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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type qindresp

qhid Household identification number
qpno Person number
qdoid Date of interview: day
qdoim Date of interview: month
qdoiy4 Date of interview: year
qivlyr IC: Interviewed last year
qivstat2 Interview status
qivsoih Hour interview began
qivsoim Minute interview began
qlknbrd Likes present neighbourhood
qlkmove Prefers to move house
qlkmovy Prefers to move: main reason
qxpmove Expect to move in next year
qplnew Resident at present address last year
qplnowm Month moved to present address
qplnowy4 Year moved to present address
qmovjb Moved for employment reasons
qmovjba Moved - employer relocated workplace
qmovjbb Moved - new job, same employer
qmovjbc Moved - new job, new employer
qmovjbd Moved - closer to same job
qmovjbe Moved - start own business
qmovjbf Moved - relocate own business
qmovjbg Moved - salary increase - new home
qmovjbh Moved - to seek work
qmovjbi Moved - other employment reason
qmovy1 Moved - 1st non employment reason
qmovy2 Moved - 2nd non employment reason
qdobm Month of birth
qdoby Year of birth
qsex Sex
qmlstat Present legal marital status
qmlchng Marital status changed since 1.9.2006
qmlchm Marital status changed, month
qmlchy4 Marital status change, year
qjbstat Current economic activity
qedlyr Attend any educ inst. f/t since 1.9.2006
qedtype1 Type of educ. instit. attended
qedblyr1 Period of f/t ed. began after last Sept
qedbgm1 Education spell start month
qedbgy1 Education spell start year
qedenm1 Education spell end month
qedeny1 Education spell end year
qedenne1 Education spell not ended
qedfeea1 Fees paid by: No fees
qedfeeb1 Fees paid by: Self/family
qedfeec1 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
qedfeed1 Fees paid by: Student grant
qedfeee1 Fees paid by: New Deal scheme
qedfeef1 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
qedfeeg1 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
qedmore1 Any other ft educ. since ref. date
qedtype2 Type of educ. instit. attended
qedblyr2 Period of f/t ed. began after last Sept
qedbgm2 Education spell start month
qedbgy2 Education spell start year
qedenm2 Education spell end month
qedeny2 Education spell end year
qedenne2 Education spell not ended
qedfeea2 Fees paid by: No fees
qedfeeb2 Fees paid by: Self/family
qedfeec2 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
qedfeed2 Fees paid by: Student grant
qedfeee2 Fees paid by: New Deal scheme
qedfeef2 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
qedfeeg2 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
qedmore2 Any other ft educ. since ref. date
qedtype3 Type of educ. instit. attended
qedblyr3 Period of f/t ed. began after last Sept
qedbgm3 Education spell start month
qedbgy3 Education spell start year
qedenm3 Education spell end month
qedeny3 Education spell end year
qedenne3 Education spell not ended
qedfeea3 Fees paid by: No fees
qedfeeb3 Fees paid by: Self/family
qedfeec3 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
qedfeed3 Fees paid by: Student grant
qedfeee3 Fees paid by: New Deal scheme
qedfeef3 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
qedfeeg3 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
qplbornd District of birth
qplbornc Country of birth
qyr2uk4 Year came to Britain
qcitzn1 3 digit Citizenship: 1st mention
qcitzn2 3 digit Citizenship: 2nd mention
qnatidb National identity - English
qnatidf National identity - Scottish
qnatidg National identity - Welsh
qnatide National identity - Irish
qnatida National identity - British
qnatidh National identity - Other
qracel Ethnic group membership (long version)
qoprlg5 Religious denomination
qoprlg7 Actively practicing religion
qpaju Father not working when resp. aged 14
qpasoc Father's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14
qpasoc00 Father's occupation (SOC2000) R. age 14
qpasemp Father self employed, resp. aged 14
qpaboss Father had employees, resp. aged 14
qpamngr Father was manager, resp. aged 14
qmaju Mother not working when resp. aged 14
qmasoc Mother's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14
qmasoc00 Mother's occupation (SOC2000) R. age 14
qmasemp Mother self employed, resp. aged 14
qmaboss Mother had employees, resp. aged 14
qmamngr Mother was manager, resp. aged 14
qj1none Still in f-t education/ never had job
qj1soc First job (SOC) after leaving school
qj1soc00 First job (SOC2000) after leaving school
qj1semp Employee or self-employed: first job
qj1boss Hired employees: first job
qj1mngr Managerial duties: first job
qlcoh Ever cohabited without marrying
qcoh1bm Month first began cohabitating
qcoh1by Year first began cohabitating
qcoh1mr Went on to marry first cohabitee
qcoh1em Month first cohabitation ended
qcoh1ey Year first cohabitation ended
qnmar No. of times resp. married
qlmar1m Month of first marriage
qlmar1y Year of first marriage
qlprnt Natural parent of children
qlnprnt No. of children resp. natural parent to
qch1bm Month first child born
qch1by Year first child born
qschool Never went to /still at school
qscend School leaving age
qsctype Type of school attended
qscnow Still at school
qfetype Type of further education attended
qfenow Still in further education
qfeend Further education leaving age
qqfhas Has listed post school qualification
qqfa Qualifications: youth training cert
qqfb Qualifications: trade apprenticeship
qqfc Qualifications: clerical or commercial
qqfd Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt I
qqfe Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt II
qqff Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt III
qqfg Qualifications: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
qqfh Qualifications: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
qqfi Qualifications: nursing SEN SRN SCM
qqfj Qualifications: teaching
qqfk Qualifications: university diploma
qqfl Qualifications: Univ/CNAA first degree
qqfm Qualifications: Univ/CNAA higher degree
qqfn Post school qualifications: other
qqfed Has listed school qualification
qqfeda Qualifications: any school cert/ matric
qnqfeda Qualifications: No. school cert/ matric
qqfedb Qualifications: any CSEs grade 2-5
qnqfedb Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 2-5
qqfedc Qualifications: any CSEs grade 1
qnqfedc Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 1
qqfedd Qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
qnqfedd Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
qqfede Qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
qnqfede Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
qqfedf Qualifications: any O levels pre-1975
qnqfedf Qualifications: No. O levels pre-1975
qqfedg Qualifications: any OLs A-C post-1975
qnqfedg Qualifications: No. OLs A-C post-1975
qqfedh Qualifications: any OLs D-E post-1975
qnqfedh Qualifications: No. OLs D-E post-1975
qqfedi Qualifications: any Higher school certs
qnqfedi Qualifications: No. Higher school certs
qqfedj Qualifications: any A levels
qnqfedj Qualifications: No. A level passes
qqfedt Qualifications: any GNVQ's
qnqfedt Qualifications: No. GNVQ's
qqfedu Qualifications: any AS levels
qnqfedu Qualifications: No. AS levels
qqfedk Qualifications:any SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
