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BHPS Documentation - Record Type XWAVEID

Record Type XWAVEID contains information for matching individuals between Waves. It contains one record for each individual who has ever been a member of a respondent household. It is keyed on PID, the Cross-Wave Person Identifier, and contains the household identifier and person number within household, as well as the response status, for that individual at each wave.

For each wave, the indexed household reference is to the last (expected) household of enumeration. See the record header statement for RINDSAMP for a discussion of multiple enumerations.

This Record Type provides the simplest method of matching data pertaining to an individual at more than one Wave.

If the individual had not entered the sample by the time of a particular Wave, they will have not applicable (-8) values for the Wave specific information. The situation is the same if they had finally left the sample by the time of a wave.

The results displayed in the following tables are obtained from unweighted data. A full discussion of the use of the weights contained on this Record Type appears in Volume A.