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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type pyouth

phid household identification number
ppno person number
pypdobm date of birth: month
pypdoby4 date of birth: year
pypsex gender of youth
pytvhrs hours spent watching tv on a school day?
pytvstp parents stop you watching a programme ?
pypchor time spent doing/helping with housework
pypcomp do you ever use a computer at home ?
pyppchw how often use pc for home/course work
pyppcg how often play games on the computer
pyppcnt how often use pc for net/send e-mail
pypmobu have own mobile phone?
pyppals times had friends round to your house ?
pyppalo how often out with friends
pyplate past month: times out after 9.00 pm ?
pypbeau have steady boy/girl friend ?
pypfclub frequency of attending youthclubs etc.
pypfdisc frequency of attending discos
pypfspor frequency of playing sports
pypargm how often quarrel with your mother ?
pypargf how often quarrel with your father ?
pyptlkm talk to mum: things that matter to you ?
pyptlkf talk to dad: things that matter to you ?
pypnpal how many close friends do you have ?
pypfght how often past month:fight with someone?
pypeatn past week times evening meal with family
pypsad how many days have you felt unhappy ?
pypbored frequency of feeling bored
pyphstat health compared to people own age
pypophe young people shouldn't worry health
pypophc people your age care more being happy
pyphtf height: feet
pyphfi height: inches
pyphtc height: metres & centimeters
pypwts weight: stones
pypwtp weight: pounds
pypwtk weight: kilograms
pypwghr feel about weight
pypdiet ever diet or try to lose weight
pypsprt how often play sport, areobics, keep fit
pypsprt1 type of exercise or sport 1st mention
pypsprt2 type of exercise or sport 2nd mention
pypnspt1 why don't exercise or sport 1st mention
pypnspt2 why don't exercise or sport 2nd mention
pypfrut how often eat fresh fruit or veg
pypffd how often eat fast food, takeaways
pypjfd how often eat crisps fizzy drinks sweets
pypsmev have you ever tried a cigarette ?
pypsmof how often do you smoke ?
pypsmlw how many cigarettes in last 7 days ?
pypdgfr do your friends ever use illegal drugs?
pypesta i feel i have a number good qualities
pypesti i don't have much to be proud of
pypestb i certainly feel useless at times
pypestj i am as able as most people
pypestc i am a likeable person
pypestk i can usually solve my own problems
pypeste i am inclined to feel i am a failure
pypestf at times i feel i am no good at all
pyptcha i like most of my teachers
pyptchb teachers are always getting at me
pyphsw feel about your school work ?
pyphap feel about your appearance ?
pyphfm feel about your family ?
pyphfr feel about your friends ?
pyphsc feel about your school?
pyphlf feel about your life as a whole ?
pypvte6 level of interest in politics
pypvte3 party which would vote for ?
pynbuks past month: num books read for pleasure
pyptrun played truant from school
pypbull how much worry about bullying at school?
pypopsc how much means to do well at school ?
pyplvsc leave school when you are 16 ?
pypacvs important to get gcse/standards
pypsoc00 office code (soc2000): job like whenleft
pypsoc90 office code (soc): job like when left sc
pypwklw paid work done last week
pypsoc10 main job (soc2000)
pypsoc19 main job (soc)
pypsoc20 second job (soc2000)
pypsoc29 second job (soc)
pypwhrs last week, hours spent working for pay ?
pyppay last week: money earned working ?
pyplvhm age you think when you leave home ?
pyp2uni would like to go to college/university
pypnuna why not go to university, first reason
pypnunb why not go to university, second reason
pypfuta future plans: 1st mention
pypfutb future plans: 2nd mention
pypwght young person weight
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
pfnspno person number of father (nat/step)
pfnspid x-wave pid of father (nat/step)
pmnspno person number of mother (nat/step)
pmnspid cross-wave pid of mother (nat/step)
pypsoc00_cc office code (soc2000): job like whenleft - condensed classification
pypsoc90_cc office code (soc): job like when left sc - condensed classification
pypsoc10_cc main job (soc2000) - condensed classification
pypsoc19_cc main job (soc) - condensed classification
pypsoc20_cc second job (soc2000) - condensed classification
pypsoc29_cc second job (soc) - condensed classification