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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type qyouth

qhid household identification number
qpno person number
qypdobm date of birth: month
qypdoby4 date of birth: year
qypsex gender of youth
qyptvbr tv in bedroom
qytvhrs hours spent watching tv on a school day?
qytvstp parents stop you watching a programme ?
qypacta how often: walk/swim/play sport
qypactb how often: watch live sport
qypactc how often: go to the cinema
qypactd how often: go to theatre/concert
qypacte how often: eat out
qypactm how often: go to youth club
qypactn how often: go to disco
qypactl how often: do voluntary work
qypchor time spent doing/helping with housework
qypcomp do you ever use a computer at home ?
qyppchw how often use pc for home/course work
qyppcg how often play games on the computer
qyppcnt how often use pc for net/send e-mail
qypmobu have own mobile phone?
qyppals times had friends round to your house ?
qyppalo how often out with friends
qyputel do you tell parents where going ?
qyplate past month: times out after 9.00 pm ?
qypgang member of a gang
qypvand vandalised property in past year
qypargm how often quarrel with your mother ?
qypargf how often quarrel with your father ?
qyptlkm talk to mum: things that matter ?
qyptlkf talk to dad: things that matter ?
qypnpal how many close friends do you have ?
qypfght how often past month:fight with someone?
qypeatn past week times evening meal with family
qyphstat health compared to people own age
qypfrut how often eat fresh fruit or veg
qypffd how often eat fast food, takeaways
qypjfd how often eat crisps fizzy drinks sweets
qypsmev have you ever tried a cigarette ?
qypsmof how often do you smoke ?
qypsmlw how many cigarettes in last 7 days ?
qypdklm past month: how many alcoholic drinks?
qypdgfr do your friends ever use illegal drugs?
qypdgyr will try illegal drugs
qypesta i feel i have a number good qualities
qypesti i don't have much to be proud of
qypestb i certainly feel useless at times
qypestj i am as able as most people
qypestc i am a likeable person
qypestk i can usually solve my own problems
qypeste i am inclined to feel i am a failure
qypestf at times i feel i am no good at all
qyptcha i like most of my teachers
qyptchb teachers are always getting at me
qyphsw feel about your school work ?
qyphap feel about your appearance ?
qyphfm feel about your family ?
qyphfr feel about your friends ?
qyphsc feel about your school?
qyphlf feel about your life as a whole ?
qypoppl police helpful to young people
qypoplc sex education school better than parents
qypvte6 level of interest in politics
qypvte3 party which would vote for ?
qypcrwra worry re being victim of crime
qypcrwrb safeness of walking alone at night
qyptrun played truant from school
qypexpl suspended/expelled from school
qypbull how much worry about bullying at school?
qypopsc how much means to do well at school ?
qyplvsc leave school when you are 16 ?
qypacvs important to get gcse/standards
qypsoc00 office code (soc2000): job like whenleft
qypsoc90 office code (soc): job like when left sc
qypwklw paid work done last week
qypsoc10 main job (soc2000)
qypsoc19 main job (soc)
qypsoc20 second job (soc2000)
qypsoc29 second job (soc)
qypwhrs last week, hours spent working for pay ?
qyppay last week: money earned working ?
qyplvhm age you think when you leave home ?
qyp2uni would like to go to college/university
qypnuna why not go to university, first reason
qypnunb why not go to university, second reason
qypevnt1 1st mentioned important event of year
qypevnt2 2nd mentioned important event of year
qypjbqa importance of: job security
qypjbqd importance of: high income
qypjbqb importance of: time for leisure
qypjbqf importance of: interesting job
qypjbqg importance of: worthwhile job
qypjbqh importance of: helping others
qypwght young person weight
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
qfnspno person number of father (nat/step)
qfnspid x-wave pid of father (nat/step)
qmnspno person number of mother (nat/step)
qmnspid cross-wave pid of mother (nat/step)
qypsoc00_cc office code (soc2000): job like whenleft - condensed classification
qypsoc90_cc office code (soc): job like when left sc - condensed classification
qypsoc10_cc main job (soc2000) - condensed classification
qypsoc19_cc main job (soc) - condensed classification
qypsoc20_cc second job (soc2000) - condensed classification
qypsoc29_cc second job (soc) - condensed classification