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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type qchild

qpno person number
qscpno child pno
qscage age of child
qscsex sex of child
qscage4 ic: child age over 4
qsctyp type of education inst. child attends
qschbgy age child started primary school: years
qschbgm age child started primary school: months
qschsta school currently at state or private
qschlng child attend a designated language schoo
qschsat how satisfied r is with child's school
qschhw how often helps child with homework
qscacvs important complete gcse/standard exams
qscach important complete a'level/highers
qscag11 ic: child age 11 or over
qsctut child recieves additional tutition
qsctute tutition received in english
qsctutm tutition received in maths
qsctuts tutition received in sciences
qsctutl tutition received in languages
qsctuth tutition received in humanities
qsctuto tutition received in other
qsc2uni r. would like child go to uni/college
qscluni likely child will go onto uni/college
qscarg how often child quarrels with r
qsctalk how often child talks to r
qscpraz how often r praises child
qscsmak how often r spanks or slaps child
qsccudl how often r cuddles child
qscyell how often r yells at child
qscpid child's person identifier
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
qhid household identification number
qcheseq child sequence number