qnqfedk Qualifications:No. SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
qqfedl Qualifications: any O grades A-C or 1-3
qnqfedl Qualifications: No. O grades A-C or 1-3
qqfedm Qualifications: any standard grades 4-7
qnqfedm Qualifications: No. standard grades 4-7
qqfedn Qualifications: any standard grades 1-3
qnqfedn Qualifications: No. standard grades 1-3
qqfedo Qualifications: any higher grades
qnqfedo Qualifications: No. higher grade passes
qqfedp Qualifications: any 6th year certs
qnqfedp Qualifications: No. 6th year certs
qqfedq Qualifications: any SLCs lower grade
qnqfedq Qualifications: No. SLC lower grades
qqfedr Qualifications: any SLCs higher grade
qnqfedr Qualifications: No. SLCs higher grade
qqfeds Qualifications: any others
qnqfeds Qualifications: No. of others
qtrain Taken any part-time courses
qntrain Number of part-time courses
qtrplce1 Where did educ/training take place
qtrwhya1 Why course: Help start current job
qtrwhyb1 Why course: Incr skills in current job
qtrwhyc1 Why course: Improve skills current job
qtrwhyd1 Why course: Prepare for future job(s)
qtrwhye1 Why course: Develop skills generally
qtrq1 Time on training since ref date: Amount
qtru1 Time on training since ref date: Unit
qtrfeea1 Fees paid by: No fees
qtrfeeb1 Fees paid by: Self/family
qtrfeec1 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
qtrfeee1 Fees paid by: New deal scheme
qtrfeef1 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
qtrfeeg1 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
qtrqlxp1 Course to lead to qualif/part of qualif
qtrqlac1 Any qualifications since reference date
qtrmore1 Any other course/training since ref date
qtrplce2 Where did educ/training take place
qtrwhya2 Why course: Help start current job
qtrwhyb2 Why course: Incr skills in current job
qtrwhyc2 Why course: Improve skills current job
qtrwhyd2 Why course: Prepare for future job(s)
qtrwhye2 Why course: Develop skills generally
qtrq2 Time on training since ref date: Amount
qtru2 Time on training since ref date: Unit
qtrfeea2 Fees paid by: No Fees
qtrfeeb2 Fees paid by: Self/family
qtrfeec2 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
qtrfeee2 Fees paid by: New deal scheme
qtrfeef2 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
qtrfeeg2 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
qtrqlxp2 Course to lead to qualif/part of qualif
qtrqlac2 Any qualifications since reference date
qtrmore2 Any other course/training since ref date
qtrplce3 Where did educ/training take place
qtrwhya3 Why course: Help start current job
qtrwhyb3 Why course: Incr skills in current job
qtrwhyc3 Why course: Improve skills current job
qtrwhyd3 Why course: Prepare for future job(s)
qtrwhye3 Why course: Develop skills generally
qtrq3 Time on training since ref date: Amount
qtru3 Time on training since ref date: Unit
qtrfeea3 Fees paid by: No fees
qtrfeeb3 Fees paid by: Self/family
qtrfeec3 Fees paid by: Employer/future employer
qtrfeee3 Fees paid by: New Deal scheme
qtrfeef3 Fees paid by: Training for work/yth/tec
qtrfeeg3 Fees paid by: Other arrangement
qtrqlxp3 Course to lead to qualif/part of qualif
qtrqlac3 Any qualifications since reference date
qqfrec Any qualifications since reference date
qqfedx Has listed school qualif since 1.9.2006
qqfedxa New qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
qnqfexa New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
qqfedxb New qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
qnqfexb New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
qqfedxl New qualifications: any GNVQ
qnqfexl New qualifications: No. GNVQ's
qqfedxm New qualifications: any A Level grade C-E
qnqfexm New qualifications: No. A Level grade C-E
qqfedxn New qualifications: any A Level grade A-B
qnqfexn New qualifications: No. A Level grade A-B
qqfedxo New qualifications: any AS Level
qnqfexo New qualifications: No. AS Level
qqfedxg New qualif's: any Standard grades 4-7
qnqfexg New qualif's: No. Standard grades 4-7
qqfedxh New qualif's: any Standard grades 1-3
qnqfexh New qualif's: No. Standard grades 1-3
qqfedxi New qualif's: any Higher grades
qnqfexi New qualifications: No. Higher grades
qqfx Has listed qualifications since 1.9.2006
qqfxc New qualif's: clerical or commercial
qqfxd New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt I
qqfxe New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt II
qqfxf New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt III
qqfxg New qualif's: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
qqfxh New qualif's: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
qqfxo New qualifications: NVQ/SVQ level 1
qqfxp New qualifications: NVQ/SVQ level 2
qqfxq New qualifications: NVQ/SVQ level 3
qqfxr New qualifications: NVQ/SVQ level 4
qqfxk New qualif's: university diploma
qqfxl New qualif's: Univ/CNAA first degree
qqfxm New qualif's: Univ/CNAA higher degree
qqfxn New post school qualifications: other
qbirhh IC: Babies born since Sept 2006
qmabwly IC: Resp. Mum child post sept 2006
qmabwnly IC: Number of children since Sept 2006
qbwtpn1 Child 1 PNO
qbwtagm1 Child 1 Age - months
qbwtxp1 Child 1 Born when expected
qbwtel1 Child 1 Born early or late
qbwtwk1 Child 1 Weeks early or late
qbwtkn1 Child 1 Birth weight known
qbwtlb1 Child 1 Birth weight: Pounds
qbwtoz1 Child 1 Birth weight: Ounces
qbwtgm1 Child 1 Birth weight: Grammes
qbwtg51 Child 1 Birth weight: more than 5.5lbs
qbwtpn2 Child 2 PNO
qbwtagm2 Child 2 Age - months
qbwtxp2 Child 2 Born when expected
qbwtel2 Child 2 Born early or late
qbwtwk2 Child 2 Weeks early or late
qbwtkn2 Child 2 Birth weight known
qbwtlb2 Child 2 Birth weight: Pounds
qbwtoz2 Child 2 Birth weight: Ounces
qbwtgm2 Child 2 Birth weight: Grammes
qbwtg52 Child 2 Birth weight: more than 5.5lbs
qbwtpn3 Child 3 PNO
qbwtagm3 Child 3 Age - months
qbwtxp3 Child 3 Born when expected
qbwtel3 Child 3 Born early or late
qbwtwk3 Child 3 Weeks early or late
qbwtkn3 Child 3 Birth weight known
qbwtlb3 Child 3 Birth weight: Pounds
qbwtoz3 Child 3 Birth weight: Ounces
qbwtgm3 Child 3 Birth weight: Grammes
qbwtg53 Child 3 Birth weight: more than 5.5lbs
qwlsha Resp understands spoken Welsh
qwlshb Resp speaks Welsh
qwlshc Resp reads Welsh
qwlshd Resp writes Welsh
qwlshe Respondent doesn't understand Welsh
qwlshua Language spoken at home
qwlshub Language spoken at work
qwlshuc Language spoken at school, college etc.
qwlshud Language spoken talking to people
qwlshue Language spoken generally
qaglt20 IC: resp. Aged 20 or under
qscnow2 Still at school
qinfted IC: Respondent full-time student
qedasp Highest lvl exam like get b/f leave sch
qfedasp Would like to go onto further education
qfedtyp Type of further education R like to do
qfedlik Likelihood of entering further education
qfednt1 1st reason not going on to f/education
qfednt2 2nd reason not going on to f/education
qocfut00 Job (SOC 2000) Resp. Would like to do in future
qocfut90 Job (SOC 90) Resp. Would like to do in future
qocimpa Occupation: important: job security
qocimpb Occupation: important: high income
qocimpc Occupation: important: moving up ladder
qocimpd Occupation: important: respected job
qocimpe Occupation: important: lot leisure time
qocimpf Occupation: important: interesting job
qocimpg Occupation: important: independence
qocimph Occupation: important: interact w people
qocimpi Occupation: important:contribute to soc.
