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BHPS Documentation - Record Type QJOBHIST

This record contains information from the employment history over the period from 1st September 2007 to the date of interview. It is derived from the data contained in RJOBHSTD, which is collected in a different format from that used at waves 1 to 15, and is based on fed forward data from the previous wave. It has the same structure as wJOBHIST for previous waves with the order of spells being backward from the current spell to 1st September 2007. For continuing respondents, information about the situation at the time of the last interview has been copied from previous wave. For new respondents detailed information about the job held 12 months earlier is not available.

These records will only exist for respondents whose current labour force spell began after 1.9.2007. The additional key RJSPNO identifies the sequence of job spell, with the most recent first. Note that values of RJSPNO on RJOBHIST and RJOBHSTD refer to different spells.

Derived variables are those from RJHENDD onwards. Where a job is with the same employer as previously mentioned and/or at the same workplace (RJHSTAT=1), then the values for RJHSIC RJHSECT and RJHSIZE are copied from the relevant record.

The following variables have all missing data imputed:

See Volume A Section V.3 for a full discussion of imputation. Imputation flag variables are listed below.