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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type KINCOME

This Record contains income and payment data. There is one record for each payment recorded at question F3.

This Record will only exist for respondents with one or more payments recorded at question F1, (i.e. where KNF1 is greater than 0). For each payment identified at question F1 (i.e. in variables KF101 - KF159) then there will exist at least one IINCOME record with a corresponding value of KFICODE.

In those cases where payments from multiple sources were combined in a single payments and individual receipts could not be distinguished, kincome records will exist for each source, but the variables KNFR or KFRVAL may indicate that multiple amounts are referred to, or that the amount is given on another record.

KFIM01L - KFIM01N are derived variables indicating the estimated amount received in each month, taking into account joint receipt and changes in welfare benefit levels. These calculations depend on the variable KFRJTVF, which is a flag variable identifying whether a reported jointly received payment can be matched to any other persons payment.

The following variables have all missing data imputed:

See the User Documentation for a full discussion of imputation. Imputation flag variables are listed below. Note that a value is not imputed where the missing value code is -3 'amount included elsewhere'.

The results displayed in the following tables are obtained from unweighted data. A full discussion of the use of the weights contained on this Record Type appears in Volume A.