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BHPS Documentation - Acknowledgements

The User Manual was produced by Marcia Freed Taylor, John Brice, Nick Buck and Elaine Prentice-Lane. The web-based version was designed and implemented by Elaine Prentice-Lane, with the assistance of John Brice.

Nick Buck designed the User Database in consultation with Randy Banks who designed the Survey Database and its associated data processing system with the support of Frances Williams. The development of aspects of the database, including derived variables, weighting and imputation, involved the active participation of many present and former members of the Institute, including Alan Taylor, Mark Taylor, Jonathan Gershuny, David Rose, Andrew Clark, Shirley Dex, Tony Shorrocks, Jackie Scott, Heather Laurie, Kim Perren, Louise Corti, John Brice and Sarah Jarvis.

The work involved in the creation of the documentation of the User Database has been carried out by many of the staff of the Institute. Particularly dedicated and extraordinary effort in this documentation and in the production of the volumes was made by Nick Buck, John Brice and Elaine Prentice-Lane. Contributions by Adrian Birch, Malcolm Brynin, Judi Egerton, Ann Farncombe, Jonathan Gershuny, Heather Laurie, Andrew McCulloch, Rachel Smith, and Jenifer Tucker are also included in Volume A. Randy Banks provided invaluable support in the production of the volumes. The sections on Weighting, Sampling and Imputation were produced by Alan Taylor and Nick Buck, that on Sampling Error by Alan Taylor; the advice on weighting and sampling of Professor Graham Kalton, Senior Statistician of WESTAT, is gratefully acknowledged.