qocimpj Occupation: important: safe/health work
qocimpk Occupation: important: time for family
qocimpl Occupation: important: job helps others
qfutra Likelihood: gain training/uni place
qfutrb Likelihood: sucessfully finish studies
qfutrc Likelihood: find a suitable job
qfutrd Likelihood: be successful
qfutre Likelihood: become long-term unemployed
qfutrf Likelihood: kept back in job
qfutrg Likelihood: be self-employed
qfutrh Likelihood: working abroad
qfutri Likelihood: marry at sometime
qfutrj Likelihood: cohabit
qfutrk Likelihood: have a child
qfutrl Likelihood: have several children
qcrwora Worry about being affected by crime
qcrworb Extent of concern about crime
qcrdark Feel safe walking alone at night
qcrgraf Extent of: Graffiti on walls
qcrteen Extent of: Teenagers hanging about
qcrdrnk Extent of: Drunks/tramps on street
qcrvand Extent of: Vandalism
qcrrace Extent of: Racial insults/attacks
qcrburg Extent of: Homes broken into
qcrcar Extent of: cars stolen/broken into
qcrmugg Extent of: People attacked on street
qpcuse Ever use a computer at home
qpcusea Computer use: Paid work
qpcuseb Computer use: Voluntary work
qpcusec Computer use: Educational work
qpcused Computer use: Playing games
qpcusee Computer use: Word processing
qpcusef Computer use: Financial accounts
qpcuseg Computer use: Connect to internet
qpcuseh Computer use: Hobbies
qpcusei Computer use: Other
qpcusem Computer use: Most important reason
qpcoftn Computer use: How often
qivda Present Demog section: Respondent Alone
qivdb Present Demog. section: Partner
qivdc Present Demog. section: Other Adult
qivdd Present Demog. section: Children
qivde Present Demog. section: Supervisor
qpm0h Hour section M began
qpm0m Minute section M began
qhldsbl1 Consider's self to be disabled
qhlstat Health status over last 12 months
qhlprb Health problems: none
qhlprba Health problems: Arms, legs, hands, etc
qhlprbb Health problems: Sight
qhlprbc Health problems: Hearing
qhlprbd Health problems: Skin conditions/allergy
qhlprbe Health problems: Chest/breathing
qhlprbf Health problems: Heart/blood pressure
qhlprbg Health problems: Stomach or digestion
qhlprbh Health problems: Diabetes
qhlprbi Health problems: Anxiety, depression, etc
qhlprbj Health problems: Alcohol or drugs
qhlprbk Health problems: Epilepsy
qhlprbl Health problems: Migraine
qhlprbn Health problems: Cancer
qhlprbo Health problems: Stroke
qhlprbm Health problems: Other
qhllt Health limits daily activities
qhllta Health hinders doing the housework
qhlltb Health hinders climbing the stairs
qhlltc Health hinders getting dressed
qhlltd Health hinders walking more than 10 mins
qhllte Health no hindrance to listed activities
qhlltw Health limits type or amount of work
qhlendw Health prohibits some types of work
qhlltwa How far health limits amount of work
qhliv65 IC: Respondent 65+
qadla Ability to: Manage stairs
qadlad Ease of: Managing stairs
qadlb Ability to: Get around house
qadlbd Ease of: Getting around house
qadlc Ability to: Get in/out of bed
qadlcd Ease of: Getting in/out of bed
qadld Ability to: Cut toenails
qadldd Ease of: Cutting toenails
qadle Ability to: Bath/shower
qadled Ease of: Bathing/showering
qadlf Ability to: Walk down road
qadlfd Ease of: Walking down road
qhl2gp No. of visits to GP since 1.9.2006
qhl2hop No. visits to out-patients in past year
qxdts Whether accidents since 1.9.2006
qnxdts No. of serious accidents since 1.9.2006
qhosp Hospital in-patient since 1.9.2006
qhospd Hospital in-patient: days since 1.9.2006
qhospch Hospital stays were for childbirth
qhospnhs Hospital stays NHS or private
qhlcvr Covered by private medical insurance
qhlcvrh How medical insurace paid for
qhlcvrl Cost to resp. Of medical insurance
qhlsv Health service: used any since 1.9.2006
qhlsva Health service: used health visitor
qhlsvan Health service: health visitor NHS/priv
qhlsvaf Health service: health visitor free/paid
qhlsvb Welfare service: used home help
qhlsvbn Welfare service: home help NHS/private
qhlsvbf Welfare service: home help free/paid
qhlsvc Welfare service: used meals on wheels
qhlsvcn Welfare service:meals on wheels NHS/priv
qhlsvcf Welfare service:meals on wheels free/pd
qhlsvd Welfare service: used social worker
qhlsvdn Welfare service: social worker NHS/priv
qhlsvdf Welfare service: social worker free/paid
qhlsve Health service: used chiropodist
qhlsven Health service: chiropodist NHS/private
qhlsvef Health service: chiropodist free/paid
qhlsvf Health service:used alternative medicine
qhlsvfn Health service:alt. medicine NHS/private
qhlsvff Health service: alt. medicine free/paid
qhlsvg Welfare service: used psychotherapist
qhlsvgn Welfare service: psychotherapy NHS/priv
qhlsvgf Welfare service: psychotherapy free/paid
qhlsvh Welfare service: used speech therapist
qhlsvhn Welfare service: speech therapy NHS/priv
qhlsvhf Welfare service:speech therapy free/paid
qhlsvi Health service: used physiotherapist
qhlsvin Health service: physiotherapy NHS/priv
qhlsvif Health service: physiotherapy free/paid
qhlsvl Health service: saw consultant/o'patient
qhlsvln Health service:consult/outpatnt NHS/priv
qhlsvlf Health service: consult/outpatnt free/pd
qhlsvm Health service: family planning
qhlsvmn Health service: family planning NHS/priv
qhlsvmf Health service:family planning free/paid
qhlsvj Welfare service: used other service (i)
qhlsvjn Welfare service: other serv (i) NHS/priv
qhlsvjf Welfare service:other serv (i) free/paid
qhlsvk Welfare service: used other service (ii)
qhlsvkn Welfare service:other serv (ii) NHS/priv
qhlsvkf Welfare service:other serv(ii) free/paid
qhlck Has had listed health check
qhlcka Health check-up: dental
qhlckan Health check-up: dental NHS/private
qhlckb Health check-up: eyetest
qhlckbn Health check-up: eyetest NHS/private
qhlckc Health check-up: chest or other x-ray
qhlckcn Health check-up: chest x-ray NHS/private
qhlckd Health check-up: blood pressure
qhlckdn Health check-up: blood pressure NHS/priv
qhlcke Health check-up: cholesterol test
qhlcken Health check-up: cholesterol NHS/private
qhlcki Health check-up: blood test
qhlckin Health check-up: blood test NHS/priv
qhlckf Health check-up: other checks
qhlckfn Health check-up:other checks NHS/private
qhlckg Health check-up: cervical smear
qhlckgn Health check-up: cervical smear NHS/priv
qhlckh Health check-up: breast screen
qhlckhn Health check-up: breast screen NHS/priv
qsmoker Smoker
qncigs Usual no. of cigarettes smoked per day
qcbage IC: Whether of childbearing age
