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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type jindsamp

pid Cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
jhid household identification number
jpno person number
jiviolw interview outcome prev wave
jivstat1 interview status: previous waves
jivelig whether permanent sample member
jhhmem household membership
jnewhy new entrants - why living in hh
jnemnjn new entrants - month joined hh
jneyrjn4 new entrants - year joined hh
jlvwhy leavers - why left
jlvmn leavers - month left
jlvyr4 leavers - year left
jlvloc leavers - new location
jivfio individual interview outcome
jivrref reason for interview refusal
jivireis re-issued to field
jfinloc final sample location identification
jivfho final household interview outcome
jmemorig sample origin
jsampst sample membership status
jmovest individual mover status
jlewght longitudinal enumerated individual weigh
jlrwght longitudinal respondent weight
jlrwtsw1 longit'l resp. weight inc scot-welsh
jlewtsw1 longit'l enum. weight inc. scot-welsh
jlrwtsw2 longit'l resp. weight only scot-welsh
jlewtsw2 longit'l enum. weight only scot-welsh
jdistmov distance of residential move