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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type JYOUTH

JPNO Person number
JYPDOBM Date of birth: month
JYPDOBY4 Date of birth: year
JYPSEX Gender of youth
JYTVHRS Hours spent watching tv on a school day?
JYTVSTP Parents stop you watching a programme ?
JYPFPC Frequency of home computer use
JYPFPCGM Frequency of playing computer games
JYPPALS Times had friends round to your house ?
JYPPALO How often out with friends
JYPUTEL Do you tell parents where going ?
JYPLATE Past month: times out after 9.00 pm ?
JYPFBEAU Frequency of dating girl/boyfriend
JYPFCLUB Frequency of attending youthclubs etc
JYPFDISC Frequency of attending discos
JYPFSPOR Frequency of playing sports
JYPARGM How often quarrel with your mother ?
JYPARGF How often quarrel with your father ?
JYPTLKM Talk to mum: things that matter ?
JYPTLKF Talk to dad: things that matter ?
JYPNPAL How many close friends do you have ?
JYPMKFRN Ease of making new friends
JYPFGHT How often past month:fight with someone?
JYPEATN Past week times evening meal with family
JYPSAVE Use of personal money
JYPPKML Pounds: money last week for yourself ?
JYPPKMP Pennies: money last week for yourself ?
JYPSMEV Have you ever tried a cigarette ?
JYPSMOF How often do you smoke ?
JYPSMLW How many cigarettes in last 7 days ?
JYPOPSM How dangerous is smoking
JYPDGFR Do your friends ever use illegal drugs?
JYPSAD How many days have you felt unhappy ?
JYPWOR Past week nights lost sleep worrying ?
JYPBULL How much worry about bullying at school?
JYPLONE How often feel lonely ?
JYPBORED Frequency of feeling bored
JYPESTA I feel I have a number good qualities
JYPESTI I don't have much to be proud of
JYPESTB I certainly feel useless at times
JYPESTJ I am as able as most people
JYPESTC I am a likeable person
JYPESTK I can usually solve my own problems
JYPESTE I am inclined to feel I am a failure
JYPESTF At times I feel I am no good at all
JYPESTH Feel left out when with friends
JYPTCHA I like most of my teachers
JYPTCHB Teachers are always getting at me
JYPHSW Feel about your school work ?
JYPHAP Feel about your appearance ?
JYPHFM Feel about your family ?
JYPHFR Feel about your friends ?
JYPHLF Feel about your life as a whole ?
JYPOPFF Husband should earn, wife stay at home
JYPOPFB Family suffers if women work full-time
JYPOPFJ Cohabiting is always wrong
JYPOPPL Police helpful to young people
JYPVTE6 Level of interest in politics
JYPVTE3 Party which would vote for ?
JYPCRWRA Worry re being victim of crime
JYPCRWRB Safeness of walking alone at night
JYPEXPL Suspended/expelled from school
JYPVAND Vandalised property in past year
JYPTRUN Played truant from school
JYPOPSC How much means to do well at school ?
JYPLVSC Leave school when you are 16 ?
JYPLVHM Age you think when you leave home ?
JYPWHRS Last week, hours spent working for pay ?
JYPPAY Last week: money earned working ?
JYPFSOC Office Code: job (step)father does ?
JYPDLFA Change to improve life: 1st mention
JYPDLFB Change to improve life: 2nd mention
JYPWGHT Young person weight
JHID Household identification number
PID Cross-wave person identifier
JFNSPNO Person number of father (nat/step)
JFNSPID X-wave PID of father (nat/step)
JMNSPNO Person number of mother (nat/step)
JMNSPID Cross-wave PID of mother (nat/step)