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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type nindall

nhid Household identification number
npno Person number
nhgr2r Relationship to reference person
nhgsex Sex - HH grid
nhgbm Month of birth - HH grid
nhgby Year of birth - HH grid
nmastat Marital status
nhgspn PNO of spouse/partner
nhgemp Employment status - HH Grid
nhgfno PNO of father
nhgmno PNO of mother
nhgra Responsible adult
pid Cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
niviolw Interview outcome prev wave
nivstat1 Interview status: previous waves
nhhmem Household membership
nnewhy New entrants - why living in HH
nnemnjn New entrants - month joined HH
nneyrjn4 New entrants - year joined HH
nivfio Individual interview outcome
nivfho Final household interview outcome
niodc Individual document check
nmemorig Sample Origin
nage Age at Date of Interview
nage12 Age at 1.12.2004
nbutype Benefit Unit Type
nbuno Benefit Unit Number
nnchild Number of own children in household
ndepchl Whether dependent child: DSS definition
nhoh Conventional Head of Household Indicator
nrach16 Whether responsible adult for child
nagei Imputation flag - NAGE and NAGE12
nlrwght Longitudinal respondent weight
nlewght Longitudinal enumerated individual weight
nxrwght X-sectional respondent weight
nxewght X-sectional enumerated individual weight
nmovest Individual mover status
nsampst Sample membership status
nxrwtuk1 X-sect'l resp. weight inc all samples
nxewtuk1 X-sect'l enum. weight inc all samples
nxrwtuk2 X-sect'l resp. weight within UK estimates
nxewtuk2 X-sect'l enum. weight within UK estimates
nlrwtsw1 Longit'l resp. weight inc Scot-Welsh
nlewtsw1 Longit'l enum. weight inc. Scot-Welsh
nlrwtsw2 Longit'l resp. weight only Scot-Welsh
nlewtsw2 Longit'l enum. weight only Scot-Welsh
nlrwtuk1 Longit'l resp. weight inc all samples
nlewtuk1 Longit'l enum. weight inc all samples
nlrwtuk2 Longit'l resp. weight within UK estimates
nlewtuk2 Longit'l enum. weight within UK estimates
nsppid Cross-wave person identifier of spouse
nfpid Cross-wave person identifier of father
nmpid Cross-wave person identifier of mother
nrapid X-wave person identifier of resp. adult
ndistmov Distance of residential move
nbuid BU identifier
necstat1 Econ.Status BU (HBAI defn), i
necstat2 Econ.Status BU (HBAI defn), ii
nfamtype1 BU type (HBAI defn)
nfamtype2 Family type - new HBAI definition
nbutype_mod benefit unit type