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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type lyouth

lpno person number
lypdobm date of birth: month
lypdoby4 date of birth: year
lypsex gender of youth
lytvhrs hours spent watching tv on a school day?
lytvstp parents stop you watching a programme ?
lypacta how often: walk/swim/play sport
lypactb how often: watch live sport
lypactc how often: go to the cinema
lypactd how often: go to theatre/concert
lypacte how often: eat out
lypactm how often: go to youth club
lypactn how often: go to disco
lypactl how often: do voluntary work
lypchor time spent doing/helping with housework
lypcomp do you ever use a computer at home ?
lyppchw how often use pc for home/course work
lyppcg how often play games on the computer
lyppcnt how often use pc for net/send e-mail
lypmobu have own mobile phone?
lyppals times had friends round to your house ?
lyppalo how often out with friends
lyplate past month: times out after 9.00 pm ?
lypargm how often quarrel with your mother ?
lypargf how often quarrel with your father ?
lyptlkm talk to mum: things that matter ?
lyptlkf talk to dad: things that matter ?
lypnpal how many close friends do you have ?
lypfght how often past month:fight with someone?
lypeatn past week times evening meal with family
lypsmev have you ever tried a cigarette ?
lypsmof how often do you smoke ?
lypsmlw how many cigarettes in last 7 days ?
lypdgfr do your friends ever use illegal drugs?
lypesta i feel i have a number good qualities
lypesti i don't have much to be proud of
lypestb i certainly feel useless at times
lypestj i am as able as most people
lypestc i am a likeable person
lypestk i can usually solve my own problems
lypeste i am inclined to feel i am a failure
lypestf at times i feel i am no good at all
lyptcha i like most of my teachers
lyptchb teachers are always getting at me
lyphsw feel about your school work ?
lyphap feel about your appearance ?
lyphfm feel about your family ?
lyphfr feel about your friends ?
lyphsc feel about your school?
lyphlf feel about your life as a whole ?
lypvte6 level of interest in politics
lypvte3 party which would vote for ?
lypvt11 vote to join the euro
lyptrun played truant from school
lypbull how much worry about bullying at school?
lypopsc how much means to do well at school ?
lyplvsc leave school when you are 16 ?
lypacvs important to get gcse/standards
lypsoc office code: job like when left school ?
lypwklw paid work done last week
lypsoc1 main job
lypsoc2 second job
lypwhrs last week, hours spent working for pay ?
lyppay last week: money earned working ?
lypwkm works on a monday
lypwkt works on a tuesday
lypwkw works on a wednesday
lypwkth works on a thursday
lypwkf works on a friday
lypwksa works on a saturday
lypwksu works on a sunday
lyplvhm age you think when you leave home ?
lyp2uni would like to go to college/university
lypnuna why not go to university, first reason
lypnunb why not go to university, second reason
lypjbqa the job is secure
lypjbqd the job is well paid
lypjbqb work hours short, with free time
lypjbqf job is interesting
lypjbqg job makes a contribution to society
lypjbqh job that helps others
lypfuta future plans: 1st mention
lypfutb future plans: 2nd mention
lypwght young person weight
lhid household identification number
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
lfnspno person number of father (nat/step)
lfnspid x-wave pid of father (nat/step)
lmnspno person number of mother (nat/step)
lmnspid cross-wave pid of mother (nat/step)
lypsoc_cc office code: job like when left school ? - condensed classification
lypsoc1_cc main job - condensed classification
lypsoc2_cc second job - condensed classification