwk1 Child 1 Weeks early or late
rbwtkn1 Child 1 Birth weight known
rbwtlb1 Child 1 Birth weight: Pounds
rbwtoz1 Child 1 Birth weight: Ounces
rbwtgm1 Child 1 Birth weight: Grammes
rbwtg51 Child 1 Birth weight: more than 5.5lbs
rbwtpn2 Child 2 PNO
rbwtagm2 Child 2 Age - months
rbwtxp2 Child 2 Born when expected
rbwtel2 Child 2 Born early or late
rbwtwk2 Child 2 Weeks early or late
rbwtkn2 Child 2 Birth weight known
rbwtlb2 Child 2 Birth weight: Pounds
rbwtoz2 Child 2 Birth weight: Ounces
rbwtgm2 Child 2 Birth weight: Grammes
rbwtg52 Child 2 Birth weight: more than 5.5lbs
rbwtpn3 Child 3 PNO
rbwtagm3 Child 3 Age - months
rbwtxp3 Child 3 Born when expected
rbwtel3 Child 3 Born early or late
rbwtwk3 Child 3 Weeks early or late
rbwtkn3 Child 3 Birth weight known
rbwtlb3 Child 3 Birth weight: Pounds
rbwtoz3 Child 3 Birth weight: Ounces
rbwtgm3 Child 3 Birth weight: Grammes
rbwtg53 Child 3 Birth weight: more than 5.5lbs
rwlsha Resp understands spoken Welsh
rwlshb Resp speaks Welsh
rwlshc Resp reads Welsh
rwlshd Resp writes Welsh
rwlshe Respondent doesn't understand Welsh
rwlshua Language spoken at home
rwlshub Language spoken at work
rwlshuc Language spoken at school, college etc.
rwlshud Language spoken talking to people
rwlshue Language spoken generally
raglt20 IC: resp. Aged 20 or under
rscnow2 Still at school
rinfted IC: Respondent full-time student
redasp Highest lvl exam like get b/f leave sch
rfedasp Would like to go onto further education
rfedtyp Type of further education R like to do
rfedlik Likelihood of entering further education
rfednt1 1st reason not going on to f/education
rfednt2 2nd reason not going on to f/education
rocfut00 Job (SOC 2000) Resp. Would like to do in future
rocfut90 Job (SOC 90) Resp. Would like to do in future
rpabrn Country father born
rmabrn Country mother born
rpapabrn Country paternal grandfather born
rpamabrn Country paternal grandmother born
rmapabrn Country maternal grandfather born
rmamabrn Country maternal grandmother born
rnetuse Personal use of internet
rivda Present Demog section: Respondent Alone
rivdb Present Demog. section: Partner
rivdc Present Demog. section: Other Adult
rivdd Present Demog. section: Children
rivde Present Demog. section: Supervisor
rpm0h Hour section M began
rpm0m Minute section M began
rhldsbl1 Consider's self to be disabled
rhlstat Health status over last 12 months
rhlprb Health problems: none
rhlprba Health problems: Arms, legs, hands, etc
rhlprbb Health problems: Sight
rhlprbc Health problems: Hearing
rhlprbd Health problems: Skin conditions/allergy
rhlprbe Health problems: Chest/breathing
rhlprbf Health problems: Heart/blood pressure
rhlprbg Health problems: Stomach or digestion
rhlprbh Health problems: Diabetes
rhlprbi Health problems: Anxiety, depression, etc
rhlprbj Health problems: Alcohol or drugs
rhlprbk Health problems: Epilepsy
rhlprbl Health problems: Migraine
rhlprbn Health problems: Cancer
rhlprbo Health problems: Stroke
rhlprbm Health problems: Other
rhllt Health limits daily activities
rhllta Health hinders doing the housework
rhlltb Health hinders climbing the stairs
rhlltc Health hinders getting dressed
rhlltd Health hinders walking more than 10 mins
rhllte Health no hindrance to listed activities
rhlltw Health limits type or amount of work
rhlendw Health prohibits some types of work
rhlltwa How far health limits amount of work
rhliv65 IC: Respondent 65+
radla Ability to: Manage stairs
radlad Ease of: Managing stairs
radlb Ability to: Get around house
radlbd Ease of: Getting around house
radlc Ability to: Get in/out of bed
radlcd Ease of: Getting in/out of bed
radld Ability to: Cut toenails
radldd Ease of: Cutting toenails
radle Ability to: Bath/shower
radled Ease of: Bathing/showering
radlf Ability to: Walk down road
radlfd Ease of: Walking down road
rhl2gp No. of visits to GP since 1.9.2007
rhl2hop No. visits to out-patients in past year
rxdts Whether accidents since 1.9.2007
rnxdts No. of serious accidents since 1.9.2007
rhosp Hospital in-patient since 1.9.2007
rhospd Hospital in-patient: days since 1.9.2007
rhospch Hospital stays were for childbirth
rhospnhs Hospital stays NHS or private
rhlcvr Covered by private medical insurance
rhlcvrh How medical insurace paid for
rhlcvrl Cost to resp. Of medical insurance
rhlsv Health service: used any since 1.9.2007
rhlsva Health service: used health visitor
rhlsvan Health service: health visitor NHS/priv
rhlsvaf Health service: health visitor free/paid
rhlsvb Welfare service: used home help
rhlsvbn Welfare service: home help NHS/private
rhlsvbf Welfare service: home help free/paid
rhlsvc Welfare service: used meals on wheels
rhlsvcn Welfare service:meals on wheels NHS/priv
rhlsvcf Welfare service:meals on wheels free/pd
rhlsvd Welfare service: used social worker
rhlsvdn Welfare service: social worker NHS/priv
rhlsvdf Welfare service: social worker free/paid
rhlsve Health service: used chiropodist
rhlsven Health service: chiropodist NHS/private
rhlsvef Health service: chiropodist free/paid
rhlsvf Health service:used alternative medicine
rhlsvfn Health service:alt. medicine NHS/private
rhlsvff Health service: alt. medicine free/paid
rhlsvg Welfare service: used psychotherapist