qlchmor Likely resp. will have (more) children
qlchmorn No. more children resp. likely to have
qspinhh Whether living with spouse or partner
qaidhh Cares for handicapped/other in household
qaidhua PNO of 1st cared for person
qaidhub PNO of 2nd cared for person
qaidhuc PNO of 3rd cared for person
qaidxhh Provides care for non-resident person
qnaidxhh Number of non-residents cared for
qaidhu1 Caring:relation to 1st non-res dependant
qaidhu2 Caring:relation to 2nd non-res dependant
qaidhrs Hours per week spent caring
qivma Health section: respondent alone
qivmb Health section: partner present
qivmc Health section: other adults present
qivmd Health section: child/ren present
qivme Health section: supervisor present
qpe0h Hour section E began
qpe0m Minute section E began
qjbhas Did paid work last week
qjboff No work last week but has job
qjboffy Reason off work last week
qjbterm1 Current job: permanent or temporary
qjbterm2 Type of non-permanent job
qjbck1 Valid occupation check
qjbsocp Confirm occupation
qjbsoc Occupation (SOC): current main job
qjbsoc00 Occupation (SOC2000): current main job
qjbck2 Emp prev wave and no valid SOC
qjbsocr Same job last interview
qjbck3 Valid industry
qjbsicp Confirm industry
qjbsic92 Industry(SIC92) of employer: current job
qjbck4 Emp prev wave and no valid SIC
qjbsicr Same industry
qjbck5 Valid employer check
qjbempp Confirm employer
qjbck6 Emp prev wave and no valid employer
qjbempr Same employer
qjbck7 Check emp status prev wave
qjbsempp Same employee status
qjbsempr Confirm changed employee status
qjbsemp Employee or self-employed: current job
qjbck8 Check: occup and employer
qjbprom Had promotion
qjbchgd Promotion date: day
qjbchgm Promotion date: month
qjbchgy4 Promotion date: year
qjbchgly Promotion before ref date
qjbcspl Same employer since int date
qjbck9 Check: valid prev managerial duties
qjbmngp Same managerial duties
qjbmngr Managerial duties: current job
qjbck10 Check: valid prev sector
qjbsectp Same sector
qjbsect Employing organisation: current job
qjbck11 Check: valid prev size
qjbsizep Same size
qjbsize No. employed at workplace: current job
qjbhrs No. of hours normally worked per week
qjbot No. of overtime hours in normal week
qjbotpd No. of hours worked as paid overtime
qjbhrlk Preference over hours worked
qjbpl Work location
qjbttwt Minutes spent travelling to work
qjbttwm Main means of travel to work
qjbsat2 Job satisfaction: total pay
qjbsat4 Job satisfaction: security
qjbsat6 Job satisfaction: work itself
qjbsat7 Job satisfaction: hours worked
qjbsat Job satisfaction: overall
qpaygl Gross pay at last payment
qpaygw Pay period (weeks): last gross pay
qpaynl Take-home pay at last payment
qpaynw Pay period (weeks): last take-home pay
qpytc Last pay included any Tax Credit
qpywftc Amount: Working families Tax Credit
qpywftcw WFTC: pay period (weeks)
qpayslp Pay slip seen by interviewer
qpayusl Was last gross pay the usual amount
qpayu Usual pay
qpayuw Usual pay: pay period (weeks)
qpayug Usual pay: gross/net of deductions
qpaydf1 Last pay unusual: included back pay
qpaydf2 Last pay unusual: included holiday pay
qpaydf3 Last pay unusual: included tax refund
qpaydf4 Last pay unusual: included sick pay
qpaydf5 Last pay unusual: sick without pay
qpaydf6 Last pay unusual: included maternity pay
qpaydf7 Last pay unusual through overtime
qpaydf9 Last pay unusual: Bonus/tips/commission
qpaydf8 Last pay unusual for other reason
qpaytyp Salaried or hourly paid
qovtpay Additional pay for extra hours
qextrate Extra pay hourly rate
qextrest Estimated amount for extra hours worked
qbasrate Basic pay hourly rate
qbasrest Estimated amount - hourly basic pay rate
qovtrate Overtime pay: hourly rated
qovtrest Estimated amount - hourly overtime rate
qjbperfp Pay includes performance related pay
qjbonus Pay includes bonuses or profit share
qjbonam Amount of bonus
qjbong Bonus payment: Gross or Nett
qjbrise Pay includes annual increments
qtujbpl Union or staff association at workplace
qtuin1 Member of workplace union
qjbopps Promotion opportunities in current job
qjbpen Pension: employer runs a pension scheme
qjbpenm Pension: member of employers scheme
qjbtime Times of day usually work
qjbwkhra Work arrangement: flexitime
qjbwkhrb Work arrangement: annualised hours
qjbwkhrc Work arrangement: term time only
qjbwkhrd Work arrangement: job share
qjbwkhre Work arrangement: nine day fortnight
qjbwkhrf Work arrangement: 4 1/2 day week
qjbwkhrg Work arrangement: zero hours contract
qjbwkhrh Work arrangement: none of these
qpayck1 Check: interview and job status
qpays Starting pay: job start after 1.9.2006
qpaysw Starting pay period (weeks): current job
qpaysg Starting pay gross or net: current job
qjbbgd1 Day started current job
qjbbgm1 Month started current job
qjbbgy41 Year started current job
qjbbgly1 Started job after 1.9.2006
qpayly Usual pay at 1.9.2006
qpaylyw Usual pay at 1.9.2006: pay period (weeks)
qpaylyg Usual pay at 1.9.2006: gross/net deduction
qjsboss S/emp: hires employees
qjssize S/emp: number of employees
qjshrs S/emp: hours normally worked per week
qjshrlk S/emp: preference over hours worked
qjstime Times of day usually work
qjstypeb S/emp: nature of employment
qjsaccs S/emp: draws up profit/loss accounts
qjspart S/emp: Own account or partnership
qjsprbm S/emp: date accounts began: month
qjsprby4 S/emp: date accounts began: year
qjsprem S/emp: date accounts ended: month
qjsprey4 S/emp: date accounts ended: year
qjsprf S/emp: net profit in last yearly account
qjsprls Sole accounts: Whether profit/loss
qjsprtx Sole accounts: whether before tax
qjsprni Sole accounts: whether before NI
qjspayu Average income from job/business
qjspayw Job/business income: pay period (weeks)
qjspytx Job/business income: whether before tax
qjspyni Job/business income: whether before NI
qjspl S/emp: work location
qjsttwt S/emp: Minutes spent travelling to work
qjsttwm S/emp: Main means of travel to work
qjssat1 S/emp: job satisfaction: total pay
qjssat2 S/emp: job satisfaction: job security
qjssat4 S/emp: job satisfaction: work itself
qjssat5 S/emp: job satisfaction: hours worked
qjssat S/emp: job satisfaction: overall
qjsck1 S/emp: same occupation
qjssame S/emp: same occupation
qjsbgd1 S/emp: day started present job
qjsbgm1 S/emp: month started present job
qjsbgy41 S/emp: year started present job
qjsbgly1 S/emp: before or after sept last year
qjblkcha Would like: Better job/same emp.
qjbxpcha Expect: Better job/same emp.
