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BHPS Documentation - Record Type RJOBHSTD

This record contains information from the employment history over the period from 1st September 2007 to the date of interview. There is one record for each spell identified at questions J10 and J10b. In contrast to the annual employment history collected at waves 1 to 15, and contained in record wJOBHIST, the sequence of spells works forward from the situation at the time of the previous which is fed forward using dependent interviewing (or is asked if the respondent was not interviewed at the previous waves). See Volume A section IV.18 for further information on dependent interviewing. Data from this record have been reconstructed into the format as collected at previous waves. These data are contained in record RJOBHIST.

These records will only exist for respondents whose current labour force spell began after 1.9.2007. The additional key RJSPNO identifies the sequence of job spell, with the most recent first. Note that values of RJSPNO on RJOBHIST and RJOBHSTD refer to different spells.