rhlsvgn Welfare service: psychotherapy NHS/priv
rhlsvgf Welfare service: psychotherapy free/paid
rhlsvh Welfare service: used speech therapist
rhlsvhn Welfare service: speech therapy NHS/priv
rhlsvhf Welfare service:speech therapy free/paid
rhlsvi Health service: used physiotherapist
rhlsvin Health service: physiotherapy NHS/priv
rhlsvif Health service: physiotherapy free/paid
rhlsvl Health service: saw consultant/o'patient
rhlsvln Health service:consult/outpatnt NHS/priv
rhlsvlf Health service: consult/outpatnt free/pd
rhlsvm Health service: family planning
rhlsvmn Health service: family planning NHS/priv
rhlsvmf Health service:family planning free/paid
rhlsvj Welfare service: used other service (i)
rhlsvjn Welfare service: other serv (i) NHS/priv
rhlsvjf Welfare service:other serv (i) free/paid
rhlsvk Welfare service: used other service (ii)
rhlsvkn Welfare service:other serv (ii) NHS/priv
rhlsvkf Welfare service:other serv(ii) free/paid
rhlck Has had listed health check
rhlcka Health check-up: dental
rhlckan Health check-up: dental NHS/private
rhlckb Health check-up: eyetest
rhlckbn Health check-up: eyetest NHS/private
rhlckc Health check-up: chest or other x-ray
rhlckcn Health check-up: chest x-ray NHS/private
rhlckd Health check-up: blood pressure
rhlckdn Health check-up: blood pressure NHS/priv
rhlcke Health check-up: cholesterol test
rhlcken Health check-up: cholesterol NHS/private
rhlcki Health check-up: blood test
rhlckin Health check-up: blood test NHS/priv
rhlckf Health check-up: other checks
rhlckfn Health check-up:other checks NHS/private
rhlckg Health check-up: cervical smear
rhlckgn Health check-up: cervical smear NHS/priv
rhlckh Health check-up: breast screen
rhlckhn Health check-up: breast screen NHS/priv
rsmoker Smoker
rncigs Usual no. of cigarettes smoked per day
rspinhh Whether living with spouse or partner
raidhh Cares for handicapped/other in household
raidhua PNO of 1st cared for person
raidhub PNO of 2nd cared for person
raidhuc PNO of 3rd cared for person
raidxhh Provides care for non-resident person
rnaidxhh Number of non-residents cared for
raidhu1 Caring:relation to 1st non-res dependant
raidhu2 Caring:relation to 2nd non-res dependant
raidhrs Hours per week spent caring
rivma Health section: respondent alone
rivmb Health section: partner present
rivmc Health section: other adults present
rivmd Health section: child/ren present
rivme Health section: supervisor present
rpe0h Hour section E began
rpe0m Minute section E began
rjbhas Did paid work last week
rjboff No work last week but has job
rjboffy Reason off work last week
rjbterm1 Current job: permanent or temporary
rjbterm2 Type of non-permanent job
rjbck1 Valid occupation check
rjbsocp Confirm occupation
rjbsoc Occupation (SOC): current main job
rjbsoc00 Occupation (SOC2000): current main job
rjbck2 Emp prev wave and no valid SOC
rjbsocr Same job last interview
rjbck3 Valid industry
rjbsicp Confirm industry
rjbsic92 Industry(SIC92) of employer: current job
rjbck4 Emp prev wave and no valid SIC
rjbsicr Same industry
rjbck5 Valid employer check
rjbempp Confirm employer
rjbck6 Emp prev wave and no valid employer
rjbempr Same employer
rjbck7 Check emp status prev wave
rjbsempp Same employee status
rjbsempr Confirm changed employee status
rjbsemp Employee or self-employed: current job
rjbck8 Check: occup and employer
rjbprom Had promotion
rjbchgd Promotion date: day
rjbchgm Promotion date: month
rjbchgy4 Promotion date: year
rjbchgly Promotion before ref date
rjbcspl Same employer since int date
rjbck9 Check: valid prev managerial duties
rjbmngp Same managerial duties
rjbmngr Managerial duties: current job
rjbck10 Check: valid prev sector
rjbsectp Same sector
rjbsect Employing organisation: current job
rjbck11 Check: valid prev size
rjbsizep Same size
rjbsize No. employed at workplace: current job
rjbhrs No. of hours normally worked per week
rjbot No. of overtime hours in normal week
rjbotpd No. of hours worked as paid overtime
rjbhrlk Preference over hours worked
rjbpl Work location
rjbttwt Minutes spent travelling to work
rjbttwm Main means of travel to work
rjbsat2 Job satisfaction: total pay
rjbsat4 Job satisfaction: security
rjbsat6 Job satisfaction: work itself
rjbsat7 Job satisfaction: hours worked
rjbsat Job satisfaction: overall
rpaygl Gross pay at last payment
rpaygw Pay period (weeks): last gross pay
rpaynl Take-home pay at last payment
rpaynw Pay period (weeks): last take-home pay
rpytc Last pay included any Tax Credit
rpywftc Amount: Working families Tax Credit
rpywftcw WFTC: pay period (weeks)
rpayslp Pay slip seen by interviewer
rpayusl Was last gross pay the usual amount
rpayu Usual pay
rpayuw Usual pay: pay period (weeks)
rpayug Usual pay: gross/net of deductions
rpaydf1 Last pay unusual: included back pay
rpaydf2 Last pay unusual: included holiday pay
rpaydf3 Last pay unusual: included tax refund
rpaydf4 Last pay unusual: included sick pay
rpaydf5 Last pay unusual: sick without pay
rpaydf6 Last pay unusual: included maternity pay
rpaydf7 Last pay unusual through overtime
rpaydf9 Last pay unusual: Bonus/tips/commission
rpaydf8 Last pay unusual for other reason