qjblkchb Would like: Work related training
qjbxpchb Expect: Work related training
qjblkchc Would like: New job/new employer
qjbxpchc Expect: New job/new employer
qjblkchd Would like: Start own business
qjbxpchd Expect: Start own business
qjblkche Would like: Give up paid work
qjbxpche Expect: Give up paid work
qrach12 Responsible for dependent child under 12
qjbchc1 Childcare: 1st mention
qjbchc2 Childcare: 2nd mention
qjbchc3 Childcare: 3rd mention
qxpchcf Childcare: free or paid for
qxpchc Childcare: weekly cost
qhuxpch Who pays for childcare
qhunurs Who cares for ill children
qjulk1 Looked for work in last 7 days
qjulk4 Looked for work in last 4 weeks
qjulka Applied directly to employer
qjulkb Studied/replied to adverts
qjulkc Used job centre/employment agency
qjulkd Asked friends or contacts
qjulke Taken steps to start own business
qjulkjb Would like a regular paid job
qjubgn Able to start work within 2 weeks
qjuspec Looking for /would like a particular job
qjusoc Occupation (SOC) of job sought
qjusoc00 Occupation (SOC2000) of job sought
qjuhrsx Expected work hours: jobseeker
qjupayx Expected weekly net pay: jobseeker
qjupayl Lowest net pay considered: jobseeker
qjuhrsl Expected hours for lowest pay jobseeker
qeprosh Chance starting work within 12 months
qeaage Whether working age
qjbub Currently signed on at UB Office
qjbuby Reason why signed on at UB Office
qj2has Has a second paid job
qj2soc Occupation (SOC), second job
qj2soc00 Occupation (SOC2000), second job
qj2semp Employee or self employed, second job
qj2hrs No. of hours worked per month, 2nd job
qj2pay Gross earnings from 2nd jobs last month
qivea Employment section: respondent alone
qiveb Employment section: partner present
qivec Employment section: other adult present
qived Employment section: child present
qivee Employment section: supervisor present
qcjsck1 IC: Resp. employment status
qcjsbgd Day current labour force status began
qcjsbgm Month current labour force status began
qcjsbgy4 Year current labour force status began
qcjsbly IC: Current lf spell began aft 1.9.2006
qcjsck2 IC: resp with valid prev activity
qcjsck3 Last interviewed records correct?
qcjsstly Current situation on prev interview date
qcjsed Date stop doing that: day
qcjsem Date stop doing that: month
qcjsey4 Date stop doing that: year
qcjscjs Not ended current job or status
qcjsck4 IC: Date entered or last activity was emp
qjhstpy Reason for stopping previous job
qjbhad Ever had paid employment
qjlend4 Year left last job
qjlsoc Occupation (SOC) of last job
qjlsoc00 Occupation (SOC2000) of last job
qjlsic92 Industry (SIC92) of last job
qjlsemp Employee or self employed, last job
qjlboss Hired employees, last job
qjlmngr Managerial duties, last job
qjlsize Number employed at workplace, last job
qivja Job hist section: respondent alone
qivjb Job hist section: partner present
qivjc Job hist section: other adults present
qivjd Job hist section: child/ren present
qivje Job hist section: supervisor present
qpv0h Hour section V began
qpv0m Minute section V began
qopsoca Ordinary people share nations wealth
qopsocb One law for rich and one for poor
qopsocc Private enterprise solves economic probs
qopsocd Public services ought to be state owned
qopsoce Govt. has obligation to provide jobs
qopsocf Strong trade unions protect employees
qvote1 Supports a particular political party
qvote2 Closer to one political party than other
qvote3 Party which would vote for tomorrow
qvote4 Which political party closest to
qvote5 Strength of support for stated party
qvote7 Voted in May 2005 general election
qvote8 Party voted for in last general election
qvote6 Level of interest in politics
qswvt1 Voted in Scottish/Welsh elections
qswvt2 Scottish/Welsh elections: 1st vote
qswvt3 Scottish/Welsh elections: 2nd vote
qswpop1 Scot Parl/Welsh Asmbly imprv way UK govern
qswpop2 Devolution strengthened/weakened UK
qswpop3 Trust UK govt. w Scot/Wal best interest
qswpop4 Trust S/W Parl/Asmbly w S/W best interest
qnipop5 Resp. unionist/nationalist
qopdev2 Perceived nationality
qorgm Member of one of listed organisations
qorgma Member of political party
qorgaa Active in political party
qorgmb Member of trade union
qorgab Active in trade union
qorgmc Member of environmental group
qorgac Active in environmental group
qorgmd Member of parents association
qorgad Active in parents association
qorgme Member of tenants or residents group
qorgae Active in tenants group
qorgmf Member of religious group
qorgaf Active in religious group
qorgmg Member of voluntary service group
qorgag Active in voluntary group
qorgmp Member of pensioners organisation
qorgap Active in pensioners organisation
qorgmq Member of Scout/Guides organisation
qorgaq Active in Scout/Guides organisations
qorgmo Member of professional organisation
qorgao Active in professional organisation
qorgmh Member of other community group
qorgah Active in other community group
qorgmi Member of social group
qorgai Active in social group
qorgmj Member of sports club
qorgaj Active in sports club
qorgmk Member of womens institute
qorgak Active in womens institute
qorgml Member of womens group
qorgal Active in womens group
qorgmm Member of other organisation
qorgam Active in other organisation
qorga Active in any listed organisations
qtrust Trustworthiness of others
qfrna Frequency of talking to neighbours
qfrnb Frequency of meeting people
qfrnc Spoken to someone in past week
qhhmpch IC: parent of child in hhold
qhhch16 Number of children
qschosa Kids attend school o/s catchment area
qschos1 1st reason go to sch. o/s catchment area
qschos2 2nd reason go to sch. o/s catchment area
qhscimp Important house in catchment area
qplykid Often plays with child(ren)
qleikid Often spends leisure time with children
qkidopa IC: child has biological parent o/s HH
qkidsee Child has contact with parent o/s HH
qkidwe Child spends weekends with parent o/s HH
qkidhol Child spend school hols w parent o/s HH
qkidfar Child time takes to get to parent o/s HH
qkidrel Child: relationship with parent o/s HH
qohch16 Children under 16 not living in HH
qseekid How often contact child outside HH
qwekid Child outside HH stays with R regularly
qholkid Child o/s HH stay with R in school hols
qfarkid Time taken to get to child outside HH
qrelkid Relationship with child o/s HH
qivva Values section: respondent alone
qivvb Values section: partner present
qivvc Values section: other adults present
qivvd Values section: child/ren present
qivve Values section: supervisor present
qpf0h Hour section F began
qpf0m Minute section F began
qf101 Income: NI retirement pension
qf102 Income: pension from previous employer
qf103 Income: pension from spouses ex-employer
qf104 Income: private pension or annuity
qf105 Income: widow or war widows pension
qf106 Income: widowed mothers allowance
qf107 Income: Pension credit
qf116 Income: severe disablement allowance
qf118 Income: industrial injury allowance
qf119 Income: attendance allowance
qf121 Income: invalid care allowance
qf122 Income: war disability pension
qf125 Income: incapacity benefit
qf126 Income: disablty living allowance (care)
qf127 Income: disab living allowance(mobility)
qf128 Income: disability living allowance (dk)
qf132 Income: income support (IS)
qf135 Income: child benefit
