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BHPS Documentation - Record Type REGOALT

This Record provides a mechanism for identifying the relationship of each individual in a household to all others. There are two records for each relationship pair to separately identify the relationship in either direction (e.g. one record identifies that person 1 is the parent of person 3, while another record identifies that person 3 is the child of person 1). The relationship codes are not gendered, so the sex of each person is also given.

The relationship given is that of the second person to the first (e.g. if RPNO = 1 and ROPNO = 3 and RREL = 4 (natural child)) then person 3 is the natural child of person 1.

The variable RLWSTAT allows the computation of household composition change measures since Wave Fifteen.

The results displayed in the following tables are obtained from unweighted data. A full discussion of the use of the weights contained on this Record Type appears in Volume A.