rpaytyp Salaried or hourly paid
rovtpay Additional pay for extra hours
rextrate Extra pay hourly rate
rextrest Estimated amount for extra hours worked
rbasrate Basic pay hourly rate
rbasrest Estimated amount - hourly basic pay rate
rovtrate Overtime pay: hourly rated
rovtrest Estimated amount - hourly overtime rate
rjbperfp Pay includes performance related pay
rjbonus Pay includes bonuses or profit share
rjbonam Amount of bonus
rjbong Bonus payment: Gross or Nett
rjbrise Pay includes annual increments
rtujbpl Union or staff association at workplace
rtuin1 Member of workplace union
rjbopps Promotion opportunities in current job
rjbpen Pension: employer runs a pension scheme
rjbpenm Pension: member of employers scheme
rjbtime Times of day usually work
rjbwkhra Work arrangement: flexitime
rjbwkhrb Work arrangement: annualised hours
rjbwkhrc Work arrangement: term time only
rjbwkhrd Work arrangement: job share
rjbwkhre Work arrangement: nine day fortnight
rjbwkhrf Work arrangement: 4 1/2 day week
rjbwkhrg Work arrangement: zero hours contract
rjbwkhrh Work arrangement: none of these
rpayck1 Check: interview and job status
rpays Starting pay: job start after 1.9.2007
rpaysw Starting pay period (weeks): current job
rpaysg Starting pay gross or net: current job
rjbbgd1 Day started current job
rjbbgm1 Month started current job
rjbbgy41 Year started current job
rjbbgly1 Started job after 1.9.2007
rpayly Usual pay at 1.9.2007
rpaylyw Usual pay at 1.9.2007: pay period (weeks)
rpaylyg Usual pay at 1.9.2007: gross/net deduction
rjsboss S/emp: hires employees
rjssize S/emp: number of employees
rjshrs S/emp: hours normally worked per week
rjshrlk S/emp: preference over hours worked
rjstime Times of day usually work
rjstypeb S/emp: nature of employment
rjsaccs S/emp: draws up profit/loss accounts
rjspart S/emp: Own account or partnership
rjsprbm S/emp: date accounts began: month
rjsprby4 S/emp: date accounts began: year
rjsprem S/emp: date accounts ended: month
rjsprey4 S/emp: date accounts ended: year
rjsprf S/emp: net profit in last yearly account
rjsprls Sole accounts: Whether profit/loss
rjsprtx Sole accounts: whether before tax
rjsprni Sole accounts: whether before NI
rjspayu Average income from job/business
rjspayw Job/business income: pay period (weeks)
rjspytx Job/business income: whether before tax
rjspyni Job/business income: whether before NI
rjspl S/emp: work location
rjsttwt S/emp: Minutes spent travelling to work
rjsttwm S/emp: Main means of travel to work
rjssat1 S/emp: job satisfaction: total pay
rjssat2 S/emp: job satisfaction: job security
rjssat4 S/emp: job satisfaction: work itself
rjssat5 S/emp: job satisfaction: hours worked
rjssat S/emp: job satisfaction: overall
rjsck1 S/emp: same occupation
rjssame S/emp: same occupation
rjsbgd1 S/emp: day started present job
rjsbgm1 S/emp: month started present job
rjsbgy41 S/emp: year started present job
rjsbgly1 S/emp: before or after sept last year
rjblkcha Would like: Better job/same emp.
rjbxpcha Expect: Better job/same emp.
rjblkchb Would like: Work related training
rjbxpchb Expect: Work related training
rjblkchc Would like: New job/new employer
rjbxpchc Expect: New job/new employer
rjblkchd Would like: Start own business
rjbxpchd Expect: Start own business
rjblkche Would like: Give up paid work
rjbxpche Expect: Give up paid work
rrach12 Responsible for dependent child under 12
rjbchc1 Childcare: 1st mention
rjbchc2 Childcare: 2nd mention
rjbchc3 Childcare: 3rd mention
rxpchcf Childcare: free or paid for
rxpchc Childcare: weekly cost
rhuxpch Who pays for childcare
rhunurs Who cares for ill children
rjulk1 Looked for work in last 7 days
rjulk4 Looked for work in last 4 weeks
rjulka Applied directly to employer
rjulkb Studied/replied to adverts
rjulkc Used job centre/employment agency
rjulkd Asked friends or contacts
rjulke Taken steps to start own business
rjulkjb Would like a regular paid job
rjubgn Able to start work within 2 weeks
rjuspec Looking for /would like a particular job
rjusoc Occupation (SOC) of job sought
rjusoc00 Occupation (SOC2000) of job sought
rjuhrsx Expected work hours: jobseeker
rjupayx Expected weekly net pay: jobseeker
rjupayl Lowest net pay considered: jobseeker
rjuhrsl Expected hours for lowest pay jobseeker
reprosh Chance starting work within 12 months
reaage Whether working age
rjbub Currently signed on at UB Office
rjbuby Reason why signed on at UB Office
rj2has Has a second paid job
rj2soc Occupation (SOC), second job
rj2soc00 Occupation (SOC2000), second job
rj2semp Employee or self employed, second job
rj2hrs No. of hours worked per month, 2nd job
rj2pay Gross earnings from 2nd jobs last month
rivea Employment section: respondent alone
riveb Employment section: partner present
rivec Employment section: other adult present
rived Employment section: child present
rivee Employment section: supervisor present
rcjsck1 IC: Resp. employment status
rcjsbgd Day current labour force status began
rcjsbgm Month current labour force status began
rcjsbgy4 Year current labour force status began
rcjsbly IC: Current lf spell began aft 1.9.2007
rcjsck2 IC: resp with valid prev activity
rcjsck3 Last interviewed records correct?