qf137 Income: Working family tax credit
qf138 Income: maternity allowance
qf139 Income: housing benefit
qf140 Income: council tax benefit
qf141 Income: other state benefit
qf142 Income: Job Seekers Allowance
qf143 Income: Child tax credit
qf144 Income: Return to work credit
qf151 Income: educational grant
qf152 Income: trade union payments
qf153 Income: maintenance or alimony
qf154 Income: payments from relations
qf155 Income: rent from lodgers
qf156 Income: rent from other property
qf157 Income: foster allowance
qf158 Income: sickness or accident insurance
qf159 Income: any other payment
qrsrpen Resp. receiving a state pension
qrpencr Resp. receiving pension credit
qrdsben Resp. receiving disability benefits
qrdsbn16 Income: severe disablement allowance
qrdsbn18 Income: industrial injury allowance
qrdsbn19 Income: attendance allowance
qrdsbn21 Income: invalid care allowance
qrdsbn22 Income: war disability pension
qrdsbn25 Income: incapacity benefit
qrdsbn26 D.L.A: care component
qrdsbn27 D.L.A: mobility component
qrdsbn28 D.L.A: components not known
qris Resp. receiving income support
qrjsa Resp. receiving job seekers allowance
qnisjsa Resp. receiving none of these
qmach18 Mother of child 18 or under in HH
qrchben Receives child benefit
qrhben Receives housing benefit
qnfhs1 First benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs2 Second benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs3 Third benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs4 4th benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs5 5th benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs6 6th benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs7 7th benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs8 8th benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs9 9th benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs10 10th benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs11 11th benefit source not mentioned
qnfhs12 12th benefit source not mentioned
qnfh1 Receiving first benefit source
qnfh2 Receiving second benefit source
qnfh3 Receiving third benefit source
qnfh4 Receiving 4th benefit source
qnfh5 Receiving 5th benefit source
qnfh6 Receiving 6th benefit source
qnfh7 Receiving 7th benefit source
qnfh8 Receiving 8th benefit source
qnfh9 Receiving 9th benefit source
qnfh10 Receiving 10th benefit source
qnfh11 Receiving 11th benefit source
qnfh12 Receiving 12th benefit source
qnf1 Income: total number of cited sources
qnipens IC: Receives state retirement pension
qniserps State pension income includes SERPS
qfisit Financial situation
qfisitc Change in financial position last year
qfisity Why financial situation changed
qfisitx Financial expectations for year ahead
qfiyrdia Amount received in interest/dividends
qfiyrdb1 Over 500 in interest/dividends
qfiyrdb2 Over 1000 in interest/dividends
qfiyrdb3 Over 5000 in interest/dividends
qfiyrdb4 Over 2500 in interest/dividends
qfiyrdb5 Over 10000 in interest/dividends
qfiyrdb6 Over 100 in interest/dividends
qsave Saves from current income
qsaved Amount saved each month
qsavey1 First reason for saving
qsavey2 Second reason for saving
qsavreg Saves on a regular basis
qsavlt Savings mainly long or short term
qpppen Paid into private personal pension
qpck1 Valid year for private pens
qpenvrf Contrib to private pens post 1.9.1998
qpck2 Valid year for private pens before 1.7.1998
qpenb4 Personal pension started before 1.7.88
qpenb4y4 Year pre 1.7.88 pension started
qpenb4v Amount last payment to pre 1988 pension
qpenb4w Weeks covered pre 88 pension
qpenyr4 Year post 1.7.88 pension started
qpenadd Additional contrib'n to post '88 pension
qpenadv Amount last payment post 1.7.88 pension
qpenadw Weeks covered post 88 pension
qwindf Received lump payment
qwindfa Lump sum - life insurance policy
qwindfay Amount of: Insurance policy
qwindfb Lump sum - pension payout
qwindfby Amount of: Lump-sum pension
qwindfc Lump sum - personal accident claim
qwindfcy Amount of: Accident claim
qwindfd Lump sum - redundancy payment
qwindfdy Amount of: Redundancy payment
qwindff Lump sum - inheritance / bequest
qwindffy Amount of: Inheritance/bequest
qwindfg Lump sum - win on pools/nat.Lottery etc
qwindfgy Amount of: Pools/lottery win
qwindfh Lump sum - anything else
qwindfhy Amount of: Something else
qxpmeal Amount spent eating out per month
qxpleis Amount spent on leisure per month
qftexhh Transfers money to non-resident person
qftexa Relationship to 1st non-res recipient
qftexa1 Maintenance payment to 1st non-resident
qftexa2 HH bills payment to 1st non-resident
qftexa3 Education payment to 1st non-resident
qftexa4 Allowance/Spending Money to 1st non-res
qftexa5 Loan repayment to 1st non-resident
qftexa6 Other payment to 1st non-resident
qftexav Amount maintenance paid to 1st non-resid
qftexaw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 1st non-res
qftexb Relationship to 2nd non-res recipient
qftexb1 Maintenance payment to 2nd non-resident
qftexb2 HH bills payment to 2nd non-resident
qftexb3 Education payment to 2nd non-resident
qftexb4 Allowance/Spending Money to 2nd non-res
qftexb5 Loan repayment to 2nd non-resident
qftexb6 Other payment to 2nd non-resident
qftexbv Amount maintenance paid to 2nd non-resid
qftexbw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 2nd non-res
qftexc Relationship to 3rd non-res recipient
qftexc1 Maintenance payment to 3rd non-resident
qftexc2 HH bills payment to 3rd non-resident
qftexc3 Education payment to 3rd non-resident
qftexc4 Allowance/Spending Money to 3rd non-res
qftexc5 Loan repayment to 3rd non-resident
qftexc6 Other payment to 3rd non-resident
qftexcv Amount maintenance paid to 3rd non-resid
qftexcw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 3rd non-res
qhubuys Who does the grocery shopping (couples)
qhufrys Who does the cooking (couples)
qhumops Who does the cleaning (couples)
qhuiron Who does the washing/ironing (couples)
qhhch12 Child/ren under 12 in household
qhusits Who is responsible for childcare
qhowlng Hours per week on housework
qcaruse Has use of car or van
qmobuse Has a mobile phone
qqallif1 Quality of life: 1st mention
qqallif2 Quality of life: 2nd mention
qqallif3 Quality of life: 3rd mention
qqallif4 Quality of life: 4th mention
qivfa H/hold finance section: respondent alone
qivfb H/hold finance section: partner alone
qivfc H/hold finance section: adult present
qivfd H/hold finance section: child present
qivfe H/hold finance sect: supervisor present
qivfoih Hour interview finished
qivfoim Minute interview finished
qivsc IC: self completion document
qiv1 Others present during interview
qiv2 Did others influence interview
qiv4 Cooperation of respondent
qiv5 Completion of tracking schedule
qiv5aa Mobile number given
qiv5ab email given
qiv5ac Neither given
qiv6a Problems affecting interview: eyesight
qiv6b Problems affecting interview: hearing
qiv6c Problems affecting interview: reading
qiv6d Problems affecting interview: english
qiv6e Problems affecting interview: language
qiv6f Problems affecting interview: interprete
qiv7 PNO of interpreter
qiv9 Any ambiguities/conficts
qiv10no Reaction to DI Qs: No ff info
qiv10a Reaction to DI Qs: Easier
qiv10b Reaction to DI Qs: More difficult
qiv10c Reaction to DI Qs: Surprised we knew it
