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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type pjobhist

ppno person number
pjhstat labour force status code
pjhendd day labour force spell ended
pjhendm month labour force spell ended
pjhendy4 year labour force spell ended
pjhsoc occupation (soc): previous job
pjhsoc00 occupation (soc2000): previous job
pjhsemp employee or self-employed: previous job
pjhboss had employees: previous job
pjhsect employing organisation: previous job
pjhmngr managerial duties: previous job
pjhsic92 industry (sic92): previous job
pjhsize no. employed at workplace: previous job
pjhpayl pay at 1.9.2005: previous job
pjhpylw pay period (weeks) 1.9.2005 prev. job
pjhpylg pay gross or net at 1.9.2005 prev. job
pjhstpy reason for stopping previous job
pjblky attraction of present job
phid household identification number
pjspno spell number of labour force status
pjhbgd month employment spell began
pjhbgm month employment spell began
pjhbgy4 year employment spell began
pjha9ly whether job started after 1.9.2005
pjhlwai whether spell derived from last wave dat
pjhseg socio economic group: previous job
pjhgold goldthorpe social class: previous job
pjhrgsc rg social class: previous job
pjhisco international soc : previous job
pjhcssm cambridge scale males : previous job
pjhcssf cambridge scale females : previous job
pjhhgs hope - goldthorpe scale : previous job
pjhsec socio-economic class: previous job
pjhspw weeks in year to 1.9.2005: prev job spel
pjhgpay monthly gross pay: previous job
pjhnpay monthly net pay: previous job
pjhgpayi imputation flag - pjhgpay (derived)
pjhnpayi imputation flag - pjhnpay (derived)
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
pjhiscon international soc (num): previous job
pjhsoc_cc occupation (soc): previous job - condensed classification
pjhsoc00_cc occupation (soc2000): previous job - condensed classification
pjhiscon_cc international soc (num): previous job - condensed classification
pjhisco_cc international soc : previous job - condensed classification