rcjsstly Current situation on prev interview date
rcjsed Date stop doing that: day
rcjsem Date stop doing that: month
rcjsey4 Date stop doing that: year
rcjscjs Not ended current job or status
rcjsck4 IC: Date entered or last activity was emp
rjhstpy Reason for stopping previous job
rjbhad Ever had paid employment
rjlend4 Year left last job
rjlsoc Occupation (SOC) of last job
rjlsoc00 Occupation (SOC2000) of last job
rjlsic92 Industry (SIC92) of last job
rjlsemp Employee or self employed, last job
rjlboss Hired employees, last job
rjlmngr Managerial duties, last job
rjlsize Number employed at workplace, last job
rivja Job hist section: respondent alone
rivjb Job hist section: partner present
rivjc Job hist section: other adults present
rivjd Job hist section: child/ren present
rivje Job hist section: supervisor present
rpv0h Hour section V began
rpv0m Minute section V began
ropnata Britain has much to learn
ropnatb British citizenship best
ropnatc Some shameful things about Britain
ropnatd People too ready to criticise Britain
ropnate Britain should stay single state
ropnatf Co-operation better than independence
rvote1 Supports a particular political party
rvote2 Closer to one political party than other
rvote3 Party which would vote for tomorrow
rvote4 Which political party closest to
rvote5 Strength of support for stated party
rvote7 Voted in May 2005 general election
rvote8 Party voted for in last general election
rvote6 Level of interest in politics
rnipop5 Resp. unionist/nationalist
ropdev2 Perceived nationality
roprlg5 Religious denomination
roprlg7 Actively practicing religion
roprlg1 Religion
roprlg2 Attendance at religious services
roprlg3 Religion makes difference to life
rlacta Play sport/go walking/swimming
rlactb Go to watch live sport
rlactc Go to the cinema
rlactd Go to concert/theatre/live performance
rlacte Have a meal in a restaurant/cafe/pub
rlactf Go for a drink at a pub/club
rlacth Work in the garden
rlacti Do diy/home maintenance/car repairs
rlactj Attend evening classes/keep fit/yoga
rlactk Attend local group/voluntary organisations
rlactl Do unpaid voluntary work
rfrna Frequency of talking to neighbours
rfrnb Frequency of meeting people
rfrnc Spoken to someone in past week
rlfimpa Importance of: Health
rlfimpb Importance of: Money
rlfimpc Importance of: Having children
rlfimpd Importance of: Having a good job
rlfimpe Importance of: Being independent
rlfimpf Importance of: Owning own home
rlfimpg Importance of: Good partnership
rlfimph Importance of: Good friends
rlocsera Standard of local services: Schools
rlocserb Standard of local services: Medical
rlocserc Standard of local services: Transport
rlocserd Standard of local services: Shopping
rlocsere Standard of local services: Leisure
rlocchd Suitability of area for raising children
ropngbha Belong to neighbourhood
ropngbhb Local friends mean a lot
ropngbhc Advice obtainable locally
ropngbhd Can borrow things from neighbours
ropngbhe Willing to improve neighbourhood
ropngbhf Plan to stay in neighbourhood
ropngbhg Am similar to others in neighbourhood
ropngbhh Talk regularly to neighbours
rgrnlfa Leaves TV on standby overnight
rgrnlfb Switches off lights in empty rooms
rgrnlfc Lets tap run whilst brushing teeth
rgrnlfd Wear extra rather than turn up heating
rgrnlfe Doesn't buy because of excess packaging
rgrnlff Buys local food
rgrnlfg Buys recycled products
rgrnlfh Takes own bags shopping
rflyes1 Flights in last 12 months - in UK
rflyes2 Flights in last 12 months - in Europe
rflyes3 Flights in last 12 months - os Europe
rflyes4 No flights in last 12 months
rnflyin No. of flights in UK last 12 months
rnflyeu No. of flights in Europe last 12 months
rnflyos No. of flights out of Europe last 12 months
ropenv1 Too much time/effort to be environmental
ropenv2 Science will solve environmental problem
ropenv3 Environment a low priority in life
ropenv4 Leads an environmentally friendly life
rivva Values section: respondent alone
rivvb Values section: partner present
rivvc Values section: other adults present
rivvd Values section: child/ren present
rivve Values section: supervisor present
rpf0h Hour section F began
rpf0m Minute section F began
rf101 Income: NI retirement pension
rf102 Income: pension from previous employer
rf103 Income: pension from spouses ex-employer
rf104 Income: private pension or annuity
rf105 Income: widow or war widows pension
rf106 Income: widowed mothers allowance
rf107 Income: Pension credit
rf116 Income: severe disablement allowance
rf118 Income: industrial injury allowance
rf119 Income: attendance allowance
rf121 Income: invalid care allowance
rf122 Income: war disability pension
rf125 Income: incapacity benefit
rf126 Income: disablty living allowance (care)
rf127 Income: disab living allowance(mobility)
rf128 Income: disability living allowance (dk)
rf132 Income: income support (IS)
rf135 Income: child benefit
rf137 Income: Working family tax credit
rf138 Income: maternity allowance
rf139 Income: housing benefit
rf140 Income: council tax benefit
rf141 Income: other state benefit
rf142 Income: Job Seekers Allowance
rf143 Income: Child tax credit
rf144 Income: Return to work credit
rf151 Income: educational grant
rf152 Income: trade union payments
rf153 Income: maintenance or alimony
rf154 Income: payments from relations
rf155 Income: rent from lodgers
rf156 Income: rent from other property
rf157 Income: foster allowance
rf158 Income: sickness or accident insurance
rf159 Income: any other payment
rrsrpen Resp. receiving a state pension
rrpencr Resp. receiving pension credit
rrdsben Resp. receiving disability benefits
rrdsbn16 Income: severe disablement allowance
rrdsbn18 Income: industrial injury allowance
rrdsbn19 Income: attendance allowance