qiv10d Reaction to DI Qs: Confused
qiv10e Reaction to DI Qs: Concerned confidentiality
qiv10f Reaction to DI Qs: Expected us to know it
qiv10g Reaction to DI Qs: Good idea
qiv10h Reaction to DI Qs: Bad idea
qiv10i Reaction to DI Qs: Reluctant in clarifying
qiv10j Reaction to DI Qs: Uncooperative
qiv10k Reaction to DI Qs: Other
qiv10l Reaction to DI Qs: No difference
qghqa GHQ: concentration
qghqb GHQ: loss of sleep
qghqc GHQ: playing a useful role
qghqd GHQ: capable of making decisions
qghqe GHQ: constantly under strain
qghqf GHQ: problem overcoming difficulties
qghqg GHQ: enjoy day-to-day activities
qghqh GHQ: ability to face problems
qghqi GHQ: unhappy or depressed
qghqj GHQ: losing confidence
qghqk GHQ: believe in self-worth
qghql GHQ: general happiness
qopfama Pre-school child suffers if mother works
qopfamb Family suffers if mother works full-time
qopfamc Woman and family happier if she works
qopfamd Husband and wife should both contribute
qopfame Full time job makes woman independent
qopfamf Husband should earn, wife stay at home
qopfamg Children need father as much as mother
qopfamh Employers should help with childcare
qopfami Single parents are as good as couples
qlfsat1 Satisfaction with: health
qlfsat2 Satisfaction with: income of hhold
qlfsat3 Satisfaction with: house/flat
qlfsat4 Satisfaction with: spouse/partner
qlfsat5 Satisfaction with: job
qlfsat6 Satisfaction with: social life
qlfsat7 Satisfaction with: amount of leisure time
qlfsat8 Satisfaction with: use of leisure time
qlfsato Satisfaction with: life overall
qlfsatl Satisfaction compared with last year
qxsupa Someone outside HH can help if depressed
qxsupb Someone outside HH can help find job
qxsupc Someone outside HH can borrow money from
qssupa Is there someone who will listen
qssupb Is there someone to help in a crisis
qssupc Is there someone you can relax with
qssupd Anyone who really appreciates you
qssupe Anyone you can count on to offer comfort
qssup1 Sex of closest friend
qssupr2r Relationship of closest friend to resp
qprrs2i Relationship of Proxy to Informant
qpripn Person number of informant
qprwhy Reason for Proxy
qpplevr Proxy Lived at this address all life
qpresbgm Month started economic status - proxy
qpresby4 Year started economic status - proxy
qpresly Started status after 1.9.2006 - proxy
qprfehq Proxy's Highest FE qualification
qprsehq Proxy's Highest school qualification
qprjbft Proxy's Job full time / part time
qprjbbgm Month started current job-proxy
qprjbby4 Year started current job-proxy
qprjbly Job started after 1.9.2006 - proxy
qprearn Proxy's total earnings, banded
qprf101 Income: NI retirement pension - proxy
qprf102 Income: pension from prev. empl.-pxy
qprf116 Income: invaldty/disablty allowance-pxy
qprf131 Income: UB and/or income support-proxy
qprf135 Income: child benefit
qprf137 Income: family credit
qprf139 Income: housing ben/rent rebate-proxy
qprf125 Income: incapacity benefit
qprf141 Income: other state benefit
qprf143 Income: child tax credit
qprf107 Income: pension credit - pxy
qprfirn Income: none of listed benefits-proxy
qprfitb Proxy's personal income, banded
qivpa Proxy questionnaire: informant alone
qivpb Proxy questionnaire: partner alone
qivpc Proxy questionnaire: adult present
qivpd Proxy questionnaire: child present
qivpe Proxy questionnaire: supervisor present
qthrpop Respondent is HRP or spouse/partner - Tel
qthhrpw HRP or spouse done HHQ in prev wave -Tel
qtelqly Gained qualification since last Sept
qtlhqly Highest qualification obtained
qtelqal Has listed qualification
qtelhtq Qualification
qtrpen Receives any pension - Telephone
qtrben1 Receives a disability benefit -Telephone
qtrben2 Receives other benefit - Telephone
qtropay Receives other payment - Telephone
pid Cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
qiviolw interview outcome at last wave
qhhmem Household membership
qnewhy New entrants - why living in HH
qnemnjn New entrants - month joined HH
qneyrjn4 New entrants - year joined HH
qivfio Individual interview outcome
qiodc Document check
qmemorig Sample Origin
qhgr2r Relationship to reference person
qhgsex Sex - HH grid
qhgbm Month of birth - HH grid
qhgby Year of birth - HH grid
qmastat Marital status
qhgspn PNO of spouse/partner
qhgemp In paid employment - HH grid
qhgfno PNO of father
qhgmno PNO of mother
qhgra Responsible adult
qage Age at Date of Interview
qage12 Age at 1.12.2006
qbutype Benefit unit type
qbuno Benefit Unit Number
qnchild Number of own children in household
qhoh Conventional Head of Household Indicator
qrach16 Whether responsible adult for child
qsampst Sample membership status
qmovest Individual mover status
qregion Region / Metropolitan Area
qhhsize Number of people in household
qhhtype Household Type
qtenure Housing tenure
qqfedhi Highest educational qualification
qqfvoc Has vocational qualifications
qqfachi Highest academic qualification
qjbft Employed full time
qpayg Gross rate of pay per month:last payment
qpayn Net rate of pay per month: last payment
qpaygu Usual gross pay per month: current job
qpaynu Usual net pay per month: current job
qpaygty Usual monthly gross pay: Sept this year
qpaygly Usual monthly gross pay: Sept year ago
qpaynty Usual monthly net pay: Sept this year
qpaynly Usual monthly net pay: Sept year ago
qjsprof Monthly self employed profit
qjsloss Amount: self-employment losses
qjspayg Monthly self employed gross pay
qcjsten Length (days) current labour market sp.
qcjswk9 Weeks in current spell: year to 1.9.2006
qjlid Identifier of latest job
qjlyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.2006
qjtyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.2007
qjbseg Socio economic group: present job
qjbgold Goldthorpe Social Class: present job
qjbrgsc RG Social Class: present job
qjbisco International SOC : present job
qjbcssm Cambridge Scale males : present job
qjbcssf Cambridge Scale females : present job
qjbhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : present job
qjbsec Socio-Economic Class: current job
qnjbwks Annual weeks employed: year to Sept 1
qnjuwks Annual weeks unemployed: year to Sept 1
qnjiwks Annual weeks inactive: year to Sept 1
qnjbnew No. different employers: year to Sept 1
qnjbsp No. employment spells: year to Sept 1
qnjusp No. unemployment spells: year to Sept 1
qnjisp No. inactive spells: year to Sept 1
qjbstatl Employment status on Sept 1, year ago
qjbstatt Employment status on Sept 1, this year
qjbsocly Occupation (SOC): job on 1.9.2006
qjlseg Socio economic group: last job
qjlgold Goldthorpe Social Class: last job
qjlrgsc RG Social Class: last job
qjlisco International SOC : last job
qjlcssm Cambridge Scale males : last job
qjlcssf Cambridge Scale females : last job
qjlhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : last job
qjlsec Socio-Economic Class: last job
qnorgm Number organisations member of
qnorga Number organisations active in
qvote Political party supported
qfiyrdic Amount interest/dividends - computed
qfimnp Pension income: last month
qfimnb Benefit income: last month
qfimni Investment income: last month
qfimnt Transfer income: last month
qfimnl Labour income: last month
qfimnnl Non-labour income: last month
qfimn Total Income: last month
qfiyrl Annual labour income (1.9.2006-1.9.2007)
