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BHPS Documentation - Wave 18

Wave 18 of the BHPS is available from the Data Archive. This is the final release of the BHPS proper although we are trying to take as many of the sample as possible into the Understanding Society sample. As this is the last release we have tried to produce a cleaner, better dataset. To this end we have modified most records with some minor adjustments and a few additions. The most significant addition is a record called XIVDATA which has some information about interviewers so those interested in attrition and interviewer effect have a little more information to work with.

Another interesting addition is Distance Moved wDISTMOV, this is found on all the wINDALL records after Wave 1. Another exciting development is the inclusion of both ISCED and CASMIN educational scale variables, the hitherto lack of these continental measurements has exercised many researchers. What will also excite some researchers is the inclusion of a numerical version of the ISCO variables; these international Standard Occuptional Codings have until now only been available as 'string' - alphanumeric data. We are also pleased to have included a new geographical indicator, WREGION2 - Government Office Region, introduced in 1994 and finalised in 1998 this is an important unit of measurement.

The variable component module of Wave 18 is "Neighbourhood, expectations of relationships and marriage in the future, national identity" previously seen at Waves 8 and 13.

In terms of 'cleaning' of the data we have corrected some anomalies that crept in with the advent of Dependent Interviewing and erased a few 'ghosts'. We hope that this will make the data more satisfying to use but the sum of these changes means that virtually every record/file in your dataset will have to be replaced.