rrdsbn21 Income: invalid care allowance
rrdsbn22 Income: war disability pension
rrdsbn25 Income: incapacity benefit
rrdsbn26 D.L.A: care component
rrdsbn27 D.L.A: mobility component
rrdsbn28 D.L.A: components not known
rris Resp. receiving income support
rrjsa Resp. receiving job seekers allowance
rnisjsa Resp. receiving none of these
rmach18 Mother of child 18 or under in HH
rrchben Receives child benefit
rrhben Receives housing benefit
rnfhs1 First benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs2 Second benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs3 Third benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs4 4th benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs5 5th benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs6 6th benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs7 7th benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs8 8th benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs9 9th benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs10 10th benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs11 11th benefit source not mentioned
rnfhs12 12th benefit source not mentioned
rnfh1 Receiving first benefit source
rnfh2 Receiving second benefit source
rnfh3 Receiving third benefit source
rnfh4 Receiving 4th benefit source
rnfh5 Receiving 5th benefit source
rnfh6 Receiving 6th benefit source
rnfh7 Receiving 7th benefit source
rnfh8 Receiving 8th benefit source
rnfh9 Receiving 9th benefit source
rnfh10 Receiving 10th benefit source
rnfh11 Receiving 11th benefit source
rnfh12 Receiving 12th benefit source
rnf1 Income: total number of cited sources
rnipens IC: Receives state retirement pension
rniserps State pension income includes SERPS
rfisit Financial situation
rfisitc Change in financial position last year
rfisity Why financial situation changed
rfisitx Financial expectations for year ahead
rfiyrdia Amount received in interest/dividends
rfiyrdb1 Over 500 in interest/dividends
rfiyrdb2 Over 1000 in interest/dividends
rfiyrdb3 Over 5000 in interest/dividends
rfiyrdb4 Over 2500 in interest/dividends
rfiyrdb5 Over 10000 in interest/dividends
rfiyrdb6 Over 100 in interest/dividends
rsave Saves from current income
rsaved Amount saved each month
rsavey1 First reason for saving
rsavey2 Second reason for saving
rsavreg Saves on a regular basis
rsavlt Savings mainly long or short term
rpppen Paid into private personal pension
rpck1 Valid year for private pens
rpenvrf Contrib to private pens post 1.9.1998
rpck2 Valid year for private pens before 1.7.1998
rpenb4 Personal pension started before 1.7.88
rpenb4y4 Year pre 1.7.88 pension started
rpenb4v Amount last payment to pre 1988 pension
rpenb4w Weeks covered pre 88 pension
rpenyr4 Year post 1.7.88 pension started
rpenadd Additional contrib'n to post '88 pension
rpenadv Amount last payment post 1.7.88 pension
rpenadw Weeks covered post 88 pension
rwindf Received lump payment
rwindfa Lump sum - life insurance policy
rwindfay Amount of: Insurance policy
rwindfb Lump sum - pension payout
rwindfby Amount of: Lump-sum pension
rwindfc Lump sum - personal accident claim
rwindfcy Amount of: Accident claim
rwindfd Lump sum - redundancy payment
rwindfdy Amount of: Redundancy payment
rwindff Lump sum - inheritance / bequest
rwindffy Amount of: Inheritance/bequest
rwindfg Lump sum - win on pools/nat.Lottery etc
rwindfgy Amount of: Pools/lottery win
rwindfh Lump sum - anything else
rwindfhy Amount of: Something else
rxpmeal Amount spent eating out per month
rxpleis Amount spent on leisure per month
rftexhh Transfers money to non-resident person
rftexa Relationship to 1st non-res recipient
rftexa1 Maintenance payment to 1st non-resident
rftexa2 HH bills payment to 1st non-resident
rftexa3 Education payment to 1st non-resident
rftexa4 Allowance/Spending Money to 1st non-res
rftexa5 Loan repayment to 1st non-resident
rftexa6 Other payment to 1st non-resident
rftexav Amount maintenance paid to 1st non-resid
rftexaw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 1st non-res
rftexb Relationship to 2nd non-res recipient
rftexb1 Maintenance payment to 2nd non-resident
rftexb2 HH bills payment to 2nd non-resident
rftexb3 Education payment to 2nd non-resident
rftexb4 Allowance/Spending Money to 2nd non-res
rftexb5 Loan repayment to 2nd non-resident
rftexb6 Other payment to 2nd non-resident
rftexbv Amount maintenance paid to 2nd non-resid
rftexbw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 2nd non-res
rftexc Relationship to 3rd non-res recipient
rftexc1 Maintenance payment to 3rd non-resident
rftexc2 HH bills payment to 3rd non-resident
rftexc3 Education payment to 3rd non-resident
rftexc4 Allowance/Spending Money to 3rd non-res
rftexc5 Loan repayment to 3rd non-resident
rftexc6 Other payment to 3rd non-resident
rftexcv Amount maintenance paid to 3rd non-resid
rftexcw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 3rd non-res
rhubuys Who does the grocery shopping (couples)
rhufrys Who does the cooking (couples)
rhumops Who does the cleaning (couples)
rhuiron Who does the washing/ironing (couples)
rhhch12 Child/ren under 12 in household
rhusits Who is responsible for childcare
rhowlng Hours per week on housework
rcaruse Has use of car or van
rmobuse Has a mobile phone
rneigh Neighbourhood good/bad place to live
rneigh1 Why N'hood good/bad place: 1st reason
rneigh2 Why N'hood good/bad place: 2nd reason
rneigh3 Why N'hood good/bad place: 3rd reason
rneigh4 Why N'hood good/bad place: 4th reason
rcosh Consent to link to health data given
rcoshf Consent to flag follow-up on health reg'n
rcose Consent to link to education data given
rcosb Consent to link to benefit data given
rivfa H/hold finance section: respondent alone