qfiyrnl Annual non-lab income(1.9.2006-1.9.2007)
qfiyrp Annual pension income (1.9.2006-1.9.2007)
qfiyrb Annual benefit income (1.9.2006-1.9.2007)
qfiyrt Annual transfer inc. (1.9.2006-1.9.2007)
qfiyri Annual invest income (1.9.2006-1.9.2007)
qfiyr Annual income (1.9.2006-1.9.2007)
qfihhmn Household income: month before interview
qhlghq1 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 1: Likert
qhlghq2 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 2: Caseness
qspjb Whether spouse/partner employed now
qspsoc Spouse/partner's Occupation
qspjbhr Spouse/partner's weekly work hours
qspjbot Spouse/partner's weekly overtime
qsppayg Spouse/partner's monthly gross pay
qspjbyr Whether spse/partner employed last year
qlrwght Longitudinal respondent weight
qlewght Longitudinal enumerated individual weight
qxrwght X-sectional respondent weight
qxewght X-sectional enumerated individual weight
qj2payi Imputation flag - QJ2PAY (base)
qfiyrdii Imputation flag - QFIYRDI (base)
qprearni Imputation flag - QPREARN (base)
qprfitbi Imputation flag - QPRFITB (base)
qpaygui Imputation flag - QPAYGU (derived)
qpaynui Imputation flag - QPAYNU (derived)
qpaygti Imputation flag - QPAYGTY (derived)
qpaygli Imputation flag - QPAYGLY (derived)
qpaynti Imputation flag - QPAYNTY (derived)
qpaynli Imputation flag - QPAYNLY (derived)
qjsprofi Imputation flag - QJSPROF (derived)
qjspaygi Imputation flag - QJSPAYG (derived)
qfimnpi Imputation flag - QFIMNP (derived)
qfimnbi Imputation flag - QFIMNB (derived)
qfimnii Imputation flag - QFIMNI (derived)
qfimnti Imputation flag - QFIMNT (derived)
qfimnnli Imputation flag - QFIMNNL (derived)
qfimnli Imputation flag - QFIMNL (derived)
qfimnthi Imputation flag - QFIMN (derived)
qfiyrli Imputation flag - QFIYRL (derived)
qfiyrnli Imputation flag - QFIYRNL (derived)
qfiyrpi Imputation flag - QFIYRP (derived)
qfiyrbi Imputation flag - QFIYRB (derived)
qfiyrti Imputation flag - QFIYRT (derived)
qfiyrii Imputation flag - QFIYRI (derived)
qfiyeari Imputation flag - QFIYR (derived)
qsppaygi Imputation flag - QSPPAYG (derived)
qfihhmni Imputation flag - QFIHHMN (derived)
qmrjend Year left most recent job
qmrjsoc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job
qmrjsic Industry (SIC) of most recent job
qmrjsic9 Industry (SIC92) of most recent job
qmrjsemp Employee or self emp., most recent job
qmrjboss Hired employees, most recent job
qmrjmngr Managerial duties, most recent job
qmrjsize Number at workplace, most recent job
qmrjseg Socio economic group: most recent job
qmrjgold Goldthorpe Class: most recent job
qmrjrgsc RG Social Class: most recent job
qmrjisco International SOC: most recent job
qmrjcssm Cambridge Scale M: most recent job
qmrjcssf Cambridge Scale F: most recent job
qmrjhgs Hope-Goldthorpe Scale: most recent job
qmrjsec Socio-Economic Class: most recent job
qpaseg Socio economic group: father's job
qpagold Goldthorpe Social Class: father's job
qpargsc RG Social Class: father's job
qpaisco International SOC : father's job
qpacssm Cambridge Scale males : father's job
qpacssf Cambridge Scale females : father's job
qpahgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : father's job
qpasec Socio-Economic Class: father's job
qmaseg Socio economic group: mothers's job
qmagold Goldthorpe Social Class: mothers's job
qmargsc RG Social Class: mothers's job
qmaisco International SOC : mothers's job
qmacssm Cambridge Scale males : mothers's job
qmacssf Cambridge Scale females : mothers's job
qmahgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : mothers's job
qmasec Socio-Economic Class: mother's job
qj1seg Socio economic group: first job
qj1gold Goldthorpe Social Class: first job
qj1rgsc RG Social Class: first job
qj1isco International SOC : first job
qj1cssm Cambridge Scale males : first job
qj1cssf Cambridge Scale females : first job
qj1hgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : first job
qj1sec Socio-Economic Class: first job
qfimnsel Indicator: S/Emp loss not inc. in QFIMN
qxrwtuk1 X-sect'l resp. weight inc new samples
qxewtuk1 X-sect'l enum. weight inc new samples
qxrwtuk2 X-sect'l resp. weight within UK estimates
qxewtuk2 X-sect'l enum. weight within UK estimates
qlrwtsw1 Longit'l resp. weight inc Scot-Welsh
qlewtsw1 Longit'l enum. weight inc. Scot-Welsh
qlrwtsw2 Longit'l resp. weight only Scot-Welsh
qlewtsw2 Longit'l enum. weight only Scot-Welsh
qlrwtuk1 Longit'l resp. weight inc new samples
qlewtuk1 Longit'l enum. weight inc new samples
qlrwtuk2 Longit'l resp. weight within UK estimates
qlewtuk2 Longit'l enum. weight within UK estimates
qsppid Cross-wave person identifier of spouse
qfpid Cross-wave person identifier of father
qmpid Cross-wave person identifier of mother
qjbbgd Day started current job
qjbbgm Month started current job
qjbbgy4 Year started current job
qjbbgly Started job after 1.9.2006
qjsbgd S/emp: Day started current job
qjsbgm S/emp: Month started current job
qjsbgy4 S/emp: Year started current job
qjsbgly S/emp: Started job after 1.9.2006
qdistmov Distance of residential move
qregion2 Government Office Region
qisced ISCED levels
qcasmin CASMIN levels
qjbiscon International SOC (num): present job
qjliscon International SOC (num): last job
qmrjiscn International SOC (num): most recent job
qmaiscon International SOC (num): mother's job
qpaiscon International SOC (num): father's job
qj1iscon International SOC (num): first job
qjbsoc00_cc Occupation (SOC2000): current main job - condensed
qj2soc00_cc Occupation (SOC2000), second job - condensed
qj1soc00_cc First job (SOC2000) after leaving school - condensed
qjlsoc00_cc Occupation (SOC2000) of last job - condensed
qmasoc00_cc Mother's occupation (SOC2000) R. age 14 - condensed
qpasoc00_cc Father's occupation (SOC2000) R. age 14 - condensed
qjusoc00_cc Occupation (SOC2000) of job sought - condensed
qmasoc_cc Mother's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14 - condensed
qpasoc_cc Father's occupation (SOC), resp. aged 14 - condensed
qjbsoc_cc Occupation (SOC): current main job - condensed
qjlsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of last job - condensed
qj1soc_cc First job (SOC) after leaving school - condensed
qj2soc_cc Occupation (SOC), second job - condensed
qjusoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of job sought - condensed
qjbsocly_cc Occupation (SOC): job on 1.9.2005 - condensed
qspsoc_cc Spouse/partner's Occupation - condensed
qmrjsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job - condensed
qjbiscon_cc International SOC (num): present job - condensed
qjliscon_cc International SOC (num): last job - condensed
qj1iscon_cc International SOC (num): first job - condensed
qmaiscon_cc International SOC (num): mother's job - condensed
qpaiscon_cc International SOC (num): father's job - condensed
qmrjiscn_cc International SOC (num): most recent job - condensed
qjbisco_cc International SOC : present job - condensed
qjlisco_cc International SOC : last job - condensed
qj1isco_cc International SOC : first job - condensed
qmaisco_cc International SOC : mothers's job - condensed
qpaisco_cc International SOC : father's job - condensed
qmrjisco_cc International SOC: most recent job - condensed
qplbornc_cc country of birth: condensed UKHLS classification