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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type QINDRESP

This Record contains individual data from full and proxy questionnaires. Data from the Household Composition Form is also copied to this record. Proxy and telephone respondents may be distinguished from main questionnaire respondents on the basis of the variable QIVFIO.

Proxy and telephone data is copied to equivalent full questionnaire variables. Where there is no equivalent variable, values are set to -7 (inapplicable). The variables QPRRS2I QPRIPN QPRWHY QPRFEHQ QPRSEHQ QPRFITB QPRJBFT QTELWHY etc. correspond to questions which have no direct equivalent in the full questionnaire. They are inapplicable for full respondents.

Data from the job history are contained on record QJOBHIST, except for a number of derived variables. Similarly detailed data on payment receipts from questions F3a - F3f are contained on record QINCOME.

Derived and additional copied variables are those from QIVFIO to QREGION and from QHGR2R onwards. The variables QREGION QHHSIZE QHHTYPE QTENURE and QFIHHMN are copied from record PHHRESP. The variables QIVFIO QIODC and QHGR2R to QHOH are copied from record QINDALL.

The following variables have data for all missing cases imputed (note that proxy cases do not have imputed values except in the case of QPRFITB):

See the User Documentation for a full discussion of imputation. Imputation flag variables are listed below.

The results displayed in the following tables are obtained from unweighted data. A full discussion of the use of the weights contained on this Record Type appears in Volume A.