rivfb H/hold finance section: partner alone
rivfc H/hold finance section: adult present
rivfd H/hold finance section: child present
rivfe H/hold finance sect: supervisor present
rivfoih Hour interview finished
rivfoim Minute interview finished
rivsc IC: self completion document
riv1 Others present during interview
riv2 Did others influence interview
riv4 Cooperation of respondent
riv5 Completion of tracking schedule
riv5aa Mobile number given
riv5ab email given
riv5ac Neither given
riv6a Problems affecting interview: eyesight
riv6b Problems affecting interview: hearing
riv6c Problems affecting interview: reading
riv6d Problems affecting interview: english
riv6e Problems affecting interview: language
riv6f Problems affecting interview: interprete
riv7 PNO of interpreter
riv9 Any ambiguities/conficts
riv10no Reaction to DI Qs: No ff info
riv10a Reaction to DI Qs: Easier
riv10b Reaction to DI Qs: More difficult
riv10c Reaction to DI Qs: Surprised we knew it
riv10d Reaction to DI Qs: Confused
riv10e Reaction to DI Qs: Concerned confidentiality
riv10f Reaction to DI Qs: Expected us to know it
riv10g Reaction to DI Qs: Good idea
riv10h Reaction to DI Qs: Bad idea
riv10i Reaction to DI Qs: Reluctant in clarifying
riv10j Reaction to DI Qs: Uncooperative
riv10k Reaction to DI Qs: Other
riv10l Reaction to DI Qs: No difference
rghqa GHQ: concentration
rghqb GHQ: loss of sleep
rghqc GHQ: playing a useful role
rghqd GHQ: capable of making decisions
rghqe GHQ: constantly under strain
rghqf GHQ: problem overcoming difficulties
rghqg GHQ: enjoy day-to-day activities
rghqh GHQ: ability to face problems
rghqi GHQ: unhappy or depressed
rghqj GHQ: losing confidence
rghqk GHQ: believe in self-worth
rghql GHQ: general happiness
ropfamo Co-habiting is alright
ropfaml Divorce better than unhappy marriage
ropfamp Parents ought stay together for children
ropfamq Marital status is irrelevant to children
ropfamk Adult children should care for parents
ropfamr Homosexual relationships are wrong
rlfsat1 Satisfaction with: health
rlfsat2 Satisfaction with: income of hhold
rlfsat3 Satisfaction with: house/flat
rlfsat4 Satisfaction with: spouse/partner
rlfsat5 Satisfaction with: job
rlfsat6 Satisfaction with: social life
rlfsat7 Satisfaction with: amount of leisure time
rlfsat8 Satisfaction with: use of leisure time
rlfsato Satisfaction with: life overall
rlfsatl Satisfaction compared with last year
rtrust Trustworthiness of others
rriska Generally takes risks
rriskb Generally risks in trusting strangers
ropenva UK people must change to protect future
ropenvb I must change to protect future
ropenvc Behaviour affected by carbon emissions
ropcca Climate change to cause floods elsewhere
ropccb Climate change to cause floods in UK
ropccc Climate change to cause famine elsewhere
ropccd Climate change to cause famine in UK
ropcce Climate change affect UK within 30 years
ropccf Climate change affect UK within 200 years
rwemwba Been feeling optimistic about future
rwemwbb Been feeling useful
rwemwbc Been feeling relaxed
rwemwbd Been dealing with problems well
rwemwbe Been thinking clearly
rwemwbf Been feeling close to other people
rwemwbg Been able to make mind up about things
rnetsx1 Sex of 1st closest friend
rnetsx2 Sex of 2nd closest friend
rnetsx3 Sex of 3rd closest friend
rnet1wr Whether 1st closest friend is relation
rnet2wr Whether 2nd closest friend is relation
rnet3wr Whether 3rd closest friend is relation
rnet1rl Relationship of 1st closest friend to R
rnet2rl Relationship of 2nd closest friend to R
rnet3rl Relationship of 3rd closest friend to R
rnet1ag Age of 1st closest friend
rnet2ag Age of 2nd closest friend
rnet3ag Age of 3rd closest friend
rnet1kn How long known 1st closest friend
rnet2kn How long known 2nd closest friend
rnet3kn How long known 3rd closest friend
rnet1ph How often see 1st closest friend
rnet2ph How often see 2nd closest friend
rnet3ph How often see 3rd closest friend
rnet1lv How far away 1st closest friend lives
rnet2lv How far away 2nd closest friend lives
rnet3lv How far away 3rd closest friend lives
rnet1jb Employment of 1st closest friend
rnet2jb Employment of 2nd closest friend
rnet3jb Employment of 3rd closest friend
rnet1et Ethnicity of 1st closest friend
rnet2et Ethnicity of 2nd closest friend
rnet3et Ethnicity of 3rd closest friend
rnetsoc Best friend
rprrs2i Relationship of Proxy to Informant
rpripn Person number of informant
rprwhy Reason for Proxy
rpplevr Proxy Lived at this address all life
rpresbgm Month started economic status - proxy
rpresby4 Year started economic status - proxy
rpresly Started status after 1.9.2007 - proxy
rprfehq Proxy's Highest FE qualification
rprsehq Proxy's Highest school qualification
rprjbft Proxy's Job full time / part time
rprjbbgm Month started current job-proxy
rprjbby4 Year started current job-proxy
rprjbly Job started after 1.9.2007 - proxy
rprearn Proxy's total earnings, banded
rprf101 Income: NI retirement pension - proxy
rprf102 Income: pension from prev. empl.-pxy
rprf116 Income: invaldty/disablty allowance-pxy
rprf131 Income: UB and/or income support-proxy
rprf135 Income: child benefit
rprf137 Income: family credit
rprf139 Income: housing ben/rent rebate-proxy
rprf125 Income: incapacity benefit
rprf141 Income: other state benefit
rprf143 Income: child tax credit
rprf107 Income: pension credit - pxy
rprfirn Income: none of listed benefits-proxy
rprfitb Proxy's personal income, banded
rivpa Proxy questionnaire: informant alone
rivpb Proxy questionnaire: partner alone
rivpc Proxy questionnaire: adult present
rivpd Proxy questionnaire: child present
rivpe Proxy questionnaire: supervisor present
rthrpop Respondent is HRP or spouse/partner - Tel
rthhrpw HRP or spouse done HHQ in prev wave -Tel
rtelqly Gained qualification since last Sept
rtlhqly Highest qualification obtained
rtelqal Has listed qualification
rtelhtq Qualification
rtrpen Receives any pension - Telephone
rtrben1 Receives a disability benefit -Telephone
rtrben2 Receives other benefit - Telephone
rtropay Receives other payment - Telephone
pid Cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
riviolw interview outcome at last wave
rhhmem Household membership
rnewhy New entrants - why living in HH
rnemnjn New entrants - month joined HH
rneyrjn4 New entrants - year joined HH
rivfio Individual interview outcome
riodc Document check
rmemorig Sample Origin
rhgr2r Relationship to reference person
rhgsex Sex - HH grid
rhgbm Month of birth - HH grid
rhgby Year of birth - HH grid
rmastat Marital status
rhgspn PNO of spouse/partner
rhgemp In paid employment - HH grid
rhgfno PNO of father
rhgmno PNO of mother
rhgra Responsible adult
rage Age at Date of Interview
rage12 Age at 1.12.2007
rbutype Benefit unit type
rbuno Benefit Unit Number
rnchild Number of own children in household
rhoh Conventional Head of Household Indicator
rrach16 Whether responsible adult for child
rsampst Sample membership status
rmovest Individual mover status
rregion Region / Metropolitan Area
rhhsize Number of people in household
rhhtype Household Type
rtenure Housing tenure
rqfedhi Highest educational qualification
rqfvoc Has vocational qualifications
rqfachi Highest academic qualification
rjbft Employed full time
rpayg Gross rate of pay per month:last payment
rpayn Net rate of pay per month: last payment
rpaygu Usual gross pay per month: current job
rpaynu Usual net pay per month: current job
rpaygty Usual monthly gross pay: Sept this year
rpaygly Usual monthly gross pay: Sept year ago
rpaynty Usual monthly net pay: Sept this year
rpaynly Usual monthly net pay: Sept year ago
rjsprof Monthly self employed profit
rjsloss Amount: self-employment losses
rjspayg Monthly self employed gross pay
rcjsten Length (days) current labour market sp.
rcjswk9 Weeks in current spell: year to 1.9.2007
rjlid Identifier of latest job
rjlyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.2007
rjtyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.2008
rjbseg Socio economic group: present job
rjbgold Goldthorpe Social Class: present job
rjbrgsc RG Social Class: present job
rjbisco International SOC : present job
rjbcssm Cambridge Scale males : present job
rjbcssf Cambridge Scale females : present job
rjbhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : present job
rjbsec Socio-Economic Class: current job
rnjbwks Annual weeks employed: year to Sept 1
rnjuwks Annual weeks unemployed: year to Sept 1
rnjiwks Annual weeks inactive: year to Sept 1
rnjbnew No. different employers: year to Sept 1
rnjbsp No. employment spells: year to Sept 1
rnjusp No. unemployment spells: year to Sept 1
rnjisp No. inactive spells: year to Sept 1
rjbstatl Employment status on Sept 1, year ago
rjbstatt Employment status on Sept 1, this year
rjbsocly Occupation (SOC): job on 1.9.2007
rjlseg Socio economic group: last job
rjlgold Goldthorpe Social Class: last job
rjlrgsc RG Social Class: last job
rjlisco International SOC : last job
rjlcssm Cambridge Scale males : last job
rjlcssf Cambridge Scale females : last job
rjlhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : last job
rjlsec Socio-Economic Class: last job
rvote Political party supported
rfiyrdic Amount interest/dividends - computed
rfimnp Pension income: last month
rfimnb Benefit income: last month
rfimni Investment income: last month
rfimnt Transfer income: last month
rfimnl Labour income: last month
rfimnnl Non-labour income: last month
rfimn Total Income: last month
rfiyrl Annual labour income (1.9.2007-1.9.2008)
rfiyrnl Annual non-lab income(1.9.2007-1.9.2008)
rfiyrp Annual pension income (1.9.2007-1.9.2008)
rfiyrb Annual benefit income (1.9.2007-1.9.2008)
rfiyrt Annual transfer inc. (1.9.2007-1.9.2008)
rfiyri Annual invest income (1.9.2007-1.9.2008)
rfiyr Annual income (1.9.2007-1.9.2008)
rfihhmn Household income: month before interview
rhlghq1 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 1: Likert
rhlghq2 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 2: Caseness
rspjb Whether spouse/partner employed now
rspsoc Spouse/partner's Occupation
rspjbhr Spouse/partner's weekly work hours
rspjbot Spouse/partner's weekly overtime
rsppayg Spouse/partner's monthly gross pay
rspjbyr Whether spse/partner employed last year
rlrwght Longitudinal respondent weight
rlewght Longitudinal enumerated individual weight
rxrwght X-sectional respondent weight
rxewght X-sectional enumerated individual weight
rj2payi Imputation flag - RJ2PAY (base)
rfiyrdii Imputation flag - RFIYRDI (base)
rprearni Imputation flag - RPREARN (base)
rprfitbi Imputation flag - RPRFITB (base)
rpaygui Imputation flag - RPAYGU (derived)
rpaynui Imputation flag - RPAYNU (derived)
rpaygti Imputation flag - RPAYGTY (derived)
rpaygli Imputation flag - RPAYGLY (derived)
rpaynti Imputation flag - RPAYNTY (derived)
rpaynli Imputation flag - RPAYNLY (derived)
rjsprofi Imputation flag - RJSPROF (derived)
rjspaygi Imputation flag - RJSPAYG (derived)
rfimnpi Imputation flag - RFIMNP (derived)
rfimnbi Imputation flag - RFIMNB (derived)
rfimnii Imputation flag - RFIMNI (derived)
rfimnti Imputation flag - RFIMNT (derived)
rfimnnli Imputation flag - RFIMNNL (derived)
rfimnli Imputation flag - RFIMNL (derived)
rfimnthi Imputation flag - RFIMN (derived)
rfiyrli Imputation flag - RFIYRL (derived)
rfiyrnli Imputation flag - RFIYRNL (derived)
rfiyrpi Imputation flag - RFIYRP (derived)
rfiyrbi Imputation flag - RFIYRB (derived)
rfiyrti Imputation flag - RFIYRT (derived)
rfiyrii Imputation flag - RFIYRI (derived)
rfiyeari Imputation flag - RFIYR (derived)
rsppaygi Imputation flag - RSPPAYG (derived)
rfihhmni Imputation flag - RFIHHMN (derived)
rmrjend Year left most recent job
rmrjsoc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job
rmrjsic Industry (SIC) of most recent job
rmrjsic9 Industry (SIC92) of most recent job
rmrjsemp Employee or self emp., most recent job
rmrjboss Hired employees, most recent job
rmrjmngr Managerial duties, most recent job
rmrjsize Number at workplace, most recent job
rmrjseg Socio economic group: most recent job
rmrjgold Goldthorpe Class: most recent job
rmrjrgsc RG Social Class: most recent job
rmrjisco International SOC: most recent job
rmrjcssm Cambridge Scale M: most recent job
rmrjcssf Cambridge Scale F: most recent job
rmrjhgs Hope-Goldthorpe Scale: most recent job
rmrjsec Socio-Economic Class: most recent job
rpaseg Socio economic group: father's job
rpagold Goldthorpe Social Class: father's job
rpargsc RG Social Class: father's job
rpaisco International SOC : father's job
rpacssm Cambridge Scale males : father's job
rpacssf Cambridge Scale females : father's job
rpahgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : father's job
rpasec Socio-Economic Class: father's job
rmaseg Socio economic group: mothers's job
rmagold Goldthorpe Social Class: mothers's job
rmargsc RG Social Class: mothers's job
rmaisco International SOC : mothers's job
rmacssm Cambridge Scale males : mothers's job
rmacssf Cambridge Scale females : mothers's job
rmahgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : mothers's job
rmasec Socio-Economic Class: mother's job
rj1seg Socio economic group: first job
rj1gold Goldthorpe Social Class: first job
rj1rgsc RG Social Class: first job
rj1isco International SOC : first job
rj1cssm Cambridge Scale males : first job
rj1cssf Cambridge Scale females : first job
rj1hgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : first job
rj1sec Socio-Economic Class: first job
rfimnsel Indicator: S/Emp loss not inc. in RFIMN
rxrwtuk1 X-sect'l resp. weight inc new samples
rxewtuk1 X-sect'l enum. weight inc new samples
rxrwtuk2 X-sect'l resp. weight within UK estimates
rxewtuk2 X-sect'l enum. weight within UK estimates
rlrwtsw1 Longit'l resp. weight inc Scot-Welsh
rlewtsw1 Longit'l enum. weight inc. Scot-Welsh
rlrwtsw2 Longit'l resp. weight only Scot-Welsh
rlewtsw2 Longit'l enum. weight only Scot-Welsh
rlrwtuk1 Longit'l resp. weight inc new samples
rlewtuk1 Longit'l enum. weight inc new samples
rlrwtuk2 Longit'l resp. weight within UK estimates
rlewtuk2 Longit'l enum. weight within UK estimates
rsppid Cross-wave person identifier of spouse
rfpid Cross-wave person identifier of father
rmpid Cross-wave person identifier of mother
rjbbgd Day started current job
rjbbgm Month started current job
rjbbgy4 Year started current job
rjbbgly Started job after 1.9.2007
rjsbgd S/emp: Day started current job
rjsbgm S/emp: Month started current job
rjsbgy4 S/emp: Year started current job
rjsbgly S/emp: Started job after 1.9.2007
risced ISCED levels
rcasmin CASMIN levels
rdistmov Distance of residential move
rregion2 Government Office Region
rjbiscon International SOC (num): present job
rjliscon International SOC (num): last job
rmrjiscn International SOC (num): most recent job
rj1iscon International SOC (num): first job
rmaiscon International SOC (num): mother's job
rpaiscon International SOC (num): father's job
rjbsoc00_cc Occupation (SOC2000): current main job - condensed
rj2soc00_cc Occupation (SOC2000), second job - condensed
rj1soc00_cc First job (SOC2000) after leaving school - condensed
rjlsoc00_cc Occupation (SOC2000) of last job - condensed
rmasoc00_cc Mother's occupation (SOC2000) R. age 14 - condensed
rpasoc00_cc Father's occupation (SOC2000) R. age 14 - condensed
rjusoc00_cc Occupation (SOC2000) of job sought - condensed
rmasoc_cc Mother's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14 - condensed
rpasoc_cc Father's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14 - condensed
rjbsoc_cc Occupation (SOC): current main job - condensed
rjlsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of last job - condensed
rj1soc_cc First job (SOC) after leaving school - condensed
rj2soc_cc Occupation (SOC), second job - condensed
rjusoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of job sought - condensed
rjbsocly_cc Occupation (SOC): job on 1.9.2005 - condensed
rspsoc_cc Spouse/partner's Occupation - condensed
rmrjsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job - condensed
rjbiscon_cc International SOC (num): present job - condensed
rjliscon_cc International SOC (num): last job - condensed
rj1iscon_cc International SOC (num): first job - condensed
rmaiscon_cc International SOC (num): mother's job - condensed
rpaiscon_cc International SOC (num): father's job - condensed
rmrjiscn_cc International SOC (num): most recent job - condensed
rjbisco_cc International SOC : present job - condensed
rjlisco_cc International SOC : last job - condensed
rj1isco_cc International SOC : first job - condensed
rmaisco_cc International SOC : mothers's job - condensed
rpaisco_cc International SOC : father's job - condensed
rmrjisco_cc International SOC: most recent job - condensed
rplbornc_cc country of birth: condensed UKHLS classification
rmabrn_cc Country father born: condensed classification
rpabrn_cc Country mother born: condensed classification
rpapabrn_cc Country paternal grandfather born: condensed classification
rpamabrn_cc Country paternal grandmother born: condensed classification
rmapabrn_cc Country maternal grandfather born: condensed classification
rmamabrn_cc Country maternal grandmother